Must-have BTS Merchandise Collectibles + Where to buy?

Must-have BTS Merchandise Collectibles, hhere to buy

Are you in for new BTS content? Although, you may want to have your cash and card ready for this one. Kpop offers much merchandise for its fans. Whether from a boy group or girl group, they also have something you can look forward to buying. Or course, BTS is no exception, and honestly, they have one of the best merchandise lineups. So without further ado, here’s a list of must-have BTS merchandise collectibles, and where to buy them. Stay with us!

BTS Merchandise Collectibles for ARMYs

We won’t have it ranked, but we hope you may find these items essential. They love releasing things that ARMYs can use daily or often, even the fans produce fanmade things that are useful! But for the first few items, this would be nice to have if you’re a concertgoer or a simple collector.

  • Do remember that there’s no pressure in collecting, and not being able to buy doesn’t mean you’re a ‘fake fan’. Collect at your own pace, ARMYs!

1. BTS Official Light Stick

We mentioned concertgoers, right? Well, their light stick would surely give the exciting vibes during the concert. It has different modes to choose from depending on their songs of course. It could fit perfectly with their hits as the lightstick has different modes: slow, quick, flashing or dimming.

BTS Merchandise Collectibles LIGHTSTICK
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop
  • You can enjoy using the lightstick even when simply watching their music videos. This is just in time as the Busan, South Korea concert is nearing, and we hope you secured your tickets for it! Hwaiting, ARMYs!
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  • Weverse Shop: Version 3 is currently sold out, but the Map of the Soul (MOTS) Special Edition is available to check out here!
  • Amazon: The same instance with Weverse Shop, this is just the MOTS Special Edition, check here!
  • eBay: A few ARMYs are letting go of their ARMY Bombs here, so check this link and also the recommended postings as well.

2. BTS Official Slogan

For concertgoers, this is another essential. This cloth banner is perfect for warming you, or even using it to wipe your tears when you finally get to see the boys. Raise it, wave it, hug it, wrap it around you, whatever you do, you do you — you’re an ARMY!

BTS official slogan
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop


3. BTS albums

If you’re a collector, I think the albums are the most satisfying to collect. Just by looking at it lined up on your shelves, it’s cool and cute! Although this may be expensive to purchase and collect, you can opt to buy only the albums you want to. But if you can, just buy everything. Their Proof anthology album has three versions you can here:

BTS official albums
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop
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4. ZH&GE BTS Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring your ARMY spirits and purple hearts everywhere with this purchase. This speaker with a wooden-like design, a BTS logo, and a 4-6 hour play time is perfect for picnics, night outs, and such.

BTS Merchandise Collectibles BLUETOOTH SPEAKER
Image Courtesy of Amazon
  • It doesn’t need any stand which makes it a nice decor on your shelves too! Gift it to yourselves or your ARMY friends, this is a nice buy.

5. ARMY Membership Card (merch boxes!)

Okay, if you haven’t tried purchasing an ARMY membership (and if you’re thinking twice), this is your sign to buy one! You’ll be getting exclusive content as well as exclusive merch boxes! Also, the card looks nice to display but you do have to buy the membership kit for that. If you have the budget, this one’s worth collecting.

BTS Merchandise Collectibles ARMY MEMBERSHIP
Image Courtesy of Weverse Shop
  • Also, we have told you about picnics earlier, and fortunately, BTS has this picnic merch box prepared for you, ARMYs! So if you already have your membership, check out the merch boxes! In case you’re wondering why it’s only open in Weverse Shop, these are all Weverse exclusive so that’s the only option you have in getting this membership.

BTS Merch Box 2

  • Weverse ShopThis link’s for the ARMY Membership only.
  • Weverse Shop: This one is for the Membership Kit.
  • Weverse Shop: Lastly, for the picnic merch box! Additionally, you can visit the Merch Box page to see more merch box availability!

6. BTS Merchandise Collectibles: Sleep Kit

See, BTS loves spoiling their fans with items they can use, and one of them is this product. This is from BTS’ Holiday Collection 2021 which includes a pajama pants kit. It comes in the color red with photocards, pajamas, loafers, and an eye mask!

BTS Merchandise Collectibles SLEEP KIT

  • This cute matching outfit is perfect for ARMYs who love sleeping in. Check out the item from the links below!

7. BTS Smartphone Ring Holder

Of course, we have fan-made items here from ARMYs themselves that would surely fit your budget. It can be used for your smartphones while seeing the TinyTan faces of the boys! There are many designs to choose from depending on your style. Check out the Amazon purchase link below:

BTS TinyTan smartphone ring holder
Image Courtesy of Amazon

8. BTS Portable CD/DVD Drive Writer

Hitachi-LG offers some ARMY necessities right here. If you are fond of buying the boys’ album, this is perfect for you to play them on. The design and color are very aesthetic and are DYNAMITE-inspired too, so even the packaging is very ARMY-like which is cute! It also comes in pink and violet:

BTS Merchandise Collectibles CD DVD Writer

  • Although it is not compatible with iPhone and iPad, you may still use your Windows OS, Mac OS, Fire OS, or Android to use it! Check it out below!
  • Amazon
  • eBay

9. BTS Merchandise Collectibles: BTS Funko Pop

The major collectibles are here and offered just perfect for your Kpop budget. You may purchase these cute Funko Pops from the Funko Store on Amazon and in Walmart too! They offer keychains as well which are cheaper and there’s the added bonus of getting to take them anywhere *wink*.

BTS Funko Pop
Image Courtesy of Walmart
  • OMG! Take a peek at all their BTS collection! We hope you can find what hairstyle of the members you’d like to see in a Funko!
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

10. BTS Permission to Dance Long Sleeves

While most of the hoodies and sweatshirts on BTS’ Weverse Shop are sold out, you may want to try this one out. It is available in many colors and sizes, too! Teepublic offers this below the $20 USD mark, so grab the opportunity now!

BTS Merchandise Collectibles PTD sweatshirt
Image Courtesy of Teepublic
  • They also have a shirt for adults and kids, a mask, a mug, and a sticker for you. We’ll put the link here so you can check it out!
  • Teepublic

There you have it, ARMYs! Let us know what you bought!

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Also, you can share any questions you have about BTS below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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