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Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to prep for it than to play some good old video games? Although you can play games on just about any device nowadays, nothing beats playing on the current-gen consoles like the Sony PlayStation 5. The graphics on the Sony PlayStation 5 are insane and if you’re looking for some games to play this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place! Here is our list of games you should play this Halloween if you have the Sony PlayStation 5.

This list is perfect for both hardcore and casual gamers. If you just want a good scare, we definitely suggest you check out most of the titles listed here. The horror genre in video games is a bit oversaturated, honestly. But that doesn’t mean some titles can’t stand out from the rest. Check out the games below and see which titles we think definitely stand out from other horror games!

Games to play on the PlayStation 5 this Halloween

The games we’ve curated in this list are ranked not just on the scare factor but also on the game’s overall experience. From the story to the animation to gameplay, we considered these factors to give you the best horror game ranking for the PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Resident Evil Village
Image Courtesy of CAPCOM

1. Resident Evil Village

The latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise from CAPCOM is number one on the list of many other gamers for tons of reasons. Aside from the main villain of the story drawing those of us with mommy issues in, everything about this game is amazing.

Resident Evil Village has you take on the role of Ethan Winters as he desperately tries to rescue his daughter. For those of you feeling a sense of déjà vu with Ethan Winters, he’s one of the characters from Resident Evil 7.

CAPCOM really outdid themselves with Resident Evil Village. If you’re looking for a good game to invest your hours in, we suggest you start with this on your Sony PlayStation 5. The graphics, story, and overall gameplay of Village will definitely satisfy your cravings for a good horror game.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - The Quarry
Image Courtesy of 2K

2. The Quarry

Another great horror game for the PlayStation 5 is The Quarry. This game is the latest release from Supermassive Games, the team behind Until Dawn. The team behind The Quarry always makes it a point to include a star-studded cast in their games.

For Until Dawn, we saw celebrities we never expected to see in a horror game. Some of the notable names part of the project are the following:

  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Peter Stormare
  • Rami Malek
  • Jordan Fisher

The Quarry takes place at a summer camp, a bit different from the winter setting in Until Dawn. The game still incorporates some of the quick time events (QTE) mechanics we were introduced to in Until Dawn.

Playing through The Quarry feels like you’re playing a video game while watching a movie all at the same time. Even though it’s heavy on the dialogue and movie experience, The Quarry is one of the best horror games we’ve seen on the PlayStation 5 so far.

From the looks of it, Supermassive Games took notes from the improvements they could have done in Until Dawn and applied them to The Quarry.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - House of Ashes
Image Courtesy of Supermassive Games

3. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

The Dark Pictures Anthology already has a few titles under its belt, but we feel like House of Ashes takes the cake. Just looking at playthroughs from other gamers, we can already tell that the team behind this game worked extra hard to deliver the amazing visuals.

If you’re not only looking for a game that would give you a good scare but also give you a great story, we suggest you check out this game. And did we mention that you can play with a friend through couch co-op? That alone should definitely put this game on your “to play” list!

Like other great horror games, the choices you make can affect the outcome of the game in House of Ashes.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Alan Wake
Image Courtesy of Remedy Entertainment

4. Alan Wake Remastered

Another classic horror game that’s been revived is Alan Wake Remastered. The original game was released 11 years ago but that doesn’t mean the remastered version isn’t as good at scaring the pants off of gamers. With its captivating story and gameplay mechanics, this one should definitely be on your list of must-play games.

The remaster brings a whole other experience when delivering jumpscares to gamers. I mean, the thought alone of using your flashlight to maneuver your way around the darkness is terrifying. But coming face to face with these terrors in 4K?! That’s definitely one way to get us to play this horror game on the Sony PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - DBD
Image Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

5. Dead by Daylight

So far, most of the titles we’ve included here are single-player save for the couch co-op in House of Ashes. Dead by Daylight is an online multiplayer game that’s been trending on streaming services like Twitch since it came out.

Having been released over six years ago, the game is still going strong. To add, the community backing this game is going stronger and bigger every day and maybe that’s thanks to the countless crossovers DBD has hosted.

How this game works is there are five players: four are Survivors while the lone player is the Killer. What the Survivors have to do is work together to power up generators to unlock the gates that’ll save them from the Killer on the loose. As for the Killer… we think you get what this character does.

Dead by Daylight is a perfect horror game to play on your PlayStation 5 if you don’t want to play alone. It’s also a good breather from the other games we’ve listed here as from personal experience, horror games tend to take a toll on us mentally and physically.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Dying Light 2
Image Courtesy of Techland

6. Dying Light 2

Not exactly as heavy as the other titles listed here, but Dying Light 2 is a must-play for gamers looking for a horror game. What sets this game apart from others is the fact that you can parkour your way over hordes of zombies. Could it be the zombie version of Assassin’s Creed? Maybe, maybe.

Aside from pulling off some sick parkour stunts, you can also beat zombies up if you’re in the mood for that. The game still provides a decent jumpscare here and there but what makes Dying Light 2 great is the freedom you have as a player to just beat zombies up.

The graphics on the PlayStation 5 makes this game’s visuals breathtaking. Jumping from one building to another definitely looks and feels better on the PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Observer System Redux
Image Courtesy of Bloober Team

7. Observer: System Redux

Originally released in 2017, Observer: System Redux brings a more enhanced experience for gamers on the PlayStation 5. If you’re itching for a horror game that focuses on the psychological aspect of things, then this game is definitely for you. It also has a touch of sci-fi as the game is set in a cyberpunk world with you taking on the role of a homicide detective.

The fact that you can peer into the dark and twisted thoughts of the characters in this game automatically make this game a must-play. As Daniel Lazarski, you find yourself entangled in a web of mystery since the only reason you end up in that creepy complex is because of your son.

Observer: System Redux definitely has its moments of utter mindf*ckery. If you want a great horror game to play on your PlayStation 5, be sure to get yourself a copy of this game and try it for yourself.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Outlast
Image Courtesy of Red Barrels

8. Outlast

What makes the PlayStation 5 a great console is other than raytracing, it supports backwards compatibility. Yes, we know that there really isn’t an official PS5 release for Outlast. But could we really leave this classic out of the list? Even if you’re not a hardcore horror gamer, the Outlast games are something each gamer should try at least once.

The fact that you really can’t do anything to fight against the horrific entities which chase you down in the Outlast games is what makes this game horrifying. All you can do is hide and quite literally outlast them.

Although you can start off with the first Outlast game, the sequel is amazing in itself. We cannot recommend this game enough for gamers looking for a good scare. Outlast delivers in all aspects: storytelling, gameplay, and fear factor. Speaking from personal experience, I definitely had a hard time playing through this game even in broad daylight. It’s just that scary.

Be sure to try Outlast if you still haven’t found the perfect game for your PlayStation 5 this Halloween.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Chernobylite
Image Courtesy of All in! Games

9. Chernobylite

Chernobylite is another title that focuses on the sci-fi and survival aspects of horror games. If you want a good scare on your PlayStation 5 this Halloween, you should consider picking this game up when you can.

At this point, we’re pretty sure you know what went on in Chernobyl following the nuclear accident. Pop culture has more than milked the ideas of mutants and sinister creatures lurking about in Chernobyl after it became a nuclear wasteland.

Chernobylite banks on the endless possibilities following that nuclear accident, and we think it’s a great game to play in time for Halloween. Here, you’ll have to explore Pripyat after your fiancee disappeared 30 years ago. The survival aspect of the game is quite literal in Chernobylite because not only do you need to fend off the military and otherworldly creatures, but you’ll also have to fight to keep your mental health in check.

Sony PlayStation 5 games to play this Halloween - Ranked - Martha is Dead
Image Courtesy of Wired Productions

10. Martha Is Dead

Capping off our list of must-play horror games on the PlayStation 5 is another title that plays tricks on the mind. Martha is Dead has players go through a haunting psychological experience as they take on the role of Guilia. She is the other half of Martha, her twin sister who (as the title suggests) is dead.

We all know the strong connection twins have, right? Well, the team behind this game definitely knows about this and uses this to set up the entire game. You’ll also have to power through this in first-person so the chances of screaming at the top of your lungs at a jumpscare are more than likely.

A good horror game also has a great storyline, and Martha is Dead gives us an excellent story. We can guarantee you that you’ll definitely be scared with this game, but the amazing story will keep you glued to your seat.

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Let us know if you’ll be playing any of the games we’ve listed above. If you have other titles you’d like to add to this list, feel free to share them with us in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content. Happy spooky season, gamers!

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