Top 5 Math Games you should download on your mobile device right now – Ranked

Top 5 math games mathematics ranked

There is no correct age to learn and practice mathematics, so here are the Top 5 math games available on App Store and Play Store for you.

Mathematics is a subject that either you love or hate, there is no in-between. It is heavily dependent on a set structure of principles and rules that can be hard to memorize for many. However, according to those who can understand maths and also enjoy it (yep, you read that right), the subject says that often time it is the fear around the subject that hurdles people from loving it.

  • If you are one of the many who hates maths but want to enjoy it, or just want to engage your brain in some exercise brushing up basic skills then here’s what you need. The best App Store and Play Store math game applications you need on your mobile device right now!
Top 5 Math Games Appstore Playstore
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5. Math Riddles and Puzzles

Math Riddles is a free math game to test and brush up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles. It will help to improve attention and focus through fun challenges. The challenges are of different levels and include various areas of mathematics.

  • The app also offers IQ tests with daily puzzles so the users can have something new every day. Along with that, it consists of leaderboards and other competitive functions to satisfy the boost of achieving math solutions.
  • The Math game is available on App Store and Play Store to download for free.
Top 5 Math Mathematics games appstore playstore
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4. Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games by Krill Dyakonov offers different training modes to improve brain function. It also stimulates the mind to improve its overall performance.

  • The users can customize training mode according to their preferred level and have quick math sessions anytime. The app promises to improve the attention, reaction, and velocity of the mind with timed math problems and tasks.
  • It is currently available to download for free from App Store and it has recently added a new math hack to divide any number by 5.
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3. King Of Math

King of Math application by Oddrobo Software AB teaches and tests basic algebra, geometry, division, and other math equation. This is an easier style of game that even kids can enjoy.

  • In the app, players can choose between two characters and complete mathematical challenges in addition and subtraction.
  • You can also challenge yourself to figure out missing numbers before arriving at an answer. The game is great to understand the basic concept of math.
  • It is currently available to download on both platforms, App Store for free and Play Store for a minimum fee.

2. Sumaze!

Sumaze! by Mathematics in Education and Industry is a problem-solving puzzle game. It consists of A-level mathematics and above.

  • Sumaze’s puzzles cover arithmetic, inequalities, modulus function, logarithms, and primes. The attractive aspect is that players don’t need any previous knowledge of the topics to play. You learn as you play.
  • Sumaze! 2 is also available and it includes fractions, decimals, percentages, primes, and digits.
  • The app is available to download through App Store for free.
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1. Star Dash Studios

Star Dash Studios is a math education app by National Numeracy. It takes place against the backdrop of a movie studio and is designed to help practice numeracy skills through fun gameplay.

  • This math game is designed for young adults (16 to 25 years old) and helps to see the relevance of maths in everyday life through realistic simulation.
  • The game takes place on a movie set where the runner is on their first job in the film business. It is one of the best games to understand the everyday importance of mathematics.
  • The game can be downloaded through App Store, Play Store, and even on Amazon.
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With these top 5 math games, you can familiarize yourself with numbers and get rid of any animosity lingering from past test scores. For more interesting ranking lists of books to Animes follow Spiel Times.

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