Honkai Star Rail: Best DPS Characters | Ranked

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is one of the most loved RPGs right now. From amazing graphics to animations and mechanics, the game is packed with everything. One notable mention goes to the characters in the game and how differently they are classified compared to other existing games. This does make it a little complicated to understand. Although, we got your back and this guide will help you through the best-ranked DPS characters to play in Honkai Star Rail currently.

DPS Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has a much more sophisticated classification of the heroes which is different compared to other games. Therefore, the categories in this game are different than in others. Although, to make it simple for everyone we have classified the already existing in-game categories of The Hunt, The Destruction, and The Erudition under DPS.

Honkai Star Rail best dps characters ranked
Honkai Star Rail, DPS characters ranked (Image by spiel times)

Honkai Star Rail: Best DPS Characters Ranked

#1. Seele

Seele, DPS character
Seele, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Hunt
  • Element: Quantum
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Seele is the most broken character in the entire Honkai Star Rail universe as of now. She is strong against the characters who are weak against her element. In addition, she is still strong against the ones who are not. Furthermore, she gets an additional move for killing an enemy and you can stack up to 4 moves if you use your ultimate wisely. If paired correctly with support, the duo can carry you through most of the combats.

#2. Clara 

Clara, DPS Character
Clara, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Destruction
  • Element: Physical
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Clara is quite a tactical character to use in your team composition. This 5* physical character is 2nd on our ranked list for best DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail. Clara needs to be paired with a support that gives her a shield so that she can stay alive in the combats. Furthermore, this will trigger her passive if some enemies attack her and her buddy can counterattack.

#3. Himeko

Himeko, DPS Character
Himeko, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Erudition
  • Element: Fire
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Another 5* character on our list that can easily exploit the elemental weakness of enemies. Her AOE damage makes her one of the strongest DPS characters in this meta. She follows up with an attack whenever her allies trigger enemies’ weakness. Furthermore, her ultimate is strong which can deal damage while recharging her energy. Although, be careful to pick up the correct composition with her to make complete use of her skills.

#4. Sushang

Sushang, Honkai Star Rail
Sushang, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Hunt
  • Element: Physical 
  • Star: 4*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Another tricky character to play on this list is Sushang. Her abilities do have a bit of randomness around them but once you can understand her kit, you are good to go. Sushang attacks all the enemies at the start of the combat and destroying your enemies’ break bar can grant you another move. She excels at single-target combats but holds her ground in multiple-target combats too.

#5. Yanqing

Yanqing, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail
Yanqing, DPS Character, Honkai Star Rail (Image by Fandom)
  • Path: The Hunt
  • Element: Ice
  • Star: 5*
  • Tier: S

Reason: Ranked 5th on the list is Yanqing. This 5* character is really strong against single targets weak to her element. Although, the main reason why he makes it up on our list is because of his passive. Alongside his damage, he has a chance of freezing enemies and this crowd control can give you an edge in combat. He might not be the strongest character right now due to his randomness but he is strong enough to make it to the top 5.

Other Notable DPS Characters in Honkai Star Rail:

Qingque, Honkai Star Rail
Qingque, DPS Character (Image by Fandom)
  • Arlan
  • Dan Heng 
  • Serval
  • Qingque
  • Herta
  • Hook
  • Trailblazer

The beauty of this game lies in the fact that how viable all the characters currently are. In our opinion, all of the characters listed above can be played if paired with the right team composition. Although, we won’t deny the extra advantage you might get if you choose the characters from the first 5 ranked characters of this list.

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