Songs in BLACKPINK's most recent album, ranked

Kpop girl groups have been conquering the music streaming services everywhere. Recently, the global girl group, BLACKPINK, returns with their newest second studio album, BORN PINK. The album consists of eight songs that had BLINKs, their fandom, feel a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Well, among the eight songs, which one do you think is the best? We ranked the songs from BLACKPINK’s recent album. Stay with us!

BLACKPINK’s most recent album, BORN PINK

Their last (the first full-length) album released as a group released back in 2020 with “The Album”. The title track for their first full-length album is called “Lovesick Girls”.

  • Last year, the maknae line, members Rosé and Lisa ventured into their solo careers releasing their single albums, -R- and LALISA, respectively.
  • At the moment, only Jisoo is awaited for her solo release. We can’t wait!

This August 1, BLACKPINK dropped an announcement about BORN PINK. A pre-release single, a full album, and an upcoming world tour are also scheduled in the following months.

The pre-release song “Pink Venom” came out on August 19th, while on September 16th, the whole album came out. The BORN PINK world tour begins in October. So for today, let’s rank the songs in this newest ‘no skip’ album from BLACKPINK. Let’s go!

The ranking

8. Ready for Love

Okay, I think this is fair to stay here. The song was released about two months ago in collaboration with PUBG Mobile. They held their first in-game concert on the mobile game, too! It’s only fitting to include this because everyone’s quite familiar with this track already, right?

  • But still, I can’t get over that catchy “ready for love, ready for loveee” line.
  • Watch out for Lisa’s rap once it starts! You’ll definitely want to hear that twice or thrice after hearing it.

7. Hard to Love

You may probably listen to it a couple of times, and say “isn’t only Rosé singing?” Yes, that’s true, so slay, Roseanne. HEAR ME OUT, I’m not putting Rosé’s beautiful tragic song in the seventh place if I don’t have a reason (also, I love how her sound suits so well in this genre of songs!).
You see, I just wanted to rank the group songs higher, that’s it. So now, can we talk about Rosé’s raw vocals? She is so main vocalist material. The lyrics are so well-written and could fit in her first solo album.
BLACKPINK most recent album ranked
  • OMG, this part has all the emotions and you know the issues in a relationship that you can’t see. I love these lyrics!
  • Oh wait, are they hinting that another Rosé album is on its way? We won’t say no to that! C’mon, give us everything!

6. Typa Girl

“Typa girl you wanna wife up, sign up the pre”, honestly, ranking this BORN PINK album’s hard, so I’m putting Typa Girl on sixth. I just have to love the lyrics they have here. The beats and tunes they have here may not overpower the other songs, but the salty and spicy lyrics are what I am here for.
Songs in BLACKPINK's most recent album ranked
  • Oh, these Jennie lines were just right after everyone sang in the first part. This is the part when she says f* misogyny.

5. Yeah Yeah Yeah

The fifth on the songs from BLACKPINK’s most recent album ranked is Yeah Yeah Yeah. HEAR ME OUT AGAIN. This is one of the most anticipated songs on the album, but I have to go with what my heart says.
Jisoo and Rosé took part in writing this masterpiece, and it may remind you of a song they had before — Playing with Fire. The vibe this song gives out just wants to make you dance, jump, and cry. Do you feel me?

  • Also, I couldn’t be any prouder for Jisoo. She writes song lyrics as if her life depended on it, she’s smart. Do you know that this is somewhat of a love song? Just not your typical love song. Jisoo really loves writing songs like this. The first was Lovesick Girls, and now this. What more when she drops her first solo album? We’ll definitely be listening!

4. Tally

Alright, down to the fourth, we have Tally —the explicit song. If you’re wondering why I addressed it as ‘the explicit song’, we’ll hear the BLACKPINK members curse. But that’s not all, of course.
The lyrics are way better than just the chorus (the part “I say f* it when I feel it”)
  • A personal favorite, and sung by Jisoo. This is a huge statement coming from a girl group in which Koreans always expect ‘more’ or ‘something’ from them (because of their high standards specifically for women). Nah, these girls have nothing to owe anyone, neither looks nor bodies. Those are theirs.

3. Pink Venom

This deserves the top three spot. Pink Venom is like calling with its “BLACKPIIIIIINK, BLACKPIIIIIINK” part. The chant sounds so addictive and the music video is a must-watch. BLACKPINK is back, with hip-hop and traditional sound, quite contradicting but slayed great!
Peek at the Taylor Swift lyric there (hehe) “Look what you made us do”.

  • I’ll never forget the chokehold that the rapline, Jennie and Lisa, has on me. I AM ON MY KNEES. Especially, the part “‘Cause we got bodies on bodies like this a slow dance“. You wouldn’t mind if I say that they are one of the strongest rapline in girl groups, right?
  • Also, main rapper Jennie is back, and who can’t resist that opener with ”Kick in the door, waving the Coco”? 

2. The Happiest Girl

By this time, I think you already know what’s the first song in this ranking. But before that, let’s talk about this ballad. And I am *definitely* the happiest girl in the world when I heard this.
BLACKPINK and ballads meant amazing vocals.
Jisoo’s head voice sounds so heavenly, but have you heard Lisa’s stable vocals? The maknae’s growing up a little too well, and it’s so beautiful to hear her sing. Rosé and Jennie doing awesome as usual, even with just singing.
The Happiest Girl BLACKPINK BORN PINK album
  • They ate CDs and then they delivered this song. You Never Know (The Album) and their song Stay are both ballads, but when you listen to these three, each of them has different vibes. Do you get what I mean? 
  • Regardless, every song shouts ‘vocals supremacy’!

1. Shut Down

To top off the songs from BLACKPINK’s most recent album ranked, I’ll give the first to this album’s title track — Shut Down. The legendary ”BLACKPINK in your area” but make it like a warning that they are here. They have this prepared for the haters, and fans perhaps. But mostly, the bashers, pretty much “keep talking we shut you down“.

  • Certainly, Jennie’s rap is top-tier, the wordplay, watch out! Also, hear Rosé singing “Praying for my downfall, many have tried, baby“, she literally said nope, we ain’t going down.
  • Also, have you found the references in their old music videos? There’s a lot! The MV is well-thought, and the production and creative team poured all their creative juices here. Once again, BLACKPINK in your area.
With this latest album from BLACKPINK, what’s your song ranking? Let us know below!
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