For the past two years, Poppy Playtime has been a popular game among horror aficionados. But have you heard of The Baby in Yellow? A babysitting job has presented itself while you’re on vacation from school. What a simple task! Right? ..However, this time around, things will be quite… different.

An intriguing narrative for The Baby in Yellow, a distressing mobile game that has been one of the most popular downloads on iOS and Android. In fact, it has been downloaded over 60 million times.

The Baby in Yellow

It won’t take you long to understand that this baby is different from the others you’ve looked after in the past. Something sinister is hidden between its bulging eyes and disturbing stare.

The Baby in Yellow Gameplay 1
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It doesn’t appear like your tasks will be very difficult. Put the baby to bed, give him a bottle, change his diaper, and place him in his crib. After that, you may sit back in the living room and watch some television.

On contrary, everything begins to go haywire and strange. The lights go out, items are rearranged, and the baby appears or vanishes from where you left him. Your primary goal will be to protect yourself from the demonic energies that are around the property while the creepy story unfolds. Utilize the resources you’ll find around every corner.. You’ll need it..😳

A More Disturbing Game Than Poppy Playtime?

You should avoid playing The Baby in Yellow at night if you are easily frightened or if you live by yourself. That baby, or should we say creature, you have to take care of will make you uncomfortable and terrified. This horror game has just one flaw that we can point out, and that’s that it may get a little monotonous. The house isn’t a castle and you’ll memorize the areas fairly quickly. Fortunately, the update just made it much better. I’ve tried it both ways and am happy with both outcomes.

The Baby in Yellow TV Set
Image Courtesy of Team Terrible

You’ll see the baby in yellow seated in a high chair as soon as you walk into the house, which is a fitting start to the tour. I feel chills whenever the infant stares at me with those crimson eyes of terror. 😅 The Baby in Yellow 1 is relatively short, much like Poppy Playtime 1. That, of course, doesn’t diminish the fact that both games will send you chills down your spine.

The Baby in Yellow Feed Me
Image Courtesy of Team Terrible

Good graphics, easy-to-use interface, and well-thought-out puzzles make The Baby in Yellow a good horror title.

I particularly admire the fact that there are multiple chapters and that the babysitter’s narrative is included. It’s a great game. Puzzles and visuals aren’t overly complex, but they’re well-done and enjoyable to play. Those looking for a frightening, humorous, and challenging game featuring stages and monster chases should check The Baby in Yellow out!

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Have you played The Baby in Yellow? How do you compare it to Poppy Playtime? 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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