2023 NBA All-star team captains

To take a breath from the pounding and grinding through the whole season, the NBA has made a yearly occasion of making an exciting and fun-filled weekend featuring the best and the brightest basketball players – the NBA All-Star game. Since 1951, the organization has been featuring a game that features the best stars from both conferences – East and West – and play in an intense exhibition game of basketball.

However, a new scheme was made by the league. In 2018, the East versus West format is already a thing of the past. Whoever gets the highest vote in the East and in the West becomes the captain who will draft the selected All-Stars for that year and create their own team. That being said, who could be the 2023 All-Star game captains? Are they going to be the same captains we are accustomed to? Or are we going to see some new faces?


LeBron James

Since the birth of this new format, LeBron James has always been a team captain, whether it be in the East or in the West. His team has never lost through five All-Star games, which shows how great he picks his players.

Even in year 20, LBJ is still playing like an MVP. He will be turning 38 soon but he seems to be just as quick and athletic as he was when he was 18. It’s almost certain that King James would be once again one of the captains in the 2023 All-Star game due to his fame and popularity. Let’s just say it’s almost 100% he’ll end up creating another dream team, just like what he did last year with Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Nikola Jokic.

Luka Doncic

If LeBron does not get the highest number of votes in the West – which is highly unlikely – it’s safe to say it’s either going to Mavericks’ Luka Doncic or Warriors’ Steph Curry. But, we are heavily leaning towards Doncic getting the honor.

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Statistically, this season is Doncic’s best so far. His numbers are blowing to the roof and he is literally carrying Dallas on his back. If the MVP award is handed out today, he’d be the undisputed MVP (with Jayson Tatum as a close second). Plus, Doncic is a fan favorite and is extremely famous worldwide.

Steph Curry

He may be injured now but wait until the greatest shooter of all time comes back even stronger. Steph Curry is for sure an All-Star this season with how great his numbers are but his team isn’t doing pretty well after just winning their 4th championship in 6 years last season.

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Curry once captained the Western Conference in 2018 but lost to LeBron by only three points. If he won’t get the chance to become the captain again, we all know he’s going to be picked first by no other than LBJ himself.


Giannis Antetokounmpo

You heard it here first, we highly think it’s going to be a close battle between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant. But, it’s gotta be Giannis!

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Surprisingly, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets are the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the East, respectively. Giannis is beloved by a lot of NBA fans, while KD … not so much. Although Durant was the other captain last year, it would not be surprising if he becomes chosen again in the upcoming All-Star game. However, the Greek Freak is carrying his team without the Bucks’ second-best player (Khris Middleton). In addition to that, with the new voting system for the All-Star game, we might get a lot of changes in the roster, especially who becomes the future captain.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was last year’s captain and we can say that he was not that good of a drafter. Why? He just let LeBron create a starting lineup of Luka, Steph, Giannis, Jokic, and himself. While on the other hand, KD made a team out of Trae Young, Andrew Wiggins, Ja Morant, Joel Embiid, and Jayson Tatum (who started instead of him because of injuries). It’s not necessarily a bad team but compared to Team LeBron, they look like a bunch of reserves (no offense Team Durant).

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There’s no denying KD is a generational talent. Yes, he could be a top 20 player in history but every time he says something on the internet, he loses a part of his dignity as well as the number of his fans. He is probably one of the most hated NBA players today and it shows. Despite that, he still has a lot of followers which means he’ll probably become a captain again, or not. But, one thing is for sure, he is an All-Star starter.

Jayson Tatum

The leading MVP candidate today might end up becoming the Eastern Conference’s captain. The 24-year-old superstar might get to face the 38-year-old LBJ in the most exciting and entertaining game in an NBA season.

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Tatum is blossoming as an MVP material this year and he could definitely win it with how he leads the Boston Celtics to the number one seed in the East. He may not be as famous or as popular as Giannis or KD, but he is already up there.

The 2023 All-Star weekend will take place on February 17 to 19, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Shall we see a rematch between Team LeBron and Team Durant? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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