PS5 Best Gaming Headsets: High, Mid, and Budget-Friendly

Best Gaming Headsets for PS5 High, Mid, and Budget-Friendly

Scored a PS5? Congrats! But that next-gen goodness deserves an audio upgrade, right? Picking the perfect headset can get overwhelming, so let’s cut through the chase. Here’s the lowdown on the best PS5 gaming headsets for your needs and budget.

High-End PS5 Gaming Headset

  • SteelSeries – Arctis Nova Pro Wireless
    • This beast boasts incredible sound, super comfy ear cushions, and a cool base station that works on other devices and lets you adjust audio on the fly. Plus, the mic is crystal clear – your teammates will hear every commands (and epic scream).
    • PRICE: $291.50 (Amazon)
  • Audeze – Penrose
    • This headset delivers superb detailed sound, perfect for getting lost in the game world. It also has a broadcast-quality microphone, ideal for streamers and content creators.
    • PRICE: $299.00 (Amazon)


  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
    • Battery life for days (up to 300 hours!), comfy ear cushions, and clear, distinct audio – this headset is a winner.
    • PRICE: $199.00 (Amazon)
  • Sony – Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
    • Made specifically for your PS5, this headset uses the console’s 3D audio tech to create an immersive soundscape. It looks sleek too, matching the PS5 aesthetic.
    • PRICE: $97.95 (Amazon)


  • Razer – Kaira X
    • Although this one is wired, it offers solid audio performance and a nice fit, all at a very reasonable price. The mic is decent, too, so communication won’t be an issue.
    • PRICE: $42.23 (Amazon)
  • Turtle Beach – Recon 500
    • Powerful sound, a comfortable design for those who wear glasses (like yours truly), and a reliable mic – this headset is a solid choice for budget-minded gamers.
    • PRICE: $71.97 (Amazon)

Features to Consider

  1. You want sounds so crisp you can hear every enemy footstep and explosion (important for winning those online battles, obviously). If you’re into immersive adventures, surround sound is a game-changer.
  2. Long gaming sessions are epic, but not if your headset feels like a torture device. Plush earcups, adjustable headbands, and lightweight designs are your best friends here.
  3. Your squad needs to hear your shot calls (and hilarious trash talk) loud and clear. Noise-cancelling mics are a must.
  4. Most PS5 gaming headsets connect wirelessly via USB dongle, with some offering Bluetooth too. Wired headsets are reliable, but wireless lets you roam freely. Plus, no more yanking your ears out when you jump for victory.
  5. Going wireless? Consider how long the headset lasts on a charge. You don’t want a dead battery to cut your game short, especially during an intense 1v1.
  6. Some headsets have cool extras like customizable EQ settings to fine-tune the sound or RGB lighting to match your killer setup.

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