Top 5 Budget-Friendly Phones to play Genshin Impact on Ultra Settings

Genshin Impact is one of the most graphically demanding games in mobile devices. It is practically unplayable on low end devices. The game is also power hungry causing rapid battery drainage and heating issues to the phone. So, you would need to pay a slight premium if you want to enjoy the game on your smartphone.

Luckily, mobile phones of all price ranges are available on the market. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a gaming phone to run Genshin. You just need to find the sweet spot where you can get a satisfying experience without being too hard on your pocket. We have understood this and thus created a list of budget smart phones for you to consider.

1. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Courtesy of OnePlus

OnePlus is a well-known name in the world of premium-range smartphones. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is one such phone that can be a good option for playing Genshin.

  • This smartphone’s choice of processor is the octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 1300. It is a powerhouse for gaming.
  • It is available in two variants. You can get the cheaper 8 GB of ram paired with 128 GB storage or go for the better 12 GB of ram along with 256 GB storage version.
  • Nord 2T 5g features a FHD+ (2400 x 1080) AMOLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate.
  • As for the battery, it provides a 4500 mAh capacity.
  • It also has the OxygenOS that is exclusive to OnePlus users.

This phone will certainly deliver a smooth gameplay experience.

2. Poco X4 GT

Courtesy of NotebookCheck

Poco X4 GT is one of the best budget gaming phones around the market.

  • It packs the octa-core Mediatek Dimensity 8100 chipset that should be able to meet Genshin’s heavy running demands.
  • Alongside, it boasts 8 GB of ram with options for either 128 GB or 256 GB storage.
  • The FHD+ (2460×1080) display shines with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and it also comes with 67 W turbo charging battery of 5080 mAh.
  • The LiquidCool Technology 2.0 takes care of the internal temperature during long gaming sessions.

We should mention that during occasional heavy screen activities, the FPS count might drop to the 40s, but that is not a dealbreaker. All of these specs will let you enjoy your time in Teyvat without worrying about lags or stutters.

3. Realme GT 2

Courtesy of Tech Advisor

Realme GT 2 is a powerful budget phone with an impressive display.

  • It has an efficient octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor under the hood. It can run Genshin at a stable 60 FPS at the highest settings without breaking a sweat.
  • The company provides two variants for you to choose from. You can go for the 8 GB+128 GB model if you are within a tight budget. Otherwise, you can opt for the higher priced 12 GB+256 GB option.
  • The phone comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate, FHD+ (2400×1080) AMOLED screen. It is sure to provide vibrant visuals.
  • The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh with 65 W fast charging support.

This is a solid choice for you as it does not compromise on quality to provide a smooth and stable frame rate.

4. iQOO Neo 7

Courtesy of FoneArena

iQOO is a brand known for its gaming capabilities. With that being said, the iQOO Neo 7 has a place on our list.

  • Neo 7 is powered by the octa-core Mediatek Dimensity 8200 processor. It is incredibly optimized for gaming.
  • Like many, this one also offers two variants. The 8 GB+128 GB version is slightly lower priced than the 12 GB+256 GB one. You are free to choose any one of them based on your requirements.
  • The phone is equipped with an AMOLED FHD+ (2400 × 1080) display with 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • It has something called 3D cooling system that helps to keep the phone cool while gaming
  • It has 5000 mAh of battery capacity with 120 W super fast charging support.

This can be a notable choice as with the super fast charging capability you can enjoy longer gaming sessions.

5. Poco F5

Screengrab Courtesy of Poco

Another Poco phone on the list, Poco F5 comes equipped with a ton of storage along with a relatively modern chipset. So, if those are your top priorities, you should go with this one.

  • Poco F5 comes loaded with the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 as its processing unit. It is one of the most modern processors with an impressive Antutu score that reaches almost 1 million. Thus, its performance delivery is unquestionable.
  • It comes with 256 GB of storage and as for the ram, you can choose between 8 GB or 12 GB.
  • The phone’s display is built of POCO’s Flow AMOLED DotDisplay with upto 120 Hz refresh rate. The screen resolution is FHD+ (2400 x 1080).
  • It has a battery worth 5000 mAh capacity that charges with 67 W turbo charging.

This is one of the most potent phones among the list that will satisfy your urge of running Genshin Impact within a budget.

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