The recent GTA 6 leaks have traumatized Rockstar, or so they want fans to believe. And Fans have bought into the “compassion-seeking, impoverished and despicable Rockstar which should now probably be paid in charity millions to come back from their loss” agenda. I am not saying Rockstar is doing it intendedly, but I bet my GTA Dollars that the GTA 6 leaks will be Rockstar’s biggest Marketing and Publicity Stunt yet.

For all you care, this is already being termed as the Internet’s greatest gaming leak in the history of greatest gaming leaks. If GTA 6 leaks in themselves weren’t already something sensational, it will quickly turn into history’s greatest pop culture props. 

Now, now, before you rant about how this is history’s biggest gaming leak ever and how the proprietary source and elemental copyright issues will be the dusk of Rockstar, hear me out. Although you are free to rant, the comment section down below is the perfect place for that, hold and buckle. And also, listen you brats.

Rockstar confirms authenticity of GTA 6 Leaks

gta 6 leaks rockstar
the video files containing 90+ vidoes, codename Americas courtesy of
  • GTAForums user who goes by the screen name “teapotuberhacker” released a ZIP in what seems to be over 90+ video files showing a variety of early game pre-developmental stages. The hacker also released over ten thousand lines of source code of GTA V and claim they have the source for GTA 6.
  • Currently, the hacker is blackmailing Rockstar that they will sell the source code to anyone willing to pay in five figures. (People do seem to learn a few money heist tricks after replaying GTA so many times, the fault’s on you Rockstar.)

The debug facets of the utilities used in the videos indicated the game’s initialization. Fans burst into debates of whether it was real or not, which we have covered in detail here. But this all changed this Monday, when –

In a message this Monday, Rockstar finally committed to the leaks being a true report. Now, Rockstar promises that this will cause no major disruptions. It is true that, unlike other applications, this is a game. What could the leakers do with this?

Why Rockstar cannot be Hacked over the GTA 6 Leaks

gta 6 leaks vi leaks rockstar
The apparent hacker selling GTA V source file, says isn’t ready to sell GTA VI yet, courtesy of
  • “THEY can firstly try to hack into GTA V and GTA Online.” Well, duh no they can’t. To hack into GTA Online or any multiplayer game whatsoever, they will need access to the server where the user data is saved.
  • To simplify it for you, remember that Rockstar Socials Club takes your data? you’d have to hack into there. That’s what hacking means, to intrude into another server and hazard the data.

Homies have low IQ, don’t they? 

GTA Can be Hacked regardless of Source Code

GTA 6 - Female Lead Rumor
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games
  • GTA Can be hacked regardless of the existence of source code or not. But that’s the thing, it’s not easy to breach past a multimillion-dollar company’s network security. But unfortunately, it has already been done, and what that hack did was steal some video files from internal slack groups.
  • In all likelihood, this may not even have been a direct DDOS (denial of service) or something akin to that. For all we know, some employees working from home may have just been phished into giving the files away. (Unlikely but not impossible). I mean sure Rockstar said they were breached, but they could be lying for all we know. 

Source Code isn’t Hack Code

GTA 6 Leaks
Leak in which one can see a male protagonist in a strip club via @WaterHexle
  • The best thing one can do with source codes is to make another GTA altogether, but who the heck is going to buy that? Besides a source code is monumental for game development, as it contains its centrality.
  • The code is what structures the game in a computer language. Having the source code can just mean one can make a GTA on their own. This is also assuming they have the workforce, and capital to distribute and advertise, hire voice artists, write scripts, do post-processing, host a server where players can unite, and make legal profit out of it.

GTA Online is a Peer-to-Peer

GTA 5 - Fort Zancudo Rockstar
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games
  • Also, GTA Online runs in Player-to-Player. This is the gaming world’s peer-to-peer. No one person is hosting a GTA Server. When you log into GTA Online, what you’re logging into is a conglomerate of multiple players each connected with the other. That’s why there are times when you are put in a temporary server with only yourself in cases of network issues.
  • When you join a session, you join a session that consists of multiple players (peers) connected together. What you control is the area within your domain of play and that syncs with other players through live peer-to-peer networking. Sometimes you begin in an empty session with only yourself and then Rockstar finds you and connects someone who’s also looking for a session.

This can further be proved by the statement Rockstar presented. They said they do not expect any long-term intrusion into the development of their projects or a breach of their online networks. They’re chill, you should chill too.

Rockstar has seen Leaks before

Red Dead Online
Courtesy of Rockstar
  • Surprisingly (not) this isn’t the first time Rockstar was leaked. Video game website Trusted Reviews published information from a confidential document in 2018, about 8 months before the game’s official release.
  • Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company decided to sue the site. The website was tied to TI Media, a European media outlet. The media company decided to apologize to Rockstar by officially putting an apology in the stead of that article.
  • They also donated over $ 1 million to charities that Rockstar chose (what a way to get the favors flowing Rockstar, wow).

Why this GTA 6 Leak may be a Market Stunt

I know this is a big accusation. Which nation would kill its own president to gain something, right? I am not pointing to the country that Rockstar is born in, by any way. Oh no no, how could I write such conspiracies here? 

But jokes aside if we compare this with the previous leaks then we will see that this time there is no one person to be blamed. An anonymous person on the internet claiming to be the hacker, how the heck are we going to take him down? Yeah, we can, but that’s so lengthy. There’s no way to ask him to pay charities for us, is there?

  • Now there isn’t any easy target to put behind bars here, unlike the last time when they sued a reputed media company. Civil suits against a single entity make not much sense for a large company.
  • The single hacker is just an anarchist, the damage is done. There is no corporate war to win. But this time, the leak seems too good. Released to show just enough to keep people hanging but not enough to spoil the fun, what are we dealing with here?

Rockstar isn’t losing much here

Play these Sony PS5 games while you wait for GTA 6 - Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar
Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

What if this is all a publicity stunt? What danger does Rockstar face immediately?

  • Well, fans were initially saying GTA could be hacked and stuff. But that seems unlikely given the company’s own confidence in their network security (the irony) as revealed in the latest message. Well, we can use our minds, but there is no apparent danger or loss to Rockstar.
  • When parts of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare were leaked via Twitch one week prior to the game’s launch, Sledgehammer CEO Glen Schofield said he was just not happy about it. Schofield tweeted “We took 3 years 2 make a game,” referring to the leaks, “Kept it quiet 4 the fans & it has to be stolen & leaked a week b4. That sucks. A real bummer. Thanks a lot.”

How GTA 6 Leaks do not cause any loss to the company

The usual problem with leaks for the company involved is two. 

  • One is that it proves that their security is not very tight, which is a bad market impression. Honestly, it just leaves them as companies that don’t have their shi*t together. Investors may shoo away.
  • Secondly, it just makes all the money in marketing go drown the drain.
  • Thirdly it may affect the workers.
    • But these don’t work on a multimillion-dollar company like Rockstar. Hell, even if they get network breached a hundred times, it just adds investors to see it as “Holly molly look at all the people wanting to breach this mere video game company. Maybe this is indeed a pop culture phenomena!”.
    • The marketing, well you get the marketing part. There’s no way Rockstar is ever losing out on marketing. Besides the fully developed game would be something very distinct. Also, do you notice a pattern here?
    • The third is a possibility, this will probably make Rockstar more strict with employees.


Put two and two together, it’s not five. Rockstar has more to earn than to lose through these leaks. Get yourself together, I am no Marxist but I sure do know that capitalist giant have less to lose when faced with leaks. Especially when it’s as front-leading as Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V are history’s few of the greatest and most revered games ever made. It’s no wonder they will leave a few stones unhinged in making sure that GTA 6 continues a similar legacy. Get your compassion for those who actually deserve it.

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