Is ‘Gen V’ just as good as ‘The Boys’?

Gen V and The Boys

Prime Video just premiered a spinoff to the beloved series The Boys, Gen V. The first three episodes were all dropped on the same day. With much popularity and hype, fans of the satirical superhero show can’t wait any longer. That being said, is Gen V just as good as The Boys? But wait, before you proceed, make sure to get ready for some spoilers!

Gen V kicks off with a gory first episode (obviously)

Episode 1 of Gen V opened with a scene featuring the backstory of the main character, Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair). Marie was in shock after learning she could bend blood, thanks to the compound V she was injected with as a child. Well, what’s even more surprising is that she discovered her powers after having her first menstruation. But, that’s not it. The scene suddenly makes an unimaginable twist after Marie accidentally kills her parents with her newfound abilities. Due to the incident, the young Marie was forced to stay in Red River, a facility where abandoned and delinquent supes were sheltered. Coincidentally, this is the same place where the head-popping Congresswoman Victoria Neumann came from before becoming a politician.

A few years later, Marie grew up and would eventually be admitted to Godolkin University of Crimefighting, which is run by Vought. There, she would meet other supes like the Pyrogenesis golden boy Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger), magnetic specialist Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo), the shrinking woman Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway), and many many others as all of them fight for the top ranking in the school in hopes to become the next member of The Seven. Well, Marie is shown to be an ambitious woman and there’s a great chance that she’s going to be the next member of that team (fingers crossed!).

Not knowing the students, Godolkin University is hiding something, something vile and evil. It’s up to Marie and co. to unravel the mysteries the school is protecting and what “The Woods” really is. It may sound like Gen V is a typical coming-of-age superhero drama, but really, it’s not. This also isn’t Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (Mutants). If you know Eric Kripke and The Boys, you know it’s more than just a superpowered teenage flic.

How good is Gen V? Is it worth watching?

Given that three seasons of The Boys were phenomenal, fans would probably be asking if Gen V is worth watching. Is it even half as good as The Boys was? Well, for starters, this spinoff series is rated fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, with a 96% score from 50 reviews. Aside from that, from a viewer’s standpoint, Gen V perfectly uses The Boys’ formula with some new additions. Basically, this coming-of-age idea is great especially since supes are still students. In addition, giving enough time for backstories makes it a very compelling show.

Now, let’s get to the good part. Gen V is just as diabolical as The Boys. Blood, gore, sex, politics, fight scenes, and more. Whatever you asked for, it’s here (maybe even better at times). Most of the sex scenes in Gen V will traumatize you, so if you’re not into this kind of stuff, better keep away. As some fans would say, Gen V is “The Boys but Sky High”. If you thought you’d seen everything in The Boys, you’re going to have a treat in this series. Gen V’s next episode will be released on October 6, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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