Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass 16: Release Date + New Skins | Is it worth it?

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16

Pokemon UNITE was released and published by The Pokemon Company in 2021. Ever since then, it has gained a lot of popularity and the reason behind it is not just because it is a part of one of the world’s biggest franchises, but also because the game has a lot to offer. Pokemon UNITE receives regular updates with new Pokemon, skins, and outfits added to each one of them. The game falls under the category of MOBA even though it is a bit different from how most of the MOBAs generally are, making this game even more unique and fun. Pokemon UNITE is going to introduce their Battle Pass 16 soon. Is it worth buying Pokemon Battle Pass 16? Here is everything you need to know about the new skins and release date of the upcoming Battle Pass.

Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass 16

Battle Passes allow you to complete missions during a season to raise your battle pass level and receive rewards based on that level. Every ranked season in Pokemon UNITE has its own Battle Pass and since the ranked season is coming to an end, we will be getting a new Battle Pass 16.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into all the skins, outfits, and rewards Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass 16 has to offer.

Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass 16 New skins

Scizor, Pokemon unite battle pass
Knight-style Scizor, Pokemon Unite  (Image from PokemonUnite, Twitter)

Battle Pass 16 is coming with new skins for 2 fan favorite Pokemon:

  • Scizor: Scizor is an attack-based melee all-rounder Pokemon. Scizor can be played in the top lane and the jungle. It has two forms depending on your playstyle:
    • Scyther: If you wish to be an assassin, you can go for the Scyther build path.
    • Scizor: If you like to be a bit tankier and do constant damage, then Scizor build path is perfect for you.

Knight Style Scizor is being added to this Battle Pass 16 and it seems to have amazing graphics and recall animations. Some key features of the skin are:

    • The skin has a shining Knight armor and the color of the armor depends on the path you choose. Choosing Scyther will grant you a gray-colored armor while using Scizor will grant you shining white armor.
    • On top of that, it has a new goal-scoring animation.
    • Lastly, the thing that makes this skin stand out is the recall animation. A gate of the castle seems to appear when you press the recall button. Isn’t it cool?
  • Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime is a Sp. attack-based melee support Pokemon. He is preferably played in the bottom lane but can also be flexed in the top lane.
    • Mr. Mime will get an Aristocrat-style skin in Battle Pass 16. Although there is no significant animation change with the skin, the skin outfit does look good.
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime Pokemon Unite  (Image from PokemonUnite, Twitter)

What are the new outfits and other rewards?

All rewards Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16
All rewards in Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 16 (Image from PokemonUnite, Twitter)

These are the following rewards you will be able to claim as you level up your Battle pass:

  • Gold
  • Emblem Box
  • Background
  • 3 Knight style outfits
  • Stickers
  • Item Enhancers
  • Aeos Tickets
  • Rank Protection Card
  • Hair Color
  • Lenses

Release Date

It is all set to release on June 12, 2023. It will also mark the start of a new ranked season.

Is it worth buying Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass 16?

We generally feel buying Pokemon UNITE licenses is worth it, but you must first consider if you play these Pokemon or not.

If you are not planning to play these Pokemon or you haven’t unlocked them, you can skip this Battle Pass and wait for the one that has your favorite Pokemon in it.

Do you think you will buy this upcoming Battle Pass 16 in Pokemon Unite? We’d love to hear from you!

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