People from all walks of life make up the characters of Genshin Impact. Here’s everything you need to learn about them, including their age, birthdays, and height!

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Genshin Impact has provided a diverse cast of characters for gamers to fall in love with. Each of them has its own storyline, as well as special skills and abilities. New characters have been introduced to the roster since the game’s release. More data about the characters’ upbringing has been provided to the game’s lore via activities and the Genshin Impact manga.

DISCLAIMER: miHoYo has yet to verify all character ages, so these Genshin Character Ages are mere guesstimations based on their lore, characteristics, etc. In any case, these ages are not official. So feel free to tell us how old you think the characters are! 😀

Albedo September 13 18-22 5’4″
Amber August 10 18 5’4″
Arataki Itto June 1 24 6’4″
Baizhu ??? ??? ???
Barbara July 5 16-18 5’2″
Beidou February 14 21-27 5’6″
Bennett February 29 16-17 5’4″
Chongyun September 7 18-20 5’4″
Collei May 8 15-16 5’4″
Cyno ??? 18-20 ???
Dainsleif ??? ??? ???
Diluc April 30 22 6’1″
Diona January 18 12 4’5″
Dori December 21 ??? 4’5″
Dottore ??? ??? 6’1″
Eula October 25 20-22 5’8″
Fischl May 27 16 5’0″
Ganyu December 2 3,000+ 5’3″
Gorou May 18 18-22 5’3″
Hu Tao July 15 19 5’1″
Iansan ??? ??? ???
Jean March 14 20-22 5’6″
Kaeya November 30 20 6’1″
Kamisato Ayaka September 28 19-22 5’2″
Kamisato Ayato March 26 24-26 ???
Kazuha October 29 18-22 5’2″
Keqing November 20 18-24 5’1″
Kokomi February 22 19-23 5’2″
Klee July 27 5-8 4’2″
Kujou Sara July 14 20-25 5’8″
Kuki Shinobu ??? ??? ???
Lisa June 9 32 5’5″
Lyney, Lynette ??? ??? ???
Mona August 31 19 5’5″
Ningguang August 26 26 5’6″
Noelle March 21 15 5’2″
Paimon June 1 7 / 1,000+ 2′
Pulcinella ??? ??? ???
Qiqi March 3 100+, 8 4’7″
Raiden Shogun June 26 24-27 / 3,000+ 5’6″
Razor September 9 16 5’5″
Rosaria January 24 24 5’9″
Sayu October 19 16-18 4’6″
Scaramouche ??? 500+ 5’4″
Shenhe March 10 Unknown 5’5″
Shikanoin Heizou ??? ??? ???
Sucrose November 26 18 5’2″
Tartaglia (Childe) July 20 19-21 6’1″
Thoma January 9 24-26 6’0″
Traveler Player Data 18-21 / 500+ 5’1″ / 5’4″
Venti June 16 18-21 / 2,600+ 5’5″
Xiangling November 2 14 5’1″
Xiao April 17 2,000+ 5’3″
Xingqiu October 9 18-20 5’4″
Xinyan October 16 16-18 5’2″
Yanfei July 28 19-23 5’2″
Yaoyao ??? ??? ???
Yae Miko June 27 500+ 5’5″
Yelan ??? ??? “tall woman”
Yoimiya June 21 20-23 5’3″
Yun Jin May 21 18-20 5’1″
Zhongli December 31 28 / 6,000+ 6’1″
Thanks to everyone in the comment section for giving their insights and helping us put together this age estimation article!


How old is Albedo?

September 13 Age: 18-22 Height: 5’4″

One of Rhinedottir’s creations, Albedo is the Knights of Favonius’ chief alchemist and the head of their investigation committee. Because of Alice’s advice and the assistance of Sucrose, he has a burning passion to learn everything he can about Teyvat and everything in its vicinity.

How old is Amber?

August 10 Age: 18 Height: 5’4″

As the only surviving Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, she is always willing to provide a helping hand to the people of Mondstadt, no matter how small the duty may be.

How old is Arataki Itto?

June 1 Age: 24 Height: 6’4″

Although his outward appearance of being “mean and overbearing” Itto has a kind heart. He has a tendency to start fights with Kujou Sara whenever feasible. His intelligence is low, but he is willing to put in the effort if requested to do so. Tenryou Commission members are not amused by his prankster activities, but his gang and most of the city’s residents are generally pleased by him.

How old is Baizhu?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

Baizhu is featured in a mission when the Traveler and Zhongli return to Qiqi empty-handed, notifying her that they are unsuccessful to locate a fabled adeptibeast known as the “cocogoat”. Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy.

How old is Barbara?

July 5 Age: 16-18 Height: 5’2″

Because of her encounter with Alice, she’s now the deaconess of the Church of Favonius and a self-declared “idol”. Along with being Jean’s younger sister, she’s the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Seamus Pegg. She is descended from the illustrious Gunnhildr Clan through her mother, Frederika.

How old is Beidou?

February 14 Age: 21-27 Height: 5’6″

She is the captain of The Crux, a well-known and well-regarded ship. It’s not just her strength and leadership talents that make her a favorite of the people of Liyue; she’s also known for her fearlessness when it comes to the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing (Ningguang).

How old is Bennett?

February 29 Age: 16-17 Height: 5’4″

His terrible luck has caused Bennett to endure more than his fair share of tribulations, yet he is still an active member of the Adventurer’s Guild. In addition to being upbeat and well-mannered, his enthusiasm for seeing the world is contagious. In spite of the long and torturous periods of ill luck, he is also innovative, having devised many solutions to the challenges he meets when exploring.

How old is Chongyun?

September 7 Age: 18-20 Height: 5’4″

As a Liyue-based exorcist, Chongyun is born with an abundance of yang (positive) energy, which is both a benefit and a disadvantage. Exorcism is easy for him, but it also means he’s never seen a spirit; they leave before he ever gets close enough to see them. His vulnerability to heat and strong emotions was amplified by this, and the effects have been surprising.

How old is Collei?

May 8 Age: 15-16 Height: 5’4″

When Collei was born, she was already ill. Her anxious parents pleaded with the seer Barnabas to help her. He discloses to them that she had been touched by a deev, an otherworldly being. It is then that he assures them that he would save their daughter if they hand over their child to him. Collei was then taken by Barnabas and the Fatui, and rather than protecting her, they used her in their Archon Residue experiment under the direction of Harbinger Dottore.

How old is Cyno?

TBA Age: 18-20 Height:

For the most part, Cyno is an aloof and secretive academic from Sumeru Academia who prefers to keep things simple and straightforward. His directness and stoicism give the impression that he is calm and collected.

How old is Dainsleif?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

He states his memory has “all but faded,” however Dainsleif appears to be able to recollect the circumstances of Khaenri’ah’s downfall. Andrius and Dvalin, the Wolf King and the Dragon of the East, are only two examples of the legends he can remember from ancient times that transpired in Mondstadt.

How old is Diluc?

April 30 Age: 22 Height: 6’1″

It wasn’t long ago that Diluc had the ideals of an ideal young man, devoted to his profession with Knights of Favonius. When Inspector Eroch ordered Diluc to cover up his father’s death due to the use of a Delusion, his confidence in the Knights was broken and he quit the organization. His hatred for the Knights remains even after Eroch was expelled from the organization for betraying their cause. He criticizes that the Knights take too long to do the task, yet he nevertheless recognizes those that put forth the effort, such as Lisa and Jean.

How old is Diona?

January 18 Age: 12 Height: 4’5″

Diona’s father, Draff, says she’s going through a rebellious phase right now. Even though Diona likes her father and used to look up to him, watching his drunken behavior broke her childhood and set off her lifelong hatred against alcohol. With the exception of Lisa and Eula, she despises everyone who drinks alcohol.

How old is Dori?

January 18 Age: ??? Height: 4’5″

Dori is known as a “resourceful” merchant hailing from Sumeru. People say she’s resourceful because she has the ability to give her customers whatever they need. No matter if it’s something no one has ever heard of, you can rely on Dori to give you what you want. But because of her “resourcefulness”, the prices of Dori’s wares are no joke. And no, she isn’t the type of merchant who you can haggle prices with. With Dori, it’s take it (at her price, of course) or leave it.

How old is Dottore?

??? Age: ??? Height: 6’1″

One might assume that Dottore’s harsh scientific theories and experimentation in pursuit of developing “enhanced humans” who could transcend even the gods drove an angry crowd to expel him from his birthplace. H e was avoided by the students of Sumeru Academia, even after he was accepted. However, Dottore made a conscious effort to avoid expulsion from school because he wanted “an environment conducive to research.”

How old is Eula?

October 25 Age: 22-25 Height: 5’8″

Eula is a member of the now-disbanded Lawrence Clan, whose tyranny over Mondstadt was well-known when she was growing up in the city. Those who see her as just another member of her family aren’t welcome in her world. The only way she knows how to save her family’s reputation is by taking “vengeance” on those who wrong her.

How old is Fischl?

May 27 Age: 16 Height: 5’0″

Since she was little, Fischl has grown to love fairy tales and pretends to be a kind princess in her spare time. Those who engage with her are bewildered by her courteous and formal demeanor. For this reason, Oz ends up interpreting most of her words if people are unsure of what she’s saying. She has become so accustomed to speaking in this manner that breaking character results in as much confusion as keeping in character does.

How old is Ganyu?

December 2 Age: 3,000+ Height: 5’3″

Due to her half-qilin origin, Ganyu tends to be a quiet and reclusive person. Despite her resentment, she accomplishes whatever is thrown at her, be it work or food. Ganyu has been Liyue Qixing’s secretary for thousands of years without a pause. In order for her to perform at her best, a task must be critical enough to warrant her full attention. However, she often makes mistakes due to pressure from important tasks.

How old is Gorou?

May 18 Age: 18-22 Height: 5’3″

Gorou, like the rest of the residents of Watatsumi Island, is a reliable ally of Sangonomiya Kokomi. For all of these reasons, Kokomi puts his faith in him to serve as the resistance’s top commander. With all of his soldiers, he has a tremendous feeling of brotherhood, and they reciprocate by speaking to him when they have any problems or concerns, even with new recruits. Gorou is described by Kazuha as a person who speaks his opinion without regard for the sentiments of others.

How old is Hu Tao?

July 15 Age: 19-21 Height: 5’1″

Hu Tao comes out as an outgoing and upbeat young lady at a first impression. She enjoys playing practical jokes on others and dislikes doing nothing since she aspires to experience life to the fullest. Qiqi claims that she has a “punchable face” and should be preserved in the fridge because of her outlandish and unusual personality traits. Xiao, on the other hand, is amused by her sense of humor and finds it both frustrating and amusing at the same time.

How old is Iansan?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

Iansan appears in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline PreviewAct V, Natlan.

How old is Jean?

March 14 Age: 20-22 Height: 5’6″

It doesn’t matter how insignificant a mission is, Jean, who is the Knights’ acting Grand Master, takes her job very seriously indeed. She frequently finds herself exhausted by the demands of local customers, much to the dismay of her fellow members.

How old is Kaeya?

November 30 Age: 20 Height: 6’1″

Kaeya is a lovely and outgoing character with a taste for the dramatic. In certain circles, his laid-back demeanor is mistaken for laziness, although this is not the case for him. In Mondstadt, he’s a hit with the elderly, even being dubbed the “top candidate for grandson-in-law.” It’s not hard to see why he’s well-liked in Mondstadt, but his tendency for stirring up trouble has made some of those same people really angry.

How old is Kamisato Ayaka?

September 28 Age: 16-18 Height: 5’2″

When it comes to Ayaka’s demeanor, she’s kind and courteous, and she’s always willing to help people. While serving on Yashiro Commission, she feels obligated to help the people of Inazuma and often goes above and beyond to serve them in any way she can. She is a perfectionist with a heartfelt disposition.

How old is Kamisato Ayato?

March 26 Age: 24-26 Height:

Ayato is the elder brother of Ayaka. Ayato is a reclusive individual who prefers to focus on his job as the Yashiro Commissioner rather than appear in public. Many people know that he is a very busy and anxious individual, having to deal with dishonest officials while balancing his duties as the Shuumatsuban’s head.

How old is Kazuha?

October 29 Age: 18-22 Height: 5’2″

Kazuha is steadfast and methodical in the pursuit of his goals, yet he is also patient and laid back. He is a thoughtful and analytical person, constantly pondering on a variety of subjects while on the road. He regards his friendships with Beidou and Gorou with the utmost importance, and he comes out of hiding whenever he sees them. In addition to warning people of impending storms and potential danger, Kazuha joyfully does small errands, provides advice, and is always ready to lend a hand.

How old is Keqing?

November 20 Age: 18-24 Height: 5’1″

Iansan appears in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Act V, Natlan.

How old is Kokomi?

February 22 Age: 19-23 Height: 5’2″

Kokomi, the island’s Divine Priestess, is in charge of nearly every aspect of life on Watatsumi. Despite the fact that she would rather have been a military advisor, she accepts the responsibility to provide hope and happiness to her people. To avoid upsetting her friends and coworkers, Kokomi, like Jean, tends to overextend herself when accomplishing her job.

How old is Klee?

July 27 Age: 5-8 Height: 4’2″

An exuberant and vivacious young lady, Klee is a spitting image of her mother, Alice. She is unfazed by the sound of blasts and has a special ability for making explosives. She’s a sucker for anything that has the potential to go off like one of her devices, such as Baron Bunny from Amber. She resembles a regular little child who enjoys playing with her pals. The problem is that her concept of fun generally entails blowing things up; she’s a big fan of “fish blasting” in which she throws bombs into lakes full of fish.

How old is Kujou Sara?

July 14 Age: 20-25 Height: 5’8″

No matter how long it takes, she will never forget Shogun’s rule and will do all in her power to bring about the eternal life she dreams of, even if she does not survive to see it. Her demeanor is characterized as harsh yet efficient and severe, which is perfectly suited to her role in the Tenryou Commission.

How old is Kuki Shinobu?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

The entire of Shinobu’s relatives are shrine maidens, but she likes to create her own career, having attempted numerous vocations, studied in Liyue, and even joined the Arataki Gang. In order to keep Itto’s shenanigans under control, Kuki Shinobu tries to reimburse for any damages committed by them and even bails him out of prison.

How old is Lisa?

June 9 Age: 32 Height: 5’5″

Her interest in witchcraft is shown in her love of the elements and products that might assist her in better comprehending them. She looks to be bored with dealing with conventional literature and prefers the restricted part instead, despite her job as a librarian. As long as she is able to appreciate the simpler pleasures in life, she will go out and personally collect books that have been overdue for a long time.

How old are Lyney and Lynette?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

In Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Act IV, Fontaine, we see Lyney and Lynette together for the first time.

How old is Mona?

August 31 Age: 19 Height: 5’5″

Mona is a professional astrologer who takes her work very seriously.  She knows a lot about this subject and adores and fears her teacher at the same time. She is a well-known but still developing astrologist since she mixes her astrological knowledge with hydromancy. In part because of her astrology, Mona is able to discern whether or not a person lies, sense their intents with a single glance, predict their future, and properly identify their characteristics just by recognizing their constellation.

How old is Ningguang?

August 26 Age: 26 Height: 5’6″

Because of her poor upbringing, she is a calculated and brutal entrepreneur who is driven solely by the need to make Mora. There are many “pawns” she uses to obtain information, but only those that she knows have flaws she can exploit. People with major power don’t like her, but the general success of both the Qixing and Liyue Harbors can’t be ignored.

How old is Noelle?

March 21 Age: 15 Height: 5’2″

Noelle is a well-mannered young woman who works as a maid for a living. She is always willing to help others in need, no matter how distant they are from her or what they require. In order to guarantee that everyone’s needs are met, she always takes the effort to go above and beyond what is expected of her. Lisa feels that the more work she is given, the more content she is.

How old is Paimon?

June 1 Age: 1,000+ Height: 2’0″

Although Paimon is vivacious and outgoing, she can be a little naive and unpleasant at times, making her difficult to work with. She has a tendency to give “ugly nicknames” to people she dislikes, such as calling Venti a “Tone-deaf bard”. She is unwavering in her convictions. To describe herself, she uses the third-person perspective.

How old is Pulcinella?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

The Fatui’s fifth and last Harbinger is Pulcinella.

How old is Qiqi?

March 3 Age: 100+ / 8 Height: 4’7″

At the drugstore, Qiqi maintains a calm yet pleasant manner when dealing with clients. It is important for Qiqi to have a mental image of the people she cares about in order to prevent her memories from being wiped away once she becomes a zombie. Unable to express herself in any way because of her undead nature, Qiqi has a flat voice and lacks a strong sense of smell. Since heat conjures up images of death and decay in her imagination, she likes the cooler temperature.

How old is Raiden Shogun?

June 26 Age: 3,000+ Height: 5’6″

During her time spent meditating on the Plane of Euthymia, Raiden Shogun assumes two identities: Raiden Ei, her actual self, and Shogun, a puppet she devised to rule Inazuma in her absence. This puppet is controlled by a series of pre-programmed instructions that are nearly impossible for even Ei to alter. When it comes to emotions, Shogun may be a bit of a cold and calculating person. She has no love or dislikes, and she doesn’t have a lot of time for fun.

How old is Razor?

September 9 Age: 16 Height: 5’5″

As an animal lover, Razor regards his wolf pack as his family and gets furious when they are harmed. He adores his wolf family, but he resents the fact that he was adopted as a baby by the pack’s leader, Andrius, and is therefore not truly like them. He considers the few humans he encounters in Wolvendom to be his friends, and he is prepared to sacrifice his and his pack’s supper for the night in order to defend them from harm.

How old is Rosaria?

January 24 Age: 24 Height: 5’9″

Rosaria is a commanding presence with an outlandish view of religion. Rosaria, despite her position in the church, is the least devoted; she is always the first one to exit if she is compelled to attend church events. She has trouble remembering Barbatos’ name owing to her lack of dedication, and as a result, she usually spells it incorrectly.

How old is Sayu?

October 19 Age: 16-18 Height: 4’6″

Ninja Sayu utilizes her abilities to evade work and other obligations because she seems to be perpetually exhausted. Her height is something she’s genuinely unhappy about, believing that sleep can refill all of her vitality and help her grow taller. For this reason, she worked tirelessly to perfect her ninjutsu so that she could sleep whenever she wanted.

How old is Scaramouche?

Age: 24-26 Height: 5’4″

It’s been said that Scaramouche isn’t very popular. He’s been accused of having an unsociable disposition and not knowing when to keep his mouth closed. Among his other Harbingers, he appears to be disliked as well. Scaramouche, like the other Harbingers outside of Childe, has an aura of power and arrogance to him, since he routinely criticizes others on the spur of the moment.

How old is Shenhe?

March 10 Age: ??? Height: 5’5″

It wasn’t until her father tried to sacrifice her to a terrible deity in order to bring his wife back that Shenhe enjoyed a pleasant childhood as an exorcist’s daughter. Despite the fact that Shenhe was able to destroy the god’s surviving minions, the experience left her feeling she was a “cursed” kid and gave her an inclination toward killing. It has only been possible to keep it under control by bounding her soul with Red Ropes, which has also made her mostly apathetic to the situation.

How old is Shikanoin Heizou?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

Shikanoin Heizou was stubborn and dismissive of authorities when he was younger. However, even though he calls himself a detective, his operations are based only on his own ideals and do not seem to be associated to any official duties. Despite the fact that his supervisor, Kujou Sara, disapproves of him because of this, she continues to employ him since he consistently delivers results.

How old is Sucrose?

November 26 Age: 18 Height: 5’2″

Since discovering bio-alchemy, Sucrose has dedicated most of her time to experimentation and the pursuit of new knowledge about how life works. Due to the large number of findings generated by her studies, it is not uncommon for her to designate each individual variable as an independent finding, regardless of how relevant that finding may be. She spends so much time researching that she gets bored easily whenever she takes a vacation.

How old is Tartaglia (Childe)?

July 20 Age: 19-21 Height: 6’1″

Tartaglia is a ferocious warrior, despite his friendly demeanor. The Abyss and his former master Skirk had transformed him into a brazen, self-assured individual who thrived on the thrill of experiencing life. He’s a fighter at heart, and he’s always looking for methods to get stronger, no matter how he gets it.

How old is Thoma?

January 9 Age: 24-26 Height: 6’0″

Thoma, the son of an Inazuman father and a Mondstadter mother, embodies the best of both cultures; his father instilled a strong sense of devotion in him, while his upbringing in Mondstadt allowed him to get along with just about everyone. Because he thinks that individuals should be free to live their lives as they see fit, he doesn’t give a damn about what others think of him or how he is seen.

How old is Traveler?

Player Data Age: 500+ Height: 5’1″ / 5’4″

The player’s choice of dialogue options largely determines the traveler’s personality. When it comes to their personality, they can be anything from quiet to smug and self-absorbed. This does not negate the existence of single speech options or other comparable alternatives that reveal something about the speaker’s overall character. In Paimon’s view, they don’t believe the gods are any more deserving of unwarranted regard than the people of Teyvat.

How old is Venti?

June 16 Age: 2,600+ Height: 5’5″

Venti enjoys using rhyme in his speech, which lends an air of irreverence to his demeanor and polite demeanor to it. Music is so important to him that he names his lyre, saying, “every being deserves a name to be called upon, and woven into a song.” His boldness makes him fearless, and he doesn’t hesitate to criticize or dismiss individuals he considers to be strong. When Paimon insults him or uses her nickname in the game, he simply repeats what she has to say.

How old is Xiangling?

November 2 Age: 14 Height: 5’1″

Because her father taught her to cook, Xiangling is an expert in the kitchen. She doesn’t have a preference for one sort of cuisine over another since she sees eating as a method to learn and grow. For her recipes, she will utilize anything, even if it’s something that others would find disgusting. Xiangling isn’t going to quit up even if some of the foods aren’t to her taste; instead, she’s going to keep trying to adapt or recreate them.

How old is Xiao?

April 17 Age: 2,000+ Height: 5’3″

Xiao is a yaksha who participated in the Archon War and maintains a high rank among adepti. When it comes to humans, he’s more of an introvert than anything else. Xiao devotes his life to protecting Liyue and its residents, but he has never stepped foot in the city he guards and is seldom involved in the problems of the human world. This man wants to be alone because of his own history of karmic obligation. Others may see him as distant and scary.

How old is Xingqiu?

October 9 Age: 18-20 Height: 5’4″

Although he looks to be a respectful young man who takes his education seriously, Xingqiu has an undercurrent of playfulness. At home, he is more reserved than his brother when it comes to chit-chatting with close relatives and friends. Several people, including his older brother and the family’s paid housekeepers, have commented on how chaotic his room is and how difficult it is to understand what he writes. Because of this, Xingqiu is at odds with his family, who are more concerned with the guild’s prosperity than Xingqiu.

How old is Xinyan?

October 16 Age: 16-18 Height: 5’2″

Since rock ‘n’ roll is a personal favorite of Xinyan’s, he has returned to Liyue to spread the word. She continues to play, despite the difficulties she has had in expanding her reputation for a variety of reasons and appreciates everyone who attends her shows. She is self-taught in music, having acquired it on the fly and without any official instruction. If someone shows an interest, no matter how inexperienced, she is eager to help them.

How old is Yanfei?

July 28 Age: 19-23 Height: 5’2″

Yanfei is a voracious reader and a well-versed expert in a wide range of fields, including law thanks to her previous work as a legal advisor. As a lawyer with a strong moral compass, Yanfei isn’t afraid to travel throughout Liyue to assist her clients. Though she professes to be well-versed in the legal systems of all the other nations of Teyvat, she admits that Fontaine’s law is the most complex.

How old is Yae Miko?

June 27 Age: 500+ Height: 5’5″

She’s among of the few of Ei’s old friends who’s survived through the years. She refers to the Shogun by her given name, Ei, when speaking to her. As an indication of their close friendship, Ei also uses Miko’s first name while addressing her. When the Traveler arrived in Inazuma, Miko saw an opportunity to repair the damage her colleague’s opinions had made during Ei’s period in isolation.

How old is Yaoyao?

??? Age: ??? Height: ???

Yaoyao, like other youngsters, is fond of playing. She regularly joins the crew of The Crux in Liyue Harbor to play with them before they take sail. The Ministry of Civil Affairs charged Ganyu with the responsibility of preventing her from sneaking on board their ship, which has produced some complications for the team. In addition, she has developed a taste for seafood and has stopped eating fruits and vegetables.

How old is Yelan?

??? Age: ??? Height: “tall woman”

Genshin Impact leaks have included the name of Yelan, which indicates that she may feature in the upcoming updates. Her in-game model has been leaked many times ahead of version 2.6. However, there is currently no information on her skills, therefore it is unclear if she will be included in the playable cast.

How old is Yoimiya?

June 21 Age: 20-23 Height: 5’3″

People in Inazuma City adore Yoimiya and her family because of the spectacular shows they all put on. When it comes to the family company, Yoimiya is much like her father, putting her clients’ satisfaction first. It has a large and dedicated client base that is eager to assist her with any issues she may have. Youngsters are fond of her because of her pleasant and hands-on attitude with them. She wants to make the children happy so they don’t have to face the hard reality of Inazuma for the time being.

How old is Yun Jin?

May 21 Age: 18-20 Height: 5’1″

It’s no secret in Liyue that Yun Jin is a talented director, playwright, and singer who enjoys her passion and takes great care to make sure that everyone who sees her performances leaves happy. Despite her polished and graceful demeanor while in a formal setting, she is well-known for her warm and welcoming personality when conversing privately. As a hobby, she likes sipping on a broad range of alcoholic beverages, and she can create a play on each one of them.

How old is Zhongli?

December 31 Age: 6,000+ Height: 6’1″

Zhongli is a quiet, restrained, and polite man with an aura of nostalgia. Due to his tenure as the Geo Archon, he understands a great deal about the past and customs of Liyue, as well as the events and memories that come with being one of Teyvat’s oldest gods, like Venti. Liyue’s traditions are important to him, even those that have been lost or corrupted through the years.

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