Is there a better MMORPG than Guild Wars 2 in 2023?

Is there an MMORPG better than Guild Wars 2

In the world of MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has held a special place in my gaming heart. But, as 2023 nears its end, I find myself yearning for fresh virtual realms to explore.

Now, before I dive into the topic of recommendations, let me clarify why I haven’t ventured into the universe of World of Warcraft, often hailed as the pinnacle of MMORPGs. The barrier? Monthly subscription fee. For someone living in a third-world country, a $15/month subscription feels steep, equivalent to two months’ worth of my water bill! 😅 So, Guild Wars 2 became my gaming haven.

My Guild Wars 2 Journey

My journey with Guild Wars 2 began in 2016 alongside my brother. It was my first purchased game, and I was genuinely excited to embark on this adventure. We joined the game during the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Prior to this, my gaming experience was limited to visiting a nearby internet cafe, where I’d lose myself in RPGs like the GTA series. With the demands of work and college studies, life gradually took up most of my time. However, eventually, I could afford to purchase a game.

My earliest memory of MMORPGs takes me back to Ragnarok Online.

Classic Ragnarok Online

We had to buy play cards for limited gameplay hours, and our weekly gaming sessions were a reward from our mom, granted we completed our homework and excelled in our studies.

  • Part of what makes Guild Wars 2 special is that it allowed me to begin this journey with my brother, reliving those 90s moments when we’d eagerly wake up early on weekends to play Family Computer and the PlayStation 1.
  • Besides the nostalgic connection, I’ve developed a love for open-world games, particularly MMORPGs, that let me interact with people from all over the globe. As an introvert, this became my primary mode of social interaction. Plus, it immensely contributed to my English language skills, helping me become more conversational and use it in my job as a writer.

Why Guild Wars 2 is Special

Here are the aspects of Guild Wars 2 that have won my heart:

  • Varied Quests: While initial quests might seem repetitive, the developers’ efforts to introduce variety make each quest feel unique. Whether collecting items or battling monsters, the diversity in creatures and locations keeps it fascinating.
  • Puzzles and Collectibles: Some puzzles and collectibles are incredibly intricate, causing hours, if not days, of frustration. Yet, the satisfaction of achieving them is unparalleled.
  • Community: The Guild Wars 2 community is among the best I’ve encountered. The map chat is always ready to help, and guilds are incredibly patient in guiding new players.
  • End Game: Post reaching the maximum level, there’s a wealth of activities, from crafting legendary weapons to tackling fractals and quests. Seasonal events and expansions keep the excitement alive.

 Any recommendations?

As 2023 nears its end, I’m eager for new MMORPG adventures. While I’ll always return to Guild Wars 2, the thrill of starting anew alongside fellow players like myself is irresistible.

Each MMORPG has its own charm and community. It’s worth trying to discover which resonates with your gaming preferences: gameplay style, graphics, or storytelling. After all, the beauty of MMORPGs lies in their ability to transport us to new worlds and create lasting memories with fellow adventurers.

What MMORPG are you looking forward to next year?

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