These games, like Poppy Playtime, are sure to give you the shivers. Games that rely on aspects like stealth, exploration, and riddles that will send shivers down your spine.

From jump scares to eerie surroundings, the horror genre in video games has been haunting the most adventurous (or reckless) gamers for generations with horrific encounters that evoke a range of emotions in them. Many sagas have been kept alive and solidified with memorable deliveries over many decades. However, in modern years, a very specific way of approaching fear has increased in notoriety.

There are new challengers in town coming for Poppy Playtime, the popular horror game that’s been making the rounds lately, and in which you’ll need to use wits and investigation to escape a toy factory full of unruly inhabitants. You may be looking for games that don’t include direct combat and instead rely on stealth, riddles, or other mechanisms to approach fear in a novel manner. 👻

Among The Sleep

After hearing strange noises in the night, a two-year-old kid sets out to find his missing mom. It all happened in an unpleasant environment where the baby’s eyes and legs trembled as if he were entirely vulnerable. As if that wasn’t enough, the game tackles important and adult issues that are sure to pique our interest.

Image Courtesy of Krillbite Studio

Layers of Fear

Bloober Studio, the team behind popular suspense-themed games like Observer and The Medium, has created another game that is guaranteed to send your heart racing. This one, too, has an oppressive environment and innovative features.

You will be taken inside the mind of a painter plagued by family turmoil in this first-person horror experience. His paintings and his home will serve as the intriguing settings for our journey through his recollections; transforming into whole new scenarios as we proceed.

Image Courtesy of Bloober Team

Bendy and the Ink Machine

If you’ve ever wanted to be immersed in the horror of exploration and puzzle-solving, Joey Drew Studios Inc.’s game is for you! There will be no choice except to adopt stealth. We’ll have to think of creative ways to withstand the menace of the ink-based aliens.

All of this is a metaphor; criticizing job burnout and the unrestrained desire that may escalate to extreme conditions. The storyline seeks to surprise the player with ever-increasing intensity and interest by dividing the story into segments.

Image Courtesy of TheMeatly Games LTD.

Amnesia: Rebirth

When Frictional Games published Amnesia: The Dark Descent back in 2010 following a successful run with the Penumbra survival horror series, it was only natural that they would follow it up with further chapters.

Through a fresh plot idea that provides two gaming aspects: one more centered on dread and the other more on history. Whatever the case may be, we are once again Tasi Trianon, who finds himself in the midst of the Algerian desert with no memory of how he got there. In order to save ourselves, we’ll have no option but to search for the shards of our history.

Image Courtesy of Frictional Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s

The mania for horror games that have gone viral like Five Nights at Freddy’s is a must-have for horror fans everywhere. It’s safe to say that the idea was one of a kind. In our role as security guards, we are responsible for monitoring Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza at all hours of the day and night. Homicidal dreams are born out of what appears to be mundane nighttime surveillance.

And from the “security” of the office, we must keep the local animatronics, which take shape of their own at nightfall, from invading our chamber to kill us. Our objective is to arrive at dawn unharmed thanks to surveillance cameras and low energy that keeps the doors shut.

Image Courtesy of Scott Cawthon

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