Is GTA 6 the most anticipated game of all time?

The official GTA 6 trailer detonated on December 5, 2023, like a bomb, electrifying the gaming community with one blast. The excitement around this new title is evident, as it has garnered over 175 million views in just over two months.

Is that, however, sufficient to declare Grand Theft Auto 6 the most anticipated game ever?

PlayStation Award

Despite not being released until 2025, GTA 6 emerged victorious in the PlayStation user vote for “Most Anticipated Game of 2024 and Beyond”.

This achievement, with only one trailer, says a lot about the devoted fan base of the brand and their insatiable appetite for the next release.

The Power of Legacy

Grand Theft Auto is known for always pushing the limits and creating unmatched open-world experiences with meticulous touches. Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest-selling entertainment game ever, and it has a history that is both long and fascinating.

This has led to a great deal of excitement for its follow-up. Today’s expectation is greatly influenced by the trust and legacy that have been established throughout time.

Competition in the Arena

However, claiming the “most anticipated” title isn’t a walk in the park. Upcoming giants like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Marvel’s Wolverine also boast dedicated fanbases and established legacies.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Marvel's Wolverine

While these titles face fierce competition from within their communities, GTA 6 uniquely transcends genres and demographic boundaries, potentially reaching a wider audience.

The “Anticipation” Factor

Ultimately, “most anticipated” is subjective and influenced by various factors. While awards and hype point towards GTA 6’s strong contender status, other aspects like release date proximity, franchise history, and community engagement all contribute to the anticipation equation.

So, the answer?

As much as GTA 6 dominates current gaming discussions, definitively claiming the “most anticipated of all time” title remains debatable. That being said, it is a strong contender in the competition for the title of the most anticipated game due to its unquestionable buzz, exceptional trailer, and well-established franchise history.

Whether the finished game meets up to the enormous expectations and cedes its spot in gaming history is something that only time will tell.

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