Top 5 Worst Pranks of TikTok prankster Secret Mizzy – Ranked

TikTok prankster secret Mizzy worst pranks ranked

TikTok prankster Secret Mizzy has become an instant sensation for all the wrong reasons. The UK-based content creator whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro sparked public outrage for his obnoxious practical jokes. The Met Police even arrested the 18-year-old but he came out on conditional bail. In order to understand the TikTok prankster’s rap sheet better, let’s take a look at five of the worst Secret Mizzy pranks and rank them. 

Ranking TikTok prankster Mizzy’s five worst pranks

TikTok prankster Mizzy (Image courtesy of TikTok / @MadManMizzy)

Mizzy’s TikTok account may be deleted but his pranks’ bad reputation clearly overshadow it. Ever since his arrest, clips of his old pranks have resurfaced on TikTok and Twitter. Here are five of Mizzy’s worst TikTok prank videos:

1) Walking into random houses

Let’s start with the clip that got him arrested. Mizzy and friends walk into an unassuming family’s home in Hackney, north London. In the video, a helpless woman tries to stop them but they keep barging in.

The woman calls her partner for help. She tells them that there are kids inside and they would be scared. The children could be heard shouting for their father. However, none of it seemed to bother Mizzy who went ahead with this disgusting prank. 

2) Harassing orthodox Jews

TikTok prankster Mizzy lives in a community that is home to a lot of local orthodox Jewish people. As a result, some of them are victims of his prank videos. In one such TikTok prank, Mizzy tries to leapfrog a Jewish person by jumping on his shoulder. For this incident, he was arrested. 

However, that did not stop Mizzy from another video on TikTok where he wears a traditional hat and shouts from a bicycle: “Guys, I’m a f****** Jew”. On his recent Piers Morgan interview, the host questions the anti semitic nature of his pranks. Mizzy responds that he does not discriminate between his victims. 

3) Asking strangers if they wanted to die

Mizzy’s most repetitive TikTok prank video is one where he walks up to random strangers including women and asks them if they want to die. He sometimes screams in their faces trying to intimidate them. 

The prank has left a lot of his victims traumatized as no one would expect a prankster to do something so idiotic. Apart from this, he has also walked up to a random woman and pretended to be her son. 

4) Stealing an old lady’s dog

In this TikTok prank named ‘how to get a free dog’, Mizzy first walks up to an old lady spending her evening in a park with her dog. He then takes her dog and runs away as the poor woman doesn’t know how to respond. Later, he comes back and returns the dog to its upset owner. 

5) Tearing books in a library

In another one of his prank videos, Mizzy goes to a local library and starts tearing up pages from books in front of the staff and visitors. He films the entire ordeal as he causes irreversible damage to books and property.

Netizens are surprised that he is still roaming scot-free with charges of public nuisance, trespassing, harassment and vandalism.

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