Ja Morant vs. Allen Iverson, One-on-One Matchup Comparison

Just after 3 years in the league, Ja Morant is now an all-star, even a starter at that. He was the second pick in the 2019 draft, right after Zion Williamson. Just lately, Ja Morant has stirred comparison to the great Allen Iverson, a.k.a “The Answer”. Some thought they have the same physique, same playstyle, and same scoring abilities. But, one-on-one, in their primes, who would probably win? Ja has not even reached his full potential yet, but as the ratings are going, we might see a future star in him.


Ja Morant

Ja Morant is a 6’3” point guard, while Allen Iverson was a bit shorter, standing 6’0” while playing shooting guard. Both players are slashers and are crazy athletic.

Ja Morant (Image Courtesy of NBA)

Ja has a very impressive vertical jump of 44 inches, while Iverson can come close to 41 inches. Both played fearlessly in the paint, and can also score outside.

Allen Iverson

Though Iverson was known for his killer crossovers, Ja Morant is not far from his ball-handling abilities. Both players are electrifying and entertaining to watch each night they play.

Allen Iverson (Image Courtesy of HoopsHype)

A.I. was known as a volume scorer and jacks up a lot of shots, compared to the athletic point guard in Ja Morant. Both are not known for making lots of threes, but they can make it every now and then.


Both Iverson and Morant were named Rookies of the Year in their class. By the age of 22, both of them are already rising stars, but Ja Morant was already named an all-star while Iverson wasn’t yet chosen. They had almost identical averages.

Allen Iverson was averaging 27-5-5
Ja was averaging 26-7-6

Both are already faces of their franchise and are looking to win their first championship. Though Iverson would later in his career, become one of the greats in the NBA, and become a consistent scoring leader, we are yet to see that in the future for Ja Morant. Later in his career, Iverson won an NBA MVP and reached the finals. It probably won’t be long til’ we see Ja on that stage.

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One-on-one, at the age of 22, with the skills and abilities they have, it’s a tough case to solve. But, as what Ja Morant is showing now, he probably has a higher ceiling than Iverson. A duel between the two of them would be fun to watch, but a game we will never get to see. Both are not known to be defensive stoppers but are prolific scorers.

Ja Morant and Allen Iverson, photo courtesy of bellyupsports.com

So, in this one, we will have to go with Ja Morant since he has the upper hand in the physical aspect (height and leaping ability) as well as he has a better scoring and rebounding average than Iverson at the age of 22. But, hey, who knows? We know that the great Allen Iverson always has a trick up in his sleeves because for every question, he is “The Answer”.

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