Top 5 Most Popular K-pop groups in the Third-Generation – Ranked

Top 5 Most Popular K-pop groups in the Third-Generation - Ranked, bts blackpink

Through all K-pop generations, the most popular K-pop groups surely changed as well. In the second generation, names like SHINee, SNSD, 2NE1, Super Junior, and BIGBANG among others reigned supreme. In the next generation, K-pop groups became prevalent globally. BTS, BLACKPINK, and more third-generation groups reign up to this day. And for this day, let’s talk about the top five most popular K-pop groups in the third generation!

These artists captivated audiences with their stunning vocals and mesmerizing dance moves. This generation took steps toward breaking down cultural barriers and promoting inclusivity as well. Their music has become a powerful tool for connecting people across cultures and borders, and their influence shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

1) BTS

It’s no surprise that K-pop fans everywhere would agree that BTS has earned their spot as the most popular third-generation K-pop group. With their chart-topping hits, sold-out world tours, and countless awards and accolades, BTS has proven that they have what it takes to reach the top and stay there. Their unique blend of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music has captivated audiences of all ages. Their message of positivity and self-love has resonated with fans from all walks of life.

  • With their catchy beats, electrifying dance moves, and captivating lyrics, the seven-member group has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.
  • BTS’ unwavering dedication to their craft and their fans has been a driving force behind their success, and it’s clear that their hard work has paid off.
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The K-pop revolution continues to sweep the world, and BLACKPINK is at the forefront of this global phenomenon. After BTS, they are the next big thing, taking the second spot in the list of the most popular groups.

  • What’s truly remarkable is how quickly BLACKPINK has risen to fame. With the release of their smash hit “DDU-DU-DDU-DU,” the girls skyrocketed to global recognition, capturing the hearts of fans from all corners of the globe.
  • But what’s even more impressive is that even as soloists, each member of BLACKPINK has managed to carve out a successful career. And now, fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of JISOO, who is sure to wow audiences with her incredible talent and star power.
  • BLACKPINK continues to dominate the world stage with each new release. More fans are sure to come as they cement their status as one of the biggest K-pop musical acts of our time.
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3) EXO

If you’re a K-pop fan, then you probably know that EXO has made its mark on the industry as one of the most popular third-gen groups. Since its debut in 2012, EXO has taken the K-pop industry by storm, capturing the hearts of millions of fans all around the globe.

  • From their catchy tunes to their flawless dance moves, EXO has become a household name in the K-pop scene. And even though some of their members are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service, fans are still eagerly anticipating their return to the stage.
  • While we wait for the whole group to reunite, we can still enjoy their solo releases, which are just as amazing as their group performances. So let’s keep our eyes and ears peeled for what’s to come from the talented members of EXO!


If you’re a fan of K-pop, then you’re probably no stranger to the fierce competition between girl groups. We just love having groups tied in certain ranks, and here are two of the biggest names in the industry, TWICE and RED VELVET.

Third-generation K-pop groups, twice red velvet
Image Courtesy of TWICE, Red Velvet via Twitter (@JYPETWICE, @RVsmtown)

When it comes to content and releases, TWICE, with its nine members, has been taking the K-pop scene by storm since its debut in 2015. Their music has always been a crowd-pleaser, with hits like “TT,” “Cheer Up,” and “Fancy” topping the charts. And let’s not forget their impressive dance moves, which never fail to leave fans in awe. Despite facing their fair share of challenges, the girls have always returned stronger than ever.

  • They recently released their 12th mini album entitled READY TO BE. This brought them their third #1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart!
  • And with their upcoming world tour, TWICE is sure to leave a trail of electrifying performances in their wake.
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When it comes to vocal prowess, this SM Entertainment’s third-generation girl group is a force to be reckoned with. RED VELVET, consisting of five members, has been praised for its impressive range and ability to take on different musical genres. From their R&B-infused tracks like “Bad Boy” to their bubbly pop hits like “Red Flavor,” RED VELVET has proven time and time again that they can do it all.

  • And with these comebacks, they manage to get their spot as one of the most popular third-generation K-pop groups. We heard their recent Feel My Rhythm release, what’s coming next for RV?
  • And if you’re lucky enough to catch them on their upcoming world tour, you’ll be treated to a showcase of their incredible talents in person.


Another tied on this list, SEVENTEEN and NCT are two of the most popular groups among third-generation K-pop fans. SM Entertainment’s NCT and PLEDIS Entertainment’s SEVENTEEN have tied for fifth place in the most popular third-gen K-pop group list.

Most popular third-generation K-pop group, nct svt
Image Courtesy of NCT, SEVENTEEN via Twitter (@NCTsmtown, @pledis_17)

NCT, with its unique concept of having multiple subunits, has quickly become a household name in the K-pop scene. Each subunit has its distinct flavor, catering to the varying tastes of its fans, who love every moment of it. From their energetic performances to engaging vlogs and variety shows, NCT is a joy to watch.

  • And what couldn’t be more exciting? A trio subunit comes soon, and a world tour for NCT DREAM currently rolls. We can’t wait to see what’s next for NCT!
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On the other hand, SEVENTEEN, with its vast 13-member lineup, has become a fan favorite for its incredible music and captivating performances. Their world tour was a massive success, with fans all over the world jamming to their hit songs like HOT. Their subunit, BooSeokSoon, has also been making waves with their Fighting dance challenge that has taken social media by storm.

  • As true performers, SEVENTEEN never fails to keep their fans entertained with frequent comebacks and a plethora of content that leaves their followers begging for more.

Both groups have loyal and enthusiastic fan bases – CARATs for SEVENTEEN and NCTzens for NCT. It’s no wonder that they have managed to climb up the ranks in popularity, securing their spots as two of the most beloved K-pop groups of the third generation. So, if you’re looking for some top-notch K-pop entertainment, SEVENTEEN, and NCT are worth checking out!

Most popular Third-Generation K-pop groups: The Runner-ups

While we found the groups above to be the most popular, there are more third-generation groups to look out for. All have made their name cemented their name in the K-pop industry, inside or outside of South Korea.

Runner-ups for most popular third-gen groups, bts blackpink
Image Courtesy via Twitter (@GOT7, @8_OHMYGIRL, @RBW_MAMAMOO, @fantagiomusic_)
  • WJSN
  • CLC (disbanded)
  • GFRIEND (disbanded)
  • I.O.I (disbanded)
  • EXID (Most of the time associated with the second generation)
  • GOT7
  • DAY6
  • iKON
  • BTOB (Most of the time associated with the second generation)

As the K-pop industry continues to evolve, it’s clear that the third generation of idols has left an indelible mark on the music industry and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

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