Should you still buy Gotham Knights? Reasons why you should continue your purchase

On paper, Batman Gotham Knights sounds like the perfect game for the next generation of consoles. You have a potential spiritual successor to the Arkham series. Gotham Knights gameplay does try to emulate some of the elements that made its inspiration a success. However, as we all know, video game critics and the gaming community have mixed reactions to it.

You may be here looking for a reason to make the purchase and play the game. Here are some compelling arguments in favor of purchasing Gotham Knights.

The Ability to Play 4 Iconic Members of the Bat Family

Arkham Knight was a masterpiece game that teased the possibility playing other members within Batman and DC. Two members, Red Hood and Robin appear again in Gotham Knights. There is also Nightwing and Batgirl. The idea is compelling because we get next-generation graphics and technology to back them up.

Moving around the city and doing things using the four characters can be entertaining for any fan. They also have unique aspects to their gear and  that make them stand out.

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Co-op Gameplay

Batman Gotham Knights is the first Batgame in recent memory to do anything with co-op, and you can work through the campaign with a friend. The game has some designs that can accommodate the play styles of each character. Being able to run around and focus on combat with Red Hood is fun if you know that your partner is a stealthy hacking Batgirl who has your back.

We all know how fun co-op experiences can be on any game. Gotham Knights bring that with the potential of adding more content in the future through updates.

The Chance to Explore Gotham Once More

One of the things that made the Arkham series fun was the ability to move around large parts of Gotham. Back then, there were limitations, which is no longer the case today. Standing up on rooftops watching over the skyline and the activities below feels very thematic. It’s been a long time since players could do that in a game.

Gotham Knights Combat is Enjoyable

The Gotham Knights combat system can use some improvements, but it’s already good fun. The different abilities of the characters can lead to a multitude of strategies. You feel the power and skills of the characters. Hopefully, they add haptic feedback to the game to add more to the experience.

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The Potential of Added Content for Gotham Knights

A beautiful thing about modern games is that they can improve over time with added content and adjustments. An example from recent memory would be Cyberpunk 2077. Gotham Knights can add to the story, balance the game, and fix bugs. At its core, it’s playable and enjoyable, but the potential to improve is vast.

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