Ranking the Kpop girl groups of the 4th generation; Who’s the best?

Kpop 4th generation best girl group

Got some time for Kpop debates? Not necessarily debate-debate, but just open discussions. Who’s your 4th generation best girl group? Kpop has seen the light of the world since its first generation, followed by the second generation that took the world by storm. The following generation stable the fanbase of Kpop around the world. Now the fourth generation is rocking the entire world with back-to-back debuts and comebacks.

For the year 2022, girl groups may have dominated music shows, charts, and stages with all their songs. The older generations of girl groups have marked their names, Girls Generation, 2NE1, APINK, f(x), Red Velvet, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and GFRIEND among all groups that rose to fame. Share your thoughts about your best 4th generation girl group. We’ll share ours below, stay with us.

4th generation best girl group ranking

Honestly, this may be the hardest piece I’ll write. Firstly, this Kpop generation started in 2018 and is currently running. Moreover, the girl groups in this 4th gen are a combination of visual, talent, presence, and even breathtaking concepts. But as the title goes, I have a group in mind already. I hope you don’t mind, I’ll write down my runner-ups first, so here it goes!


Okay, I just want to list my runner-ups here. You may want to check it out and let me know your thoughts. No lengthy explanations, but I hope you have time to check them out and see why they are here. They deserve recognition!

PURPLE KISS (2021 – present)

  • I think I’d consider PURPLE KISS as one of the underrated girl groups in this generation. The vocals are balanced, they have different styles of singing and it fits perfectly together.

  • If you want more of the pop-rock genre, they have it for you. Try listening to the B-sides as well, they venture to pop-rock, ballad, and pop, just too nice. Must listen!

LOONA (2016/2018 – present)

  • They debuted differently from other girl groups. I love the unique concept that they had their solo debut first, a sub-unit debut, before their group debut in 2018. The solo songs? Oh, they fit each member perfectly. The group songs vary from one genre to another, and they do it well.
4th generation best girl group ranking LOONA
Image Courtesy of @loonatheworld via Twitter
  • I can say that LOONA has the most interesting lore or story as each member’s music videos up until today’s MVs are still stitched to a storyline. The creativity jumps out, and you can see it in their videos.

IZ*ONE (2018 – 2021)

  • The members are currently in different groups right now, and a few became actresses and soloists but I’d always admired IZ*ONE’s talents and chemistry. Their title tracks are a no-brainer that would stay in the hearts of fans and Kpop listeners.

  • From a survival show to becoming a family, you’ll see growth in these 12 individuals. From singing and dancing to writing and comprising, the girls did that during their active years. From La Vie En Rose until Panorama, WIZ*ONE (their fandom) stayed with them until their contract ended. Best of luck to their careers!

STAYC (2020 – present)

  • Back-to-back bops? Who’s doing it like them? STAYC currently keeps its name up high despite its catchy tagline “STAYC girls, it’s going down”.
4th generation best girl group ranking STAYC
Image Courtesy of @STAYC_official via Twitter
  • I wanted to hear a song from them in a lower register so that their vocalists don’t have to perform the highest of notes. I think they have to explore more on songs with fewer super high notes, I think that would be perfect.

Got some drum roll ready for the 4th generation’s best girl group?


Tell me if you expected it or not, but here’s what I think is the best girl group for this generation. A few fans may be confused and ask why I’m adding IDLE here. To confirm that they belong to this generation, they dropped their debut song “LATATA” (and mini album “I AM”) on May 2, 2018. Now I’ll get into details about why I consider them the best.

The group members

When I say (G)I-DLE, the group members flash into my mind first. The group consists of Cho Miyeon, Kim Minnie, Seo Soojin (former member), Jeon Soyeon, Song Yuqi, and Yeh Shuhua when they debuted. The group chemistry and dynamics are well-balanced and it is visible that everyone loves everyone.
Image Courtesy of @G_I_DLE via Twitter
  • I think I can add the visual here. Each member can attack you with their fiercest visual. Each has a specific charm that surely no NEVERLAND (their fandom name), or even a casual listener can’t resist. Special mention of Miyeon’s insane visual which fans blurted about during their world tour!
  • They have two ‘97 liners (Miyeon and Minnie), two ‘98 liners (Soojin and Soyeon), a ‘99 baby (Yuqi), and another baby born in 2000 (Shuhua).
  • Unfortunately, former member Soojin left the group last year in August 2021 and the group will continue as five members. Although recently, the bullying accusations were debunked and Soojin was proven not guilty in court. We hope to see you perform again, Soo!
GIDLE the group members
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
  • I’ll pick IDLE among all other girl groups of this generation as the most family-like. It feels like they are inseparable, and they feel like a warm home you can come to.
  • They treat each other as sisters from another mother. They take care of each other a lot, their maknae line (youngest members) tease their members so much, they bicker and debate a lot, and they support each other like no other.

Talents, talents, talents

Alright, if you haven’t heard of them yet, you better head over to your music streaming service. They have one of the most top-tier vocals and have one of the best rappers in this gen.
  • Miyeon and Minnie lead the group in vocals as the main vocalists. Soyeon holds the main rapper position and Soojin with the main dancer position. Maknae’s Yuqi and Shuhua stand as the lead dancer, and sub-vocalist, respectively.
  • They may have their specific positions, but they are always so extra. Imagine your dancer line and rapper flexing their vocals, while your vocal line pops off during the dance break. Crazy? (G)I-DLE members just keep on growing as all-around performers individually.
GIDLE Uh-Oh Concept Photo
Image Courtesy of @G_I_DLE via Twitter
  • From the recent world tour they made, fans all around the world were amazed at how stable their vocals are. Live singing for straight days on a world tour is no joke, and (G)I-DLE just did that.

Creative Process

While we’re at the part of talent, I’ll add the creative process here. Jeon Soyeon, the main rapper, center, and leader of the group turns out to be actively participating in writing, composing, and producing their songs.
  • Almost in every album they release since their debut, Soyeon has been one of the people behind the production and creative process. Oh, by the way, international fans, they have English versions of their earlier title tracks, must listen!

  • What makes me think that they’re the best 4th gen girl group is that the members are creative enough to produce songs. Minnie and Yuqi are part of writing the lyrics of a few of their songs. Recently, the two participated in making the songs ALREADY and ESCAPE, and LIAR and POLAROID, respectively, from their I NEVER DIE album.

Stage presence

No words, should this be even explained? Just look at their eyes while performing and you know they are born to be on stage.
  • They have this charisma and magnet that you can’t take your eyes off of them when they perform. Their songs are catchy, and their gazes are deadly. (G)I-DLE knows what to do to make people turn to them, they know their strengths and they know how to utilize them.
  • This is the part where I’ll miss Soojin. You see, if you’ve watched their performances before, your eyes may land on this person first — Soojin. How she gracefully dances, and she manages to hit the notes while swaying and matching the dance steps. That’s the most perfect (G)I-DLE in history.

  • Now that the members are running in five, I couldn’t be prouder to see many improvements as they try to fill the spot of their main dancer. Nonetheless, they are doing great in all aspects of an idol — from singing, fan service, dancing, rapping, and even modeling! As Yuqi said in TOMBOY, “Just me IDLE”.

Final thoughts about 4th generation best girl group

(G)I-DLE was the first group that came to my mind when I read 4th generation best girl group. Ever since their debut days, I just know they’ll be big.
  • They have the potential to still go bigger, they have the talent and creative juices, and maybe they can work together outside their company and still create great music. They all have the same passion when performing and it shows.

  • They have this certain sound that never fades. They may try to jump to different genres, but they do it smoothly. In Twitter’s lingo, they slay. There may still be a bit of hope for Soojin to come back, but the five members are doing pretty well right now. Cheers to a flawless, no-skips discography, (G)I-DLE!

Well, that’s all we have now. Thoughts?

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