K-drama Reborn Rich, portrays the harsh realities of the economy- What makes it so appealing?

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K-drama Reborn Rich starring Song Joong-gi, Shin Hyung-Been, and Lee Sung-Min have been topping the rating charts with each new episode.

This JTBC drama is based on The son of a conglomerate by Sang Gyung. It tells the revenge story of Yoon Hyun-Woo (Song Joon-Gi) who works as head secretary of Soon Yang Group. He gets murdered and wakes up in 1987 as the mysteriously disappeared grandson of the Soonyang Group.

The story of rags to riches isn’t new in the K-drama land but until now they all have been Cinderella stories. It was pure love and morality that lead to monetary benefits. While if we see the latest stories of pauper-to-prince, they all fall under the genre of Fantasy.

Just like Reborn Rich, The Golden Spoon is also a recent hit that falls into this category. Lee Seung-Cheon (Yuk Seung-Jae) tired of being born into a poor family, decides to exchange his fate with a rich classmate with the help of a magical golden spoon. This MBC drama stars Lee Jung-won, Jung Chae-Yeon, and Yeon-Woo in lead roles.

Apart from the fantasy element, there are couple more similarities between them. Let’s check them out.

Failed Hardwork

In Reborn Rich, Yoon Hyun-Woo has been the main breadwinner of his family. He has sustained by facing humiliating treatments and compromising himself. He has worked hard to reach where he was but that hard work betrays him. Ultimately, it is the fantasy of rebirth that takes him to a luxurious life.

Similarly, In The Golden Spoon, Lee Seung-Cheon gets bullied and sweats in part-time jobs but doesn’t find a way out of his situation. In the end, he gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to exchange his life for a more comfortable one with fantasy.

Lee Seung-Cheon crying holding the golden spoon
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The Price of Riches

There is a price for everything- even in the fantasy world and it’s costly. In Reborn Rich, the price is of life. After being reborn Song Joong-gi needs to find out what happened to his character in history. He might die or find some other harsh situation as staying in that family tree isn’t as easy as being reborn into it.

Similarly, The character played by Yuk Seung-Jae has an Uncle (The Name famed Yull Chang) who bullies him ruthlessly with the danger of life.

Image courtesy of JTBC

The Blame

In Reborn Rich and The Golden Spoon, the main blame for the situation the characters are in falls on the head of their parents. It is their failure in life which has invited these struggles into leading life. And hence they are sacrificed for riches.

This change into Dramaland which is getting success makes you wonder if the fantasy of being rich is what people find more relatable. Perhaps, these shows can deliver a cathartic experience that Romance dramas weren’t able to.

Poster of reborn rich
Image courtesy of JTBC

Either way, it is a concerning yet entertaining change. In The golden spoon, Lee Seung-Cheon fails to keep his riches. Will that harsh reality be an outcome of Reborn Rich as well? we shall find out in the upcoming episodes.

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