When it comes to fire-type Pokémon, the latest Diamond & Pearl remakes are a tad weak, at least until players gain the National Dex. Fire-type aficionados can rejoice, since Pokémon Legends: Arceus fared much better in this area, with a good selection available from the start. A flame-wielding Legendary, as well as a pair of new Hisuian forms, are available to players.

5 Best Fire-Type Pokémons & Where To Find

Those hunting for the best Fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus will have a difficult time making their choice, enjoy 🙂

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Hisuian Arcanine

As a Fire/Rock-type Pokémon, Hisuian Arcanine is an excellent counter to other Fire-type Pokémon. It’s also a physical rather than a special attacker. This allows it to use deadly Fire-type attacks such as Flare Blitz and Raging Fury. Furthermore, it is essentially a new Pokémon that can be gotten much earlier in the story than Heatran. Wherever possible, players should opt for a Lonely or Naughty nature to accentuate the Pokémon’s strengths.


Hisuian Growlithe develops into Hisuian Arcanine when it is exposed to a Fire Stone. These evolution stones can be obtained at Jubilife Village’s Item Exchange, inside space-time distortions, or dug out by Ursaluna. A Hisuian Growlite can then be found in the Windbreak Stand or Veilstone Cape locations in the Cobalt Coastlands.


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Heatran is a Legendary Pokémon, so it’s not unexpected to see him on the top of a list of powerful Pokémon. Its 600 total base stats provide it an advantage over the majority of the competition. Next is the good stat distribution takes care of the rest. The Fire/Steel type is a powerful special attacker with excellent Defense and Special Defense numbers. If possible, players should seek out a Quiet nature, but Modest would also suffice.


Heatran will be available to catch in Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ post-game segment. It may then be found on Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands region after completing story objective #22.


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Infernape, one of Sinnoh’s initial starter evolutions, boasts three important metrics over 100, which is more than many of its rivals can say. It’s a lot more flexible than Magmortar and Flareon because it’s a Fire/Fighting-type that can hit hard with both physical and special attacks. If feasible, players should choose for a Hasty or Naive nature, but they can also raise one of its attack stats if they want it to specialize.


An Alpha Infernape may be found on Ramanas Island in the Cobalt Coastlands area. Monferno and Chimchar, its unevolved counterparts, can also be found there, with the latter also appearing in the neighboring Deertrack Heights. At Level 14, Chimchar evolves into Monferno, while at Level 36, Monferno evolves into Infernape.


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Magmortar is without a doubt the greatest pure Fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, albeit it is a little more difficult to obtain than some of the other alternatives. Its absence of a secondary typing means it still has all of the same Fire-type flaws, but its blisteringly high Special Attack stat compensates for this slightly. Lastly, to better use this power, players should aim for one with a Mild nature if at all possible.


Magmortar can be produced by developing Magmar with a Magmarizer, which can be obtained in a variety of methods. The simplest method is to obtain one from the Item Exchange near the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village, however, this will cost 1,400 Merit Points. Magmarizers can also be dug up with Ursaluna or discovered on the ground in space-time distortions. Magmar may be found on Firespit Island, which is located in the Cobalt Coastlands region.

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Hisuian Typhlosion

Typholosion’s new regional form has a high Special Attack stat and is also relatively swift. Because it’s a beginning Pokémon, it’s quite easy to find, and because it’s a Fire/Ghost-type, it’s entirely immune to both Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Choose a Mild nature to lower their Defense while enhancing their Special Attack.


Cyndaquil’s final form, Hisuian Typhlosion, evolves from Quilava at Level 36. Cyndaquil can be a starter Pokemon at the start of the game. It also may be obtained after defeating the last main plot boss by speaking with the professor. Cyndaquil and its evolutions will start appearing in space-time distortions as a result of this, albeit only in the Crimson Mirelands area.
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