How Jedi Survivor is shaping the Star Wars fandom

The Fan Response: How Jedi Survivors is shaping the Star Wars fandom

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the latest game from EA’s Star Wars franchise, has been creating quite a buzz amongst gaming and Star Wars enthusiasts since its launch. Fans greatly praise the game’s unique storyline, gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and animations.

How the Star Wars fandom responded to Jedi Survivor

Not all players have had a flawless experience with Jedi Survivor. Many gamers across the globe have reported issues with the game’s performance, even on high-end PCs as well as their consoles.

The drops in the frame rate and constant crashes have been frustrating to players, depleting their overall enjoyment of the game. Even players with top-notch hardware have reported these issues, indicating that it’s simply not a matter of insufficient computing power.

Jedi Survivor has received mixed feedback from fans, some expressing excitement and others expressing disappointment. Despite these differing opinions, it’s clear that Jedi Survivor is shaping the future of the Star Wars fandom and Star Wars titles that are yet to come.

Fan expectations 

The success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order which earned goodwill in the Star Wars fandom, has laid a strong foundation for the first lightsaber-focused action-adventure game in the modern era. As a result, the fans expected a lot from Jedi Survivor and were hopeful that it would deliver an exceptional gaming experience that lived up to their expectations.

  • The fans expected a compelling storyline, visually stunning graphics, and beautiful environments to explore. Gamers expected smooth and responsive gameplay mechanics, challenging puzzles, and combat as well.

  • They wanted more action against Imperial Enemies and less against the local wildlife.

  • Fans wanted new Lightsaber customization options and combat features and sequences that would test their Lightsaber skills.

  • Even if it’s just for cosmetic purposes, gamers always appreciate some degree of character customization. However, the customization options for Cal in Fallen Order were somewhat lacking, which made them wish for more Cosmetic Character Customization in the sequel.

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What went wrong with Jedi Survivor 

  • From the fan responses, it is clear that the main issue with the game was related to its poor performance.
  • Fans were seen complaining all over the internet regarding Jedi Survivor’s bad PC port with its drops in frame rate and crashes.
  • Console players also chimed in, noting that Jedi Survivor was not optimized for consoles either.
  • In addition to the performance issues, some fans were also disappointed with the lack of certain features, such as more in-depth character customization options, which they expected. However, these concerns did not seem as significant as the technical issues encountered by many players.
  • Overall, the players voiced their dissatisfaction with the game’s optimization on consoles and PCs.

How Jedi Survivor is setting the stage for future Star Wars titles

According to fans, Jedi Survivor fits well into the Star Wars Franchise. Gamers get to explore the stories of lesser-known Jedi characters who survived the purge. It has an exciting storyline that revolves around Cal Kestis and his friends, who are trying to stay alive in the aftermath of Order 66 and get to the Holocron to revive the Jedi order eventually.

Its release has shown a strong demand among Star Wars fans for well-made games with engaging storylines, exciting gameplay, and stunning visuals.

It has also highlighted the importance of optimizing games for better performances on both PCs and consoles. Fans hope that EA games will come up with patches and updates soon. Resolving the technical issues to some extent will let the players completely immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars.

The Fan Response: How Jedi Survivors is shaping the Star Wars fandom
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Cal Kestis and Star Wars movie background via @EA on Google

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