Netflix: Top 3 Horror Movies to Watch in 2023

horror movies to watch in 2023

The popular OTT platform Netflix is famous for its trendy shows and the wide range of movies catering to different genres. Horror has always been a popular genre and now you can sit back and enjoy bone-chilling and frightening movies with Netflix in the comfort of your home.

Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror directed by Ari Aster. (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)

Horror as a genre has also evolved over time and in the current trends, it can be seen how international horror is gaining popularity. Netflix has also accommodated itself with the surge in demand for international horror especially, South-East Asian horror. It has provided a dais to the underrated directors and also managed to shift the limelight from movies to immensely entertaining TV Shows.

What kind of Cinematic Evolutions can be seen in the genre of Horror?

The genre of horror has always been a pop culture favorite. And with the surge of popularity for international horror, it can be seen how horror has shifted from very mainstream jump scare-inducing movies or shows to more chilling and eerie psychological thrillers. It has also experienced a shift towards folk tales and urban legends, which makes it more appealing to a larger audience.

Veronica is a Spanish horror movie that went on to top Netflix’s trending list due to its tremendous story. (Image via IMDb)

In this article, we are listing the Top 3 Horror Movies that are available on Netflix. So, grab your favorite comforter and a bowl of popcorn to experience the thrill and horror of these movies.

Netflix’s Top 3 Horror movies to watch in 2023

This section will feature movies that are not necessarily released in 2023 but have gained prominence in the last few months. The views and rankings are based on various critics, reviews, and ratings and opinions might therefore vary. Let’s begin!

1. His House (2022), dir. Remi Weekes

his house netflix
His House is an eerie horror with sudden twists and unexpected turns. (Image via Netflix)
  • His House is a unique horror-drama rated 6.5 on IMDb, that deals with the struggles of immigrants and the survivor’s guilt. It revolves around a couple and the trauma they went through together with the loss of their daughter.
  • The ghosts of their past and their present situation of not being accepted into the locality they are placed in, anchor them to nothing but grief and growing distance between the couple.
  • The movie is not only full of jump scares but also has a very eerie atmospheric vibe to it which clings you on to watching it crouching onto your bed.

2. Incantation (2022), dir. Kevin Ko

Incantation netflix
Incantation is a Chinese horror that talks about a curse, leaving the audience in fear after it ends. (Image via Netflix)
  • Incantation is a Chinese Horror Movie that has a 6.2 IMDb rating. It has a very unique feel to it because of the cinematography. It feels personal to the viewers as the lead actor uses a hand-held camera to film her new life with her daughter, which is soon followed by a tragic turn of events.
  • The movie is a found-footage supernatural horror, based on Chinese Folklores and Urban Legends that are remotely practiced in some places. The movie has a very creepy feel to it, as it displays some of the major phobias in some creative ways, which is visually very disturbing at times.

3. Qorin (2022), dir. Ginanti Rona

Qorin Netflix horror movies
Qorin is a Thailand horror and it has taken a toll on many viewers due to its scary visuals. (Image via Netflix)
  • Qorin is an Indonesian Horror movie, rated 5.1 by IMDb. The story is about a teenager who is studying in a boarding school and is haunted by a demonic curse. Much like the other folklore based on horror, Qorin also explores the religiosity and the devilish elements that come with it.
  • The realms of darkness and occult are also very much potent in this movie and it is packed with jump scares, yet a very creepy drama and thriller.


The genre of horror is ever so popular and it keeps constantly evolving. The shift from mainstream concepts to folklore and urban legends is not only fresh but also important for underrated directors and scriptwriters to find a place in the mainstream itself.

Best Horror Movies to watch this Spooky Season

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