PS5 + SSD, Is It Worth It?

Countless PS5 owners are looking forward to the arrival of firmware 2.0 for their console. This firmware is still in development, but it will include a much-anticipated feature: rapid memory extension with PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe SSDs. Since the announcement of the latest Sony system, several customers have expressed a strong desire to expand the SSD. The question remains, is it worth it?

Although Sony’s inbuilt SSD is extremely fast, there is a limited amount of quick storage capacity. For games, apps, or media, players have just 667GB of free space. They’re also filling up faster than you may think. Furthermore, PS5 games can only be played from the internal SSD or equivalent alternatives, which are currently unavailable outside of beta. Because of this, many users are eagerly anticipating the release of the new system software’s final version.

Some beta testers, notably the specialists at Digital Foundry, have already been able to install a compatible SSD on their PS5 and get preliminary experience and testing, and the outcomes are encouraging.

Here are some highlights from Digital Foundry’s testing (for PS4 games):

Image Courtesy of Digital Foundry via Eurogamer

For PS5 Games

Image Courtesy of Digital Foundry via Eurogamer

Is It Worth It?

  • What you would like or expect from the upgrade is really up to you. If you frequently need more storage capacity, the purchase is well worth it in this scenario. If you’re having difficulties fitting all of your games on the internal SSD and don’t want to move them to an external (and slower) USB storage device for faster load times, you’ll almost certainly need another SSD, especially if the titles are PS5, a comparable SSD replacement is required.
  • If you just desire quicker load times: If you can live with the PS5’s internal SSD’s storage space but need better load times, the addition isn’t really worth it, at least not yet. When playing numerous games, Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD is slightly quicker than the in-house solution, but the gaps are so minor that they are easily overlooked. It’s on par with the factory-installed solution in terms of performance. Finally, you can be confident in your ability to save a significant amount of money here.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you also eagerly awaiting the new firmware? Let us know below! 😀

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