GTA Online
Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the main attractions of the game, especially when one is done playing as the three witty protagonists in downtown Los Angeles. Despite sharing the same map world, GTA Online offers a lot more to do, making it the ideal destination for some chillin’ and killin’. Rob some stores, blow up some cars, hold pedestrians at gunpoint for their cash – GTA Online is a lawless crime paradise, and the AI police can only do so much. Over the years, with the release of new content, the activities one can take part in to boost one’s personal stash of fast cars and luxurious apartments (and other stuff) have substantially increased.

The ‘Executive’ update added some of the most exciting content to the game. Work for some of the biggest corporations in Los Santos, with the sole purpose of making your corporation be ahead in the rat race for more money. With enough experience, run big businesses yourself while keeping yourself above the competition. Spend your VBucks, err, GTA dollars on a variety of properties as well as businesses. Get to own small grocery stores to peddle out groceries in the beginning, then scale up to operate big nightclubs and casinos satisfying the needs of thousands of rich folk. If you can channel your inner Robert De Niro, you will quickly find that your casino can become one of the best casinos around. Money is big in the game, hence casinos are very relevant for people looking to make a quick buck, especially if they are feeling lucky. Just like their real-life counterparts, the gambling strip on Los Santos stretches for miles.

If orchestrating delicate rings as a white-collar worker of a reputed corporation isn’t your thing, being a petty criminal always pays off. Organized crime is the order of the day in Los Santos. Get to own criminal motorcycle gangs, running drugs and guns from one point to another while acting as unofficial assassins for rich businessmen and powerful politicians who want people out of their way. Drugs are serious business, and there are only so many customers in the city – forcing the various motorcycle clubs to fight one another to their death. Destruction rings are also a thing in the city, especially when the player wants to be free from drug-running (at least for a while). Creating big gangs with other players to wipe out the competition is fun, till realization dawns that more money needs to be made to own the flashy stuff Rockstar Games keeps showing in their trailers.

GTA Online keeps evolving with every update as more and more content is added to the world for the players to enjoy. Here’s to hoping Rockstar Games has more surprises in store the next time we log back in.