Top 6 Coolest Anime Protagonists of 2022

Presenting you, the Top 6 Coolest Anime Protagonists of 2022. But first, let’s briefly know what protagonists play a role. Protagonists are the main pieces of any story, whether it be a book, a film, or a TV series. They are the viewpoint by which the crowd sees the story, and the more they regard and relate to the person, the more they will partake in the story.

An anime protagonist in a story is at times alluded to as the main person. The main character in this setting alludes to a person that performs extraordinary accomplishments or deeds.

Now, let’s jump to the 6 coolest anime protagonists of 2022.

6. Yuichi Katagiri – Stands out the most as an anime protagonist

Yuichi Katagiri from Tomodachi Game
via Dolo Blasian on Youtube

In my list of the Top 6 coolest anime protagonists, I present to you Katagiri Yuichi from Tomodachi Game. He is a broke high schooler who worked like a dog conveying papers and doing random temp jobs to fund his necessities. Yuichi is likewise a stranded young man who lives alone in a run-down apartment.

There have been funds stolen for the class’s school trip. But soon after, Yuichi with his closest friends are drawn into a secretive event called the Tomodachi Game. When partners confided in one another, Yuichi and his companions now must distrust and double-cross each other to get past the game and bring in back the cash.

  • Katagiri Yuichi is an unbiasedly splendid individual in Tomodachi Game. Being one of the most intelligent individuals to have at any point conveyed his entire group to get by and clear the games.
  • But he is exceptionally manipulative according to his companions. To the place where he can without much of a stretch use everybody for his potential benefit.

5. Ashito Aoi – Is very talented

Ashito Aoi from Ao Ashi
via Crunchyroll

Ashito Aoi is the main character of Ao Ashi, and the title is regarding his name. Ashito is an incredible football player, yet he can be challenging to deal with, given his tenacity.

In any case, he really adores the game and chooses to enhance his setbacks and knowledge about football. He has the drive to be better, which is the reason we wind up feeling for him as the main character also.

  • While Ashito accepts that he can possibly turn into an expert soccer player. He before long reaches a stopping point, showing that he misses the mark on legitimate basics and fundamentals. To ensure such magnificence.
  • By the way, Ashito’s assurance and ability to work harder than every other person wins out. Instead of grumbling about what he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about, he attempts to pursue working on himself.

While his learning rate is somewhat sluggish. But when he finally understands, his improvement is striking.

4. Shinpei Ajiro – Utilizes his power the best

Ajiro Shinpei is the coolest anime protagonist
Courtesy of Disney+Hotstar

Ajiro Shinpei is a young, yet intelligent boy who lost his parents in an accident and was taken in by the Kofune family. He left the town about 2 years before the story to begin high school and culinary school in Tokyo. Returning after hearing of his friend Ushio’s passing.

At the point when we initially meet him, he stirs from a peculiar dream. Where he converses with Ushio in a frenzy and winds up pushing his face into the breasts of Hizuru.

  • However, when he first experiences the Shadows, mysterious creatures that copy and kill people. He finds that he has the strange ability to return to the past whenever he is killed.
  • Realizing this, Shinpei chooses to utilize his powers to save his companions and fend off the noxious Shadows. While he may not generally find success. His tirelessness and assurance to save those near him make Shinpei a bold person.

3. Twilight – Might be the coolest anime protagonist

Loid Froger is the top contestant for the coolest protagonist
Courtesy of Comicbook

Just known by his codename, Twilight, he is the top spy agent of WISE: The Westalian Intelligence Bureau. For his most recent mission demand from WISE’s headquarters, Twilight takes on the identity of a psychiatrist named Loid Forger. Performing WISE’s most dangerous of missions yet, Operation Strix.

To get to know and explore quite possibly Ostania’s most powerful politician, Donovan Desmond through a middle-class working class Family Man status deprived to move gradually up the Ostanian socialite class.

  • While Twilight will in general depict himself as a cold and unemotional person, he is significantly more empathetic than he lets on.
  • He genuinely has confidence in attempting to make a superior world for the future. Keeping in mind that Operation Strix can be senseless on occasion. His goals are really chivalrous.

2. Yu Ishigami – A genius protagonist

Yu Ishigami from Kaguya-sama Love is War
via Fiction Horizon

Yu Ishigami is a first-year student at Shuchi’in and the treasurer of the student council. Incredibly unlucky, depressed, and cynical, he lives his days scared of Kaguya-sama. It’s simple for the characters of Kaguya-sama’s reality to stamp him as discrete and single out him.

But therein is the genius. Because that is Ishigami’s whole character. He chooses to be the person everybody alienates and drives away. Not on the grounds that he can’t help it. But since he’s attempting to help somebody.

  • It’s genuinely simple to see the reason why Ishigami is generally viewed as the best boy. His curve is a surprisingly successful one that the greater part of us can connect to on some level or another.
  • Ishigami can occasionally be seen wearing a large pair of headphones that highlight his separation from the rest of the school and series.

It’s a delightful, sad, and motivating story about experiencing torment and continuing on it. His story arc in Season 3 has taken eyes for his crush and senpai Tsubame.

1. David Martinez – Is a well-written character

David Martinez is an amzing anime protagonist
via KnowYourMeme

And last, in my list of the Top 6 coolest anime protagonists, number one is David Martinez from Cyberpunk:Edgerunners. A young boy from Santo Domingo becomes an edgerunner after a personal tragedy. Where his normally mindful yet intense nature is tested by the rough truth of this unforgiving society.

With extreme drive and conviction, he moves through the ranks of his team, major areas of strength for building with different characters – – his aim, in the end, being his own adaptation of greatness.

  • David is, even more, an involved kind of student. Regardless of what he definitely knows and has seen in the city and the rehashed alerts of cyber psychosis. He is tenacious in his development as a Cyberpunk.
  • His primary spotlight is on the pros of glory on the streets instead of weighing different advantages as his mom would have believed that he should do.

David is quite possibly the most loyal character in the series. However, he learns from experience when he has to cut someone loose.


Eren Yeager from attack on titan
Made by @Akqme on Pvprp

What actually makes a good anime protagonist?

In general, the overall journey of the character which then resonates with the viewer is what makes a better protagonist. And there are templates available for that. But someone will come up with a totally new idea and it expands upon the good protagonist idea. And at the same time, it very much depends on personal taste.

There will continuously be a totally new idea of a hero who will go past the typical meaning of a good protagonist and develop a glossary of Better Protagonists.

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