Sons of the Forest Ending – Explained

We understand if you require the Sons of the Forest ending explained. The mutant-infested adventure created by Endnight lacks substantial information on the narrative. And even attaining the conclusion can be a real head-scratcher in itself.

Furthermore, the outcome of your stay on the island is contingent on the decisions you make and can lead to a positive, negative, or flawless conclusion. So, continue reading to find out how to reach the good, bad, and secret endings in Sons of the Forest. Needless to say, there are spoilers below.

How many Endings are there in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Ending Explained
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Sons of the Forest features three distinct endings, one of which is a hidden ending. And accessing them necessitates acquiring the Maintenance Keycard and VIP Keycard. Once that’s done, you’ll embark on a journey to the ultimate bunker located south of the abandoned village.

Your companions and whether or not you retrieved the backpack prior to boarding the rescue helicopter will influence the concluding outcome. Still confused? Keep reading.

How to beat Sons of the Forest?

  • Open the gold arm door using the golden armor. Save before proceeding as certain endings may prevent further gameplay progress.
  • Follow the cave path until you arrive at a vast open chamber with multiple streams of lava. Beware of the floor’s many holes and focus on the path ahead.
  • Descend to the chamber’s base and turn right to locate an aperture.
  • Proceed through the corridor until you arrive at another vast chamber containing a lava river. Expect to encounter many enemies in this area. Thus, arm yourself with weaponry and healing items.
  • Track the lava flow to navigate the chamber, which will eventually guide you to a narrow aperture in the wall. Upon interacting with the cave entrance, a cutscene will ensue, leading to the game’s conclusion.
  • Choose between the helicopter or the backpack to finish the game.

What is the Good Ending of Sons of the Forest?

Ending of Sons of the Forest
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To obtain the “good” ending in Sons of the Forest, Kelvin, and two mysterious men must board the helicopter and escape the island. Ultimately returning to civilization. You’ll receive the achievement “Fought Demons” which is earned by leaving the island.

If you choose the “good” ending, you will not be able to continue your playthrough of Sons of the Forest. Rather using an alternative save file.

What is the Bad Ending of Sons of the Forest?

bad ending of sons of the forest
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The “bad” ending is basically when you retrieve the backpack, and the rescue helicopter will leave without you. Dooming you to eternal entrapment on the island. Remaining on the island will earn you the “Fight Demons” achievement.

The “bad” ending allows for the uninterrupted continuation of your Sons of the Forest playthrough.

What is the Special Ending of the game?

how to get the secret ending of sons of the forest
Image Courtesy of Endnight Games

There is a third, secret ending – which requires considerable preparation and strategizing throughout the game. In order to achieve the secret ending (also said the “best” one), you’ll need to follow two steps:

Ensure both Virginia and Kelvin are alive by the time you access the bunker and enter the Golden Cube. In the cave cutscene, you’ll see both of them run into the cube with you and Tommy.

That means you’ll reach the best ending as long as you choose to leave the island with Timmy and Eric. Upon departure, the “Keep Your Friends Close” achievement will be awarded.


That covers all of the endings to Sons of the Forest. Reaching these endings is a wild journey, and if you’re still finding it hard to complete the tasks in the game, make sure to check out other Sons of the Forest guides.

Are you ready to complete this amazing game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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