The Last of Us Part II
Ellie - The Last of Us Part II. Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

Allen Cranston, an analyst and resume writer from Resumethatworks believes that every year there must be a new set of games depending on the times and seasons. It’s a critical time of the year now that 2019 is coming to an end, and 2020 is approaching faster than we expected. We must think about what 2020 beholds as far as the games are concerned, and without a doubt, 2020 is going to be an exciting year. We are excited to give you the very top 5 of these games, and we believe that our list will help you to be prepared for the next year as well. Because there is a lot for the next year, below are the top 5 of those games coming.

Cyberpunk 2077

Every day brings a closer release date for Cyberpunk 2077, which is set to be released in April 2020. Therefore, for the fans out there, cancel your plans for April because you cannot miss this. The whole summer is going to be occupied. Though it came as rumours, it is finally here, and we have to be ready for it. We are going to enjoy some night high times with friends at some point. Darren Barden is a writing coach from Write My Essay For Me who believes that, at first, Cyberpunk 2077 will come like The Witcher 3 which means that some free updates will be available some weeks or days following its arrival.

Cyberpunk 2077 uses a first-person perspective to arrange the players in the shoes of a low-level gun on the streets of a Night City. This means that 2077 is far from the upcoming straight first-person shooter conversation which leads to exploration, hacking and engineering skills that can take you places you did not expect to be. The setting of the game is a night city setting. Though everything we have seen so far is subject to change, things are still very promising.

The Last of Us Part II

This game continues to tell us a tale of love, loss, and learning the importance of appreciation. The game was first scheduled to release in February 2020, however, it has been delayed to May 29, which is kind of a bummer, but makes it exciting for the next year nevertheless. Last of Us Part II is believed to follow the predecessor path but more ambitiously. It is going to give the players a more exploring experience in a very beautiful world. In fact, if you played the original, it will be easier for you because many things are familiar.

 Marvel’s Avengers

This is among the most-awaited upcoming games of 2020; it is actually an action-adventure. This game will have a multiplayer component alongside a single-player campaign. The release window for this upcoming game is expected to be around May 2020. Some of the Avengers’ features include the PS4 beta. Also, there will be things like the skill trees, earn and upgrade gear, war table and so on. From very reliable sources, the gameplay is said to be very interesting because it looks at a third-person adventure in the same line as Marvel’s Spiderman. The most amazing thing about this game is that we are aware that we will get an opportunity to play as almost all the well-known Avengers characters at some point.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 5

We are hoping Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, or whatever the new Call of Duty game is, to release next year. Kenny Gill, a senior advisor and writer in says that it is believed that this game wants to lower the footsteps of Modern Warfare, and it is taking us back to the cold war with a single-player campaign which will be very interesting. Although the next year’s Call on Duty had undergone a significant challenge, whereby the initial developers will not be in charge any longer. Some of the people familiar with the goings at the companies will lead the release of the new Call on Duty. Due to these upheavals, the release date has been affected though it was anticipated to be in October 2020. Though there is no major information about what is happening with the game, Treyarch is believed to step in where Sledgehammer failed. 

Destroy All Humans! Remake

It is an action-adventure video game which was developed by Black Forest Games in 1959. Unlike previous years, major developments have been done to the game, for example, Crypto who is an alien player and has been sent to destroy humans is able to multitask more than before, players will now be able to be using their psychokinetic abilities, together with crypto -137 wide of the weapons by the alien. Also, players will be able to do various things, including dancing, strafing and dodge their way from hostile animals. Although a lot has changed in the game, the dialogue remains the same as nothing has been altered. Also, the original voices of the characters have been maintained. Destroy All Humans is expected to land in early 2020.

Conclusively, these are just but very few games expected to be out in the upcoming year, we expect great things to happen. 2020 is in the picture, and it’s awesome the developers are ready to show us what they got. And we greatly hope that this will help you in your gaming list. We are hopeful of the upcoming games in 2020 and also looking forward to bringing you any changes that might occur. Now that 2019 is almost over, waiting for the new games in 2020.


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