Spoilers ahead for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Cassie is free spirited adventurer like her dad and is a perfect fit for the next Uncharted game.
Cassie Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end.

Nearly four years have passed since we said our goodbyes to one of the favorite trio in the video game world- Nate, Sully and Elena. Of course, that is not to say that the goodbye wasn’t satisfactory or fulfilling, In fact I believe that Uncharted 4 has one of the most beautiful endings ever portrayed in a video game or a movie and Naughty Dog couldn’t have possibly ended it in a different way.

But that hasn’t stopped me and many others from wondering whether the tale of Nathan Drake and his fellow adventurers have really ceased to exist. Does Sony really doesn’t want one of its strongest franchise to continue and grow over the course of next generation? Of course they want and there is absolutely no doubt that they are indeed planning to make aanother Uncharted game.

An article by Pushsquare from way back in 2018 does point out that Sony was hiring for a new studio in San Diego, which according to the job listing pointed out that this new studio is working on a third person action game in collaboration with a major Sony studio.

Now how do we know that this major studio is Naughty Dog? Well according to this resetera post, one of the PlayStation employee from the San Diego studio was seen working with Naughty Dog. That’s all the info we have at the moment, but that’s all we needed.

Coming back to Nathan Drake, its obvious that his  story is over and we certainly don’t need him to come back from his retirement any time soon. ( He definitely earned it.) But we do need a new protagonist and who could be a better fit than the little Drake herself? I’m talking about Cassie Drake- the daughter of Nate and Elena who we gets to meet in the epilogue of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

“A new legacy to carry…”


Cassie Drake

Cassie Drake is more than perfect to carry forward Nathan’s legacy. Not only this will give the series a much needed fresh start, a soft reboot, but also a completely new flavor to the game.

What’s more is that Nathan’s character can still be around. Perhaps in the form of flashbacks where he teaches Cassie the basic rules of survival, or maybe focus on their adventures together in the past, which may serve as life lessons and help in her current endeavors. Just like Nate, Cassie may also boast a companion.( I’m looking at you little Labrador sitting on Cassie’s bed.)

Cassie perfectly fits the picture of carrying forward her dad’s legacy. If you explored her bedroom minutely in Uncharted 4, you would know that she loves rock climbing, is an expert Scuba Diver and also loves photography. All these traits make her the most ideal adventurer and a treasure hunter. Also, thanks to her photography skills  we may get a photo mode in the next game.

“Exploring Uncharted Frontiers…”

Nathan and Sam exploring the uncharted islands along the Indian Ocean in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Whether its the Amazon rain forests or the wild streets of China. The Uncharted games have taken on us globe trotting adventures. From the Himalayas to a burning Château in France or the 600 miles long treacherous Rub’al Khali desert.

Uncharted games have always taken us to beautiful places with rich and enticing history to back it up. This is actually something really essential for the games like these. I mean I learned more about Mayan Civilization from Shadow of the Tomb Raider than an actual book or a documentary series.

There are a multitude of new locations that the future Uncharted games could explore.I would also love to see more of those puzzles, set pieces that takes ones breath away, but more than that I would love to see a deeper lore this time around. Nothing more satisfying than flaunting all those new found knowledge about a certain lost city of paradise to a friend who doesn’t play video games.


“A non-lethal approach perhaps…”

Swinging is fine as long as you don’t trample anyone.

The next Uncharted game doesn’t need to have over the top action with guns blazing and grenades popping every now and then. Instead, it would be more interesting if they take  a more quieter, grounded approach this time around with more emphasis on exploration, world building and non lethal combat.

Cassie doesn’t need to blow out the brains of every single human enemy she meets along the way. That’s what his dad do for a hobby.( no pun intended.) Even Lara Croft kills to survive but her nature is drastically different than that of Drake, and so is the flavor of both these games.

Drake never really felt like a guy who could just casually take out hundreds of armed soldiers. And so this thing bothered me in every Uncharted game. Since Cassie is his free spirited daughter, I don’t want her to take this same approach in the future games.

A more non lethal combat encounters would much suit her personality. A heavier focus on environment to surpass your enemies could also work.

The nostalgia factor with the Uncharted games is ground breaking. People love this universe and its characters more than I could describe with words and so a next entry would totally do justice to the millions of people who believes in “SIC PARVIS MAGNA.”

The PS5 reveal is just around the corner. Here’s hoping that we hear from this new San Diego studio and whatever project they are working on very soon.


What are your thoughts regarding? Do you all want a new Uncharted game as much as I do? Please tell me in the comments down below.