Is ‘Baby J’ on Netflix good? John Mulaney turns his addiction struggles into standup comedy special

Baby J, a Netflix standup special by John Mulaney.

John Mulaney is a charismatic person well-appreciated for his career as a stand-up comedian. People know him well as a smart, funny person with great comedic lines, but here he is with a difference in Baby J, his new Netflix special. 

According to Mulaney, he has two different personas deep inside. People are well-versed in the first, him being the nicest guy. But now, the second is showing up, which he compares to a gorilla that lives just to destroy the first and better self.

Netflix special Baby J: John Mulaney returns after addiction struggles

John Mulaney has definitely been through some of his darkest times for the past few years. It was revealed that he had become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and had spent quite some time in rehab. He also had to face a divorce from his wife Anna Marie Tendler, who he had been married to since 2014.

Baby J is his first special appearance after all his addiction struggles. The darkest times of his life have made him give out some of the darkest but extremely compelling materials.

This Netflix special by John Mulaney has nothing to do about his typical comedy topics, may it be adolescence or pop culture. It is entirely about himself, his addiction, intervention from his friends, hitting rock bottom, and his time at rehab and treatment.

Is Baby J on Netflix worth a watch?

In Baby J, John Mulaney can be seen wearing a well-tailored suit and giving out his charismatic personality. This material is not all new since he has used some parts in his appearances in various other shows, including Saturday Night Live.

Baby J is a much-polished version of John’s early materials that he used to perform in New York City. People only knew him before the rehab, but the special reveals the person who was hiding way under the skin. He does have a steady flow in Baby J, but is ready to show his deeper self to his fans.

John Mulaney is under the realization process that no one can do greater harm to him than what he did to himself through his addiction struggle. He spoke about how he used to think more about people’s thoughts, but has left those days behind now. The comic included a dark line in Baby J, “What, are you going to cancel John Mulaney? I’ll kill him. I almost did!” 

John’s distinctive way of performing, and of course his distinct vocal cadence have not changed a bit. All the comedy pieces are well-refined and placements of his unforgettable “buts” and “Ohhhs” are on point, giving this Netflix special a burst of energy that will radiate through the audiences. Although John Mulaney’s Baby J is several minutes longer than usual standup specials, it is definitely worth the watch.

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