Is Meghan Markle Preventing Harry from Reconciling with the Royal Family?

Is Meghan Markle Preventing Harry from Reconciling with the Royal Family?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior members of the royal family in January 2020. Since then, a rumored beef between the two parties has emerged. The relationship between the Sussexes and royals worsened when the couple made several claims against his family members in explosive interviews and a Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan. As a final nail to the coffin, Harry also made several revelations about his family in his memoir, Spare.

Amid the growing tension, is there still hope for reconciliation between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the royal family? Is it true that Meghan is preventing Harry from reconciling with the royal family?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Departure

Meghan and Harry have come to a decision to leave the royal family after a series of attacks against the duchess’ character by the British press. Allegedly, the two claimed they didn’t get support from royal family members to fight this move and clear Meghan’s name.

The so-called Megxit happened, and they moved to California to live a much more private life with their kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet—away from the prying eyes of the media and the British people. However, the talks about Prince Harry, Meghan, and the royal family won’t just stop there.

Since the move, the talks about a possible reconciliation have been prevalent. It has been going on until today. But despite everything said about it, nothing has come to fruition yet.

An Olive Branch to Offer

For three years, there have been different claims that the royal family is extending an olive branch to Prince Harry to end all the negative claims about them. But despite the alleged talks, they have remained estranged from each other.

Despite the alleged tense relationship, Prince Harry has remained an important royal family member. In fact, he was at King Charles’ coronation at Westminster Abbey on May 6, albeit without his wife, Meghan, fueling the strained relationship between them even more. But fans and rumor-makers alike must note that the monarch’s crowning happened on the same day as Prince Archie’s fourth birthday, so one of his parents had to stay in the U.S., which happened to be Meghan.

The kids are said to be too young to attend the coronation, so they didn’t get an invite, though the former actress did.

Is Meghan Markle Preventing Harry from Reconciling with the Royal Family?

Now, to answer the curious fans’ question if Meghan is preventing Harry from reconciling with the royal family, the answer is probably no. Though many paint her as the villain in this story, there’s no proof that she causes the tension between her husband and his family.

Based on her stories, Meghan tried to please the royal family, but accusations of racism got in the way. This and several other accusations might have affected the once-good relationship between them.

But despite that, Prince Harry claimed their “door is always open” for reconciliation. However, he also said the “ball” is in the royal family’s “court.” That said, it may mean that everything actually depends on the royal family.

By the looks of it, time could only tell if Harry and Meghan can mend their relationship with the royal family. But with all the revelations and accusations done, it remains to be seen if it will still happen, though many hope so.

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