Fortnite: Wendell and Walnut Skin | How to get?

Wendell and Walnut, new skin in Fortnite

Fortnite is an island of experience. The game is packed with skins and cosmetics, and a whole lot more! Other than that, Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most creative games when it comes to events or in-game content. They keep adding new stuff with every update that makes the game more fun to play as gamers can purchase these skins and flex in-game. Some skins are launched with abilities and some are just for appearances. One such skin was recently added with this new update of Fortnite, Wendell, and Walnut, and here is how to get this skin and bundle.

Wendell and Walnut 

Epic Games released a video of the dynamic duo Wendell and Walnut on their official Fortnite YouTube channel. This inseparable duo consists of Wendell, the wolf, and his small fury partner, Walnut a squirrel. In the skin, Wendell is wearing cropped puffy leather jacket combined with a pair of metallic shorts. In addition, he is wearing leather gloves and knee-high boots which makes him look edgy.

How to get the skin 

Wendell and Walnut, Fortnite
Wendell and Walnut skin, Fortnite (Screengrab from Fortnite, YouTube)

Wendell’s amazing attire is available to grab from the item shop within Fortnite at a modest price of just 1200 V bucks. Although that’s not it, alongside just the skin, Fortnite has introduced a Wendell and Walnut Bundle. The complete bundle will contain Wendell’s skin which would include his partner Walnut, a teasing squirrely emote, and a few more things. In addition, this bundle is up for grabs for 1500 V-bucks which is a 25% discount from its original price of 2000 V Bucks.

Wendell and Walnut Bundle:

Wendell and Walnut Bundle are available in the Fortnite Item Shop, you will find out the following items:

  • Wendell’s outfit (Includes Walnut)
  • Squirrely built-in emotes
  • Swiper Strikers pickaxe
  • Nut Hutch back bling

How to purchase V-bucks in Fortnite:

  • Go to the V-Bucks tab in-game.
  • Choose the amount of V-bucks you want to purchase.
  • Click Purchase to go to your platform’s check-out system.
  • At last, click confirm and your order will be placed. The V-bucks usually get credited in no time at all.

Tip: You will see four bundles in-game priced differently. In my opinion, if you buy the 1000 V-bucks deal and earn the rest 200 V-bucks through the free pass, you can get your hands on this skin in a cost-effective manner. Alternatively, if you want to buy the whole set you will have to squeeze in another 800 V-bucks alongside the 1000 V-bucks deal.

What are your thoughts about this furry duo? Do you think you will buy this skin? Also, there are other furry skins in Fortnite like Ragsy, Lynx, Fennix and a few others so make sure to check them out too. If you have any questions regarding how to get Wendell and Walnut skin in Fortnite, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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