Is the Xbox Series S running out of VRAM?

Xbox Series S, the budget-friendly version of the latest generation of Xbox consoles, has been making headlines lately due to a video memory (VRAM) issue. Reddit user u/jokekiller94 recently posted about how the Series S can run out of VRAM, which garnered major interest in the gaming community. But what precisely is VRAM, and how does this problem affect Series S owners? Check this out.

What is VRAM, and how much does the Xbox Series S have?

VRAM is a kind of memory that is used to store image data for a video display. Its primary purpose is to ensure smooth graphics display. Xbox Series S has 10 gigs of VRAM, with 8 gigs allocated for games and the remaining 2 gigs for its operating system as compared to Xbox Series X, which has 16 gigs of VRAM.

Apparently the series S can run out of VRAM…
by u/jokekiller94 in gaming

Xbox VRAM: Series S vs X

The VRAM difference between the Series S and X is very important:

  • Series S
    • Can run games at a maximum resolution of 1440p
  • Series X
    • Can run games up to 4K

This means that the Series S does not require as much VRAM to run games smoothly as compared to the Series X.

What is the memory issue related to the Series S?

This memory issue of the Series S is not a new problem, and Microsoft has been aware of it for quite some time. The issue is connected to Series S’ VRAM which causes the console to run out of memory when playing specific games. To address this, Microsoft has optimized memory allocation on Xbox Series S consoles. This gives the developers ‘more control over memory which can improve graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions’.

Is the memory issue specific to the Xbox Series S?

The memory issue related to VRAM is not specific to the Xbox Series S. It can affect any device with limited VRAM, including gaming laptops and older graphics cards. However, it seems that the issue is more noticeable on the Series S due to its limited VRAM.

What is the impact of the memory issue on games?

The impact of the memory issue on games can vary. Some games may run smoothly on the Series S, while others may experience crashes or freezes due to the lack of VRAM. A couple of games that have been specifically cited as having issues with the Series S are Gears of War 2 and Borderlands 3.

The VRAM issue frustrates Series S users because they are unable to play certain games. Microsoft is aware of the problem and is working with developers to solve the said issue. Xbox: Series S – a budget-friendly option, offers amazing value for your money, that’s the reason why a lot of Xbox fans decided to get the console.

We do hope that this issue can be resolved soon so Xbox Series S owners may truly enjoy playing their games without seeing any errors on their screens.

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