Kim Chiu Answers Paulo Avelino Dating Rumors

Kim Chui Answers Paulo Avelino Dating Rumors

In the upcoming Philippine adaptation of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino showcase effective on-screen chemistry. They also set the record straight about their relationship. Are they dating? Let’s find out.

Secretary Kim and Brandon’s Love Story

Kim, in the role of Secretary Kim, decides to resign, catching the attention of her boss, Brandon Manansala (Paulo Avelino). This storyline becomes the focal point for the blossoming romantic relationship between the characters.

During the project’s press conference on March 9, 2024, Paulo Avelino openly discussed the possibility of workplace romances and emphasized the importance of professionalism in such settings. Kim Chiu also stressed that her career is her priority over personal relationships. She even explained that she is more focused on the project and ensures that romance does not keep her from delivering her best performance at work.

We can’t deny the solid chemistry between these two actors, which shows on-screen and during interviews that they love working together. We hope that they have more projects to come.

During the interview on What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Media Conference, Kim Chiu even explained that she wasn’t ‘fully happy’ when they started filming. She expressed her gratitude towards the cast members and the director, mentioning Paulo Avelino and Director Chad Vidanes, who helped her be more comfortable on the set.

Kim Chiu’s Take on Work-Life Balance

Kim’s outlook on prioritizing work comes months after her breakup with long-time boyfriend Xian Lim, whom she met through work, marking a 12-year relationship.

Despite their perspectives on workplace romance, Kim and Paulo emphasized their solid professional connection. During the press conference, Paulo commended Kim, voiced admiration for working with her, and expressed his respect and adoration for the actress.

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