Silent Hill Transmission: Possible Announcements

It’s been 2012 since we last heard from the Silent Hill franchise, and now we’re getting announcements through Silent Hill Transmission. The last major news that appeared was the Silent Hills plan headed by Hideo Kojima, and many still hold on to the experience of the PT Demo. After Kojima left Konami, he went on to remake the project into what we know now as Death Stranding.

Still, many believe that Silent Hill has a lot of potential in the current generation of gaming. Better graphics and technology that weren’t previously available could now be possible. Konami recently broke the silence by announcing the Silent Hill Transmission Livestream event for October 19 at 5 PM ET/2 PM ET.

A Reboot

The Transmission announcement came with a new revamped logo, indicating that it might be the titular game. However, the name “Silent Hill” teases Konami might be heading to the franchise’s roots and rebooting everything. We might see a newer version of the original PS1 Silent Hill game that helped the franchise establish itself in the landscape.

The announcement also came with a retweet from Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito, who are long-time collaborators. The latter is the creator of the iconic Pyramid Head, which may point to a reboot. With Resident Evil 4 and Alone in the Dark recently making returns, there is a good argument for a reboot to happen.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

A Korean rating board posted the title Silent Hill: The Short Message weeks before the Livestream announcement. Many took it as a potential leak, as it happens among rating boards when they first catch news of a game in development. Many believe that this might be a new game entirely.

There is also a belief that it’s not only one game with a feature for the Livestream but several of them. Konami has gone to the lengths to create an event for the franchise alone. We might see something for newer consoles and potentially something for handheld or mobile gamers. Konami might even go all-in and announce multiple projects in development for the long term.

A Series or Movie

Silent Hill has explored other media in the past, and not many have been successful. Recent creations have been well-received in both series and films. Konami may try to bring up this area one more time. It is unlikely to have this announcement independent of a video game announcement. It may be something they mention during the event as an addition.

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Silent Hill Transmission Cryptic Teases?

One thing that has worked well for Silent Hill in the past is their use of ARG. These tactics have gotten more popular recently. Silent Hill may as well use this to try and build conversations while their projects are still in development. We’ll likely learn more on the day, but here’s to hoping they announce something good.

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