Honkai: Star Rail – Best Jing Yuan Team Comps | F2P and Premium

Honkai Star Rail - Best Jing Yuan Team Comps F2P and Premium - Featured

Honkai: Star Rail recently released the Jing Yuan banner, causing excitement among players who eagerly anticipate the top Jing Yuan team compositions. Our guide presents both F2P and premium team compositions centered around the general, ensuring there’s something for everyone to look forward to.

Jing Yuan’s primary source of damage is his Lightning Lord, which can be maximized by utilizing his skills and ultimate. As a result, the team compositions aim to enhance his speed. This enables him to act more often and accumulate more stacks for the Lightning Lord. This ultimately leads to increased damage output.

Best team comps around Jing Yuan

Free-to-play Team

Honkai Star Rail - Best Jing Yuan Team Comps F2P and Premium
Jing Yuan, Asta, Trailblazer, Natasha | Image courtesy to miHoYo

Jing Yuan, an exceptional primary DPS unit, can synergize effectively with characters that can be obtained without cost. The Asta, Natasha, and Fire Trailblazer team can be acquired by progressing through the story.

They offer a remarkable choice for players who lack the other characters mentioned in subsequent teams. This team prioritizes survivability rather than achieving high damage output. While it may not enable players to conquer the most challenging levels of Memories of Chaos, it remains a competent team for clearing the majority of early to mid-game content.

Team Comp

  • SLOT 1: Jing Yuan (Primary damage dealer): Jing Yuan serves as the main damage-dealing unit in this team composition. He has to consistently utilize his skills each turn.
    • This approach ensures that he accumulates the maximum number of stacks on the Lightning Lord ability, resulting in a devastating area-of-effect lightning damage during the Lightning Lord’s turn.
  • SLOT 2: Asta (Support): In this team, Asta plays a vital support role. Her ultimate ability boosts the team’s speed.
    • This enables Jing Yuan to obtain additional turns and stack the Lightning Lord more effectively. Additionally, as a Fire unit, Asta facilitates the breaking of enemy fire shields for the team.
  • SLOT 3: Fire Trailblazer (Tank): The Fire Trailblazer serves as the main tank in this team composition and excels at drawing enemy aggression while providing valuable support to protect the more vulnerable allies.
    • Depending on the enemy’s weaknesses, she can be substituted with March 7th. Both characters can be obtained without cost through gameplay progression.
  • SLOT 4: Natasha (Healer): Natasha fulfills the role of the healer within this team, playing a vital role in sustaining the team through significant damage.
    • Her ultimate ability delivers area-of-effect healing to the entire team. Her skill also cleanses debuffs, making her an indispensable support unit.

Alternative F2P team for Jing Yuan

Honkai Star Rail - Best Jing Yuan Team Comps F2P and Premium
Jing Yuan, Tingyun, Pela, Natasha | Image courtesy to miHoYo

Players who have spent less or consistently played the game are likely to have at least one additional 5-star unit in their roster alongside Jing Yuan. This is due to the guaranteed 5-star unit from the Beginner’s Banner. Many of them are excellent additions to his team.

The main focus of this team composition revolves around Jing Yuan as the hyper-carry, aiming to maximize his buffs and unleash the highest possible damage output.

Team Comp

  • SLOT 1: Jing Yuan (Hyper-carry): Jing Yuan is the hyper-carry for this team. This means that the team is centered around buffing him and giving him more turns. This allows a higher damage output and more stacks on the Lightning Lord.
  • SLOT 2: Tingyun (Support): Tingyun stands out as the supreme 4-star support unit in the game and makes for the ideal addition to a Jing Yuan team.
    • Her skill enhances Jing Yuan’s attack with beneficial buffs, thereby boosting his overall skill damage. Moreover, her ultimate ability grants energy points to Jing Yuan. This facilitates quicker recharge and more frequent usage of his ultimate abilities.
  • SLOT 3: Pela (Support): Pela is a valuable asset to any team due to her ability to diminish the enemy’s defense. This quality makes her an excellent inclusion in Jing Yuan’s team. It empowers both him and his Lightning Lord to deliver more impactful strikes.
    • If you happen to have Bronya from the Beginner’s Banner, she serves as a remarkable alternative to Pela. For increased speed on your Jing Yuan, Asta can be utilized in place of Pela.
  • SLOT 4: Natasha (Healer): Natasha, the freely obtainable 4-star healer, brings another remarkable contribution to the Jing Yuan team. She offers healing support and the ability to cleanse debuffs from allies.
    • She can also be substituted with 5-star tanks such as Gepard and Clara, who are available through the Beginner’s Banner. The primary purpose of this fourth unit is to ensure team sustainability.

Premium Team

Honkai Star Rail - Best Jing Yuan Team Comps F2P and Premium
Jing Yuan, Tingyun, Bronya, Seele | Image courtesy to miHoYo

While Jing Yuan is certainly suitable for free-to-play players, his true potential is realized in premium teams designed to maximize his abilities.

Typically, these teams consist of two supports dedicated to enhancing Jing Yuan’s performance, with an extra slot available for either a single target damage dealer to handle individual foes in boss fights, or a tank or healer to ensure sustained survivability.

Team Comp

  • SLOT 1: Jing Yuan (Hyper-carry DPS): This team composition is where Jing Yuan truly excels. He exhibits remarkable prowess in dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage, swiftly eliminating waves of enemies prior to boss encounters.
    • Even during boss fights, Jing Yuan remains a valuable damage dealer. However, the focus of the supports shifts towards bolstering the single target DPS unit within the team.
  • SLOT 2: Tingyun (Support): As previously stated, Tingyun proves to be an exceptional support unit. Within this team, she possesses the flexibility to provide buffs to either Jing Yuan in AoE situations or the single target DPS unit during boss encounters.
  • SLOT 3: Bronya (Support): Bronya serves as an additional support unit within the team. She augments the ATK and CRIT of all allies upon casting her ultimate. She also has the ability to grant an instant turn to Jing Yuan, enabling him to accumulate more stacks on the Lightning Lord.
    • However, it’s worth noting that including Bronya in the team increases the demand for skill points, making it a viable option to substitute her with a healer or tank to better suit the team’s needs.
  • SLOT 4: Seele (Single-target DPS): Similar to the previous team, the fourth slot offers flexibility. On the other hand, it is advisable to include a single target DPS unit for conquering the highest levels of Memories of Chaos.
    • Seele makes for an excellent addition, but if she is unavailable, Dan Heng can still provide decent DPS output.
    • The strategy revolves around shifting the focus of the buffers to enhance the single target DPS unit once the majority of enemies have been eliminated, leaving only the boss remaining.
    • This unit may also be substituted with a Shielder like Gepard or a healer like Bailu. This is to introduce additional sustain into the team.


Jing Yuan currently reigns as the supreme AoE damage dealer in the game and plays a pivotal role in conquering the most challenging levels of Memory of Chaos, which stands as the game’s most formidable content.

In this guide, we have explored the most effective team compositions for Jing Yuan, aiming to provide everyone with a viable team to strive for and build, ultimately enhancing their gameplay experience.

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