Genshin Impact: Who is the strongest according to lore?

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Genshin Impact features an incredible roster of unique characters. Adding to their uniqueness is their own story or lore. Here, we learn more about the backstories of these Genshin Impact characters. However, it’s unavoidable for Travelers like you and I to wonder: who is the strongest Genshin Impact character?

Sure, there are damage showcases for each character courtesy of some Travelers on YouTube. But if we take a closer look at a character’s lore, we get to know more about them. Their incredible feats, hardships, and journey to get to where they are in Teyvat now. Below, we have listed ten of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact according to their lore.

Which Genshin Impact is the strongest if we base it on their history or lore?

Our list below is based entirely on the lore and what we know so far about the characters. However, we have excluded any of the Seven Archons in Teyvat from the list. This is because they are considered some of the strongest beings in Genshin Impact. If they made it to this ranking, it’s no question that all Seven would be included.

Here is our top ten list of the strongest Genshin Impact characters. Regardless of whether they are a five or four-star character, we will focus on their individual stories or lore. And we’ll highlight the things they have done which makes them some of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact.

  1. Traveler
  2. Albedo
  3. Xiao
  4. Yae Miko
  5. Ganyu
  6. Shenhe
  7. Tartaglia
  8. Lisa
  9. Ningguang
  10. Diluc

Top 10 Genshin Impact characters ranked based on their strength

10. Diluc

Element: PYRO

Rarity: 5-STAR

Diluc is the owner of the Dawn Winery as well as one of two taverns in Mondstadt called Angel’s Share. But aside from being a businessman, Diluc is also a well-known knight in the City of Freedom. However, a past incident caused Diluc to split from the Knights of Favonius.

Previously, he held the title of Cavalry Captain of the Knights. Diluc managed to obtain this title after training faithfully. This is because he wanted to be worthy of the Ragnvindr name as well as to fulfill his father’s wishes. When Diluc was made the Cavalry Captain, this made him the youngest Knight to ever achieve this.

However, his father’s death pushed Diluc to cut his ties with the Knights of Favonius.

  • Diluc’s father died due to using a Delusion, the opposite of a Vision.
  • Afraid that this will tarnish the reputation of the Knights of Favonius, Inspector Eroch ordered Diluc to cover up his death.

After that, Diluc began working on his own. He focuses on keeping Mondstadt safe from threats like the Fatui and Abyss Mages while making sure to keep his distance from the Knights of Favonius.

Think of Diluc as Genshin Impact’s very own Batman. From the wealth to the vigilante business, Diluc is indeed the Darknight Hero of Mondstadt.

How strong is Diluc?

Even though Diluc is the tenth strongest Genshin Impact character on our list, it doesn’t make him weak. Like we said, he became the protector of Mondstadt. But before he did that, Diluc abandoned his Vision after he resigned from the Knights. Then, he began his journey in search of the truth. Furthermore, he did not want his father’s death to be in vain.

Genshin Impact - Who is the strongest according to lore - Diluc
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

On his journey, Diluc reached all seven nations of Teyvat to try and figure out why his father possessed a Delusion that day. This is where Diluc’s strength comes in. At this point, he no longer possesses his Pyro Vision. However, that didn’t stop the Fatui from keeping their eye on them.

Even if he did not have his Vision anymore, Diluc managed to take down countless Fatui camps and strongholds. After a while, the Fatui Harbingers themselves had to step in. The fact that Diluc managed to destroy multiple Fatui camps without wielding a Vision is proof of his undeniable strength.

In that moment, Diluc was just like any other citizen of Mondstadt. He did not wield his Vision yet he still managed to catch the attention of one of Teyvat’s most notorious groups. This, in our opinion, solidifies Diluc belonging to the list of strongest Genshin Impact characters so far.

9. Ningguang

Element: GEO

Rarity: 4-STAR

Ningguang is a character who Travelers first meet when they arrive in Liyue.

  • She is known as the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, meaning she is quite literally an important figure in Liyue.
  • Additionally, Ningguang is the owner of the Jade Chamber which can be seen floating in the sky no matter where you are in Teyvat.

Similar to Diluc, Ningguang is a businesswoman whose strength lies in her intelligence and wealth. Although Diluc is rich himself, Ningguang is known as the “richest person” all over Teyvat. This is also how people know of Ningguang even if they’re not from Liyue.

But before Ningguang became such a renowned businesswoman, she actually came from poverty herself. In other words, Ningguang is what we call “self-made”.

Her roots are her motivation as she quickly made her way up the social ladder. Now, she is a respectable woman who has an eye for treasure. And once she sets her mind and heart on something, she makes sure that she gets it.

Ningguang is also known to be ruthless and cunning, especially if Mora is involved. So if you’re planning to do something shady especially if you’re in Liyue, your secret is not safe from Ningguang.

Somehow, someway, she always finds out. This makes her dangerous in our books because what else could she possibly know? With the amount of influence she has, it’s undeniable that she knows things even the Traveler does not know about.

How strong is Ningguang?

Considering the fact that Ningguang is a 4-star character yet she made it on this list, there are lots of factors which make her strong. And as we mentioned earlier, her strength lies in her intelligence, wealth, and influence. Her connections allow her to know all the dealings happening concerning Liyue’s commerce.

Furthermore, her influence gives her the ability to come up with unconventional methods to resolve her problems. And from what we’ve seen the few times we visited the Jade Chamber, Ningguang is well-read about almost everything.

Genshin Impact - Who is the strongest according to lore - Ningguang

But if you want to talk about literal strength, Ningguang is well-deserving of this 9th spot on our ranking list. Twice we’ve seen an incredible display of strength from Ningguang during Story Quests in Genshin Impact.

The first time we saw Ningguang’s strength was when Osial began attacking Liyue Harbor.

Although Osial was defeated with the help of the Adepti and the Traveler, her role in the fight is vital. Ningguang was capable and strong enough to create ballistas which the Millelith could use as weapons.

And of course, could we forget the moment Ningguang used her beloved Jade Chamber to deal the final blow against Osial? That was an intense and iconic moment in Genshin Impact.

However, Ningguang displayed her strength once more at this year’s Lantern Rite celebration.

In the battle against Beisht, we were all blown away when Ningguang created a large Jade Screen to shield Liyue against the attacks. This is completely unexpected especially coming from a 4-star character in Genshin Impact.

And with that being said, Ningguang definitely deserves to be recognized as one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact.

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What do you think about this ranking? Do you agree that these are the strongest characters in Genshin Impact? Of course, we didn’t include the Archons as they are on a whole other level when it comes to strength.

Nonetheless, we hope you had fun reading through this ranking list. If you feel like a character is ranked too low or high, feel free to let us know in the comments below. On the other hand, you can also share with us if you think that a character is missing from this list. We would love to know your thoughts about the strongest Genshin Impact character according to lore.

If you have other questions about Genshin Impact or the game’s lore, feel free to share them in the comments down below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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