OPINION on Two Silent Hill Games Being Currently in Development

Silent Hill

The Konami is now returning the attention back on console gaming after they launch the newest Silent Hill Slot Machines and wiping in the likings of a Betsafe Online Casino market. Aesthetic Gamer, one Twitter user, claims that Konami has been getting in touch with the developers for pitches for different Silent Hill games. He recommends that there is a high chance one might be launched this 2020.

In the past, the Twitter user predicted precisely that Project Resistance would be a part of Resident Evil 3 Remake instead of being an individual game. It was leaked months before the official announcement of RE3s. Of course, that does not suggest that this must not be treated with some disbelief.

Recently, people don’t get anything after P.T was revealed itself as a teaser for Silent Hill right after Kojima left Konami. Based on the prediction of Aesthetic Gamer, one game is intended to be a “soft-reboot of the franchise.” Even though the other one is an episodic game not similar to The Walking Dead series of Telltale. They assume that one or both of the games have a high probability of being publicized this year.

What We Know So Far About the Soft Reboot Game

The concept of a soft reboot of the franchise might come as a welcome one. Folks have not perceived a new Silent Hill game after the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PlayStation Vita. Seemingly, one of those games has even forgotten much about the plot, gameplay, and the world of Silent Hill. Revitalizing their reminiscence on this game would be a smart decision for Konami to win back their supporter on Silent Hill after a break from the limelight.

The next game folks could anticipate would be an Until Dawn style decision-making exploration game, enabling the player more freedom in discovering the Silent Hill world much further. Gone are the days of linear stories. Konami has finally distinguished the necessity to discover in the game itself.

It’s not huge amazement that Konami would like to move forward on this after the massive success of Kojima’s Death Stranding, featuring Reedus as the character and the representation of del Toro. Resurrecting Silent Hill would surely make sense along with a prosperous Resident Evil 2 reboot that is still amassing prizes as well as the scheduled reboot of Resident Evil 3 just around the corner. But wait, there’s more! Aesthetic Gamer also claimed that there would be a Resident Evil 8 coming.
Stories of the developers have assumed that the teams currently working on the brand new Silent Hill games aren’t internal Konami. That would be an interesting outcome, as people are not aware of who these people are and the things to anticipate.
Apart from that, Masahiro Ito, who is a Silent Hill artist, has previously publicized that he’s working on a new unnamed project. Not to mention that Hideo Kojima has also previously inferred that his next game might have a horror title.

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