MLD’s HORI7ON: All Songs Ranked

HORI7ON all songs from the Friend-SHIP album ranked

MLD Entertainment debuted their South Korea-based Filipino boy group HORI7ON on July 24, 2023. The group comprises seven members: Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus, who won the reality survival show Dream Maker. Following this, they have released their first studio album, Friend-SHIP, including 21 tracks supported by the lead single SIX7EEN.

These 21 tracks include the group’s six pre-debut singles, including Dash, Lovey Dovey, and Salamat. Additionally, it includes songs sung in three languages: English, Filipino, and Korean, featuring artists like TNF, Lapillus, and New:ID.

  • Out of these 21 tracks, all the individual collab tracks between members of HORI7ON and mostly the members of New:ID are exclusively available on their album. Let us explore the 13 globally released tracks from Friend-SHIP and find the best one.
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Ranked List of HORI7ON’s Top Songs

As music is subjective, we have tried to remain objective while ranking all the songs of HORI7ON from their debut studio album Friend-SHIP. Most of these rankings are based on how well the songs capture the septet’s skills and the music’s overall flow. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds, as this album is a dynamic and ambitious project, including many genres and refreshing tunes, but let’s get started!

11. Death or Paradise

One of the most popular tracks from the album Death or Paradise captures the sharp vocals of Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, and Winston. This song’s highlight is its rhythm shuffle, making it a unique listening experience.

10. Take My Hand

Take My Hand is one of the group’s pre-debut singles performed during Dream Maker’s show. This song provides the listeners a glimpse of their promising beginning and works as an introduction to their discography.

9. How You Feel

How You Feel is a song capturing the talents of power-maknae Marcus and Jeromy. They performed this song in Korean with Haeun of Lapillus, also the maknae of her group. This makes it a track driven by the youngest members of the groups.

8. Meteor

Meteor works as an intro for the debut album of HORI7ON, making it an important song. It has interesting Hip-Hop beats that make it engaging to listen to, and TNF’s Noa has worked on this track as a producer.

7. Dash

Dash is another of the six pre-debut tracks, introducing the members’ vocals (and visuals) and unique beats to the audience. It is also one of their most-watched MV tracks with over 3 million views and one of the favorite tracks of HORI7ON fans.

6. Lovey Dovey | Birthday

HORI7ON’s Lovey Dovey and Birthday are both upbeat songs. While Lovey Dovey highlights the cute side of the members, Birthday features some funky beats, making this confession song refreshing to listen to. We couldn’t help but put both pieces in the sixth spot.

5. Tiger

Tiger is one of the music performed as part of a mission on Dream Maker. For the album Friend-SHIP, they have rearranged the song. This song particularly highlights the king energy of the septet.

4. Hit Me | Odd Eye

Hit Me and Odd Eye are also mission songs reprised for HORI7ON’s debut album Friend-SHIP, and they are criminally underrated. Moreover, these two tracks capture the group’s performance skills, making them a fan favorite.

3. Mama

Mama is written in Filipino with strong emotional values excellently performed by the smooth vocals of HORI7ON. This song is written by the members as a musical letter to their mothers expressing unbound affection.


SIX7EEN is the title track of HORI7ON‘s debut album and rightly so, as this song perfectly captures the uniqueness of the group that only they can pull off. The music also includes an addictive melody, which is likely to give people earworms and have them humming through the day.

1. Salamat

Salamat is a track expressing gratefulness to their fans. However, it also captures the members’ journey at a point they have worked hard to reach but is also a starting point for a long road. And to top off this list, this song, with its melodic tune, is the best of HORI7ON.

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