Top 7 Netflix movies you can watch this week
Top 7 Netflix movies you can watch this week (Image courtesy- Netflix and

Without a doubt, Netflix is off to a good start. 2023 appears to be another successful year for streaming movies, with some highly anticipated titles already performing exceptionally well in the first three months since the year started. Big names are already on the list of 2023 releases, which has had the audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation over the past few days.

We have a Ghost, Luther, and a few other fantastic movies kicked off 2023. Netflix is renowned for its large range of appealing materials. The streaming service has something for everyone, whether they want action, comedy, horror, thrillers, documentaries, sitcoms, or anything else. Additionally, 2023 will probably see a sizable amount of the same due to the streaming behemoth’s increase in original content.

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True spirit, We have a ghost, and more – 7 Netflix Originals to watch in 2023


1) Luther: The Fallen Sun 

Luther: The Fallen Sun Netflix movies
Luther: The Fallen Sun (Image courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Thriller

Release date: March 10, 2023

Run time: 2h 9m

Cast and crew – Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis

Years after Idris Elba’s titular Netflix movie Luther’s five-season run ended, he’s back. Unfortunately, the series had to end with him on the wrong side of a set of handcuffs after being exposed for breaking the law to bring criminals to justice.

Since we last saw Luther, he has been released from prison. Nobody was surprised to learn that he was fleeing from The Falling Sun. In addition to evading the agent (Cynthia Erivo) attempting to apprehend him, the hero now has David Robey as a target (Andy Serkis). Robey is on the losing end of the ultimate cat-and-mouse game that has already sent Luther to the Arctic, among other places. Furthermore, it is revealed that Robey is a serial killer who is manipulating events owing to surveillance technology.

Why should you watch it? Ultimately, Luther: The Fallen Sun has enough visual flair and consistent villainous threats to make for an enjoyable movie that will gratify fans’ yearning to see Elba reprise the role. The cast did an amazing job. Furthermore, the suspense, the thrill, and the action – everything is spot on. It has many mysteries and thrills to offer if you appreciate suspense.

2) True spirit

True spirit Netflix movies
True spirit (Image courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Biopic

Release date: February 3, 2023

Run time: 1h 49m

Cast and crew- Alyla Browne, Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis, Josh Lawson, Anna Paquin

True Spirit is a very interesting Netflix movie. It premiered in early February 2023 and is based on the real-life experiences of Australian sailor Jessica Watson. She successfully traversed the world’s oceans and effectively completed a circumnavigation. This movie chronicles her preparedness and tenacity in the face of setbacks and difficulties as she embarks on a perilous, though grand, voyage across the world.

Why should you watch it? True Spirit is extremely inspiring. You will end the run feeling good about Watson and filled with admiration for her. She is truly a remarkable person.

3) We have a ghost

We have a ghost Netflix movies
We have a ghost (Image courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Horror comedy

Release date: March 10, 2023

Run time: 2h 7m

Cast and crew- Anthony Mackie, David Harbour, Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Jennifer Coolidge

We Have a Ghost is a new family-adventure film on Netflix. Following Kevin and his family as they settle into their new home in Chicago, the movie tells their narrative.

They unintentionally learn that their new house has a poltergeist. By making Ernest a social media celebrity and scheduling dinners at their home for the chance to meet him, Frank begins to seize the possibility and transform the desperate situation into a source of easy money. But, the CIA makes them targets when his son Kevin, as well as Ernest, seek to learn more about the poltergeist’s history.

Why should you watch it? We Have a Ghost is a somewhat bloated sack of ectoplasm. It combines elements from cheesy teen rom-com, heavy family dramas, road comedies featuring local yokels and filthy motel rooms, car chase comedies, amnesiac mysteries, and humorous social satires.

The only thing keeping it all together is a gooey-gluey sentimental drip, which, because of Winston’s efforts to elevate it with his charisma, has the potential to make you smile.

4) Jung_E

Jung_E (Imgae courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Sci- fi

Release date: March 10, 2023

Run time: 1h 39m

Cast and crew- Kang Soo-youn, Kim Hyun-joo, Ryu Kyung-Soo, So-yi Park

This sci-fi Netflix movie is part explosive action extravaganza and part examination of big business and technology gone awry. It was written and directed by the same people that brought you Train to Busan.

The movie centers on a scientist who is developing the next iteration of lethal artificial intelligence designed for combat. It is based on the brain patterns of one of the most renowned mercenaries in history who was rendered unconscious after a failed operation. The scientist has spent decades juggling her mother’s legacy and the company’s ownership of what’s left of her mother, but there’s a catch.

Why should you watch it? The movie ends up being visually stunning and narratively jumbled, with a plot that begins in the middle, tosses around a lot of thought-provoking science-fiction ideas, and ends somewhat abruptly. Jung_E succeeds where it counts – with tense action scenes, moving drama, and profound existential queries about the bonds between people that keep us alive.

5) Call Me Chihiro

Call Me Chihiro
Call Me Chihiro (Imgae courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Drama

Release date: February 23, 2023

Run time: 2h 14m

Cast and crew- Hana Toyoshima, Tetta Shimada, Ryûya Wakaba

The final week of February saw the premiere of the Netflix movie Call Me Chihiro. In this movie, we can see that Chihiro, a former prostitute, is starting over in a little seaside village.

She currently works in a bento store where she subtly affects the lives of her brand-new clients. It is interesting to see what part a young child in primary school, a high school student who is unable to express her true feelings, and a homeless man with limited communication skills play in her story.

Why should you watch it? Although Arimura takes a more subtle approach, she appears to be inspired by Audrey Tautou’s Amelie character. She achieves a zen-like existential condition that implies a woman who is looking for herself and her purpose. These characters only gradually become aware of themselves, so there are no major epiphanies.

Imaizumi explores the notion that family is made up of those we choose to be with rather than those who are assigned to us by fate, although this is far from being a blatant conversion. We simply spend time with Chihiro and her eccentric family, who congregate beneath her tiny parasol.

6) The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye
The Pale Blue Eye (Image courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Mystery

Release date: January 6, 2023

Run time: 2h 8m

Cast and crew- Christian Bale, Harry Melling, Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton

The Pale Blue Eye is a mystery-thriller by Scott Cooper, who also wrote the lauded Black Mass (2015). The Netflix movie details the investigation of many deaths at the U.S. Military Academy in 1830 and is based on Louis Bayard’s 2003 novel of the same name.

The plot follows seasoned detective Augustus Landor as he is called in to look into a number of homicides at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. Landor makes an attempt to enlist the help of Edgar Allan Poe, who is a student at the institution, in order to solve the mystery of the murders involving hearts being torn out. The film’s core is an engrossing story of witchcraft rituals, lies, and retaliation.

Why should you watch it? The Pale Blue Eye boasts a strong cast, a competent director, an engaging story, and a fascinating historical connection to Poe’s fixation with death. Even if it does turn out to be predictable and ridiculous by the end, these elements make it worth seeing. Furthermore, it deserves praise for handling the gothic horror genre so well.

7) Your Place or Mine

Your Place or Mine
(Image courtesy- Netflix)

Genre: Romance

Release date: February 10, 2023

Run time: 1h 51m

Cast and crew- Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher, Zoe Chao, Jesse Williams

Netflix has provided a fantastic romantic-comedy selection for Valentine’s Week for people who enjoy watching them. This movie centers on the relationship between best friends Debbie and Peter, who live quite different lives.

Debbie, a single mother of a boy named Jack, enjoys her daily routine in Los Angeles as an accountant. Peter, on the other hand, is a New York-based marketing professional who longs to be a writer. Also, he is dependent on the constant changing and hustling metropolis that never sleeps.

Your Home or Mine follows the two swapping homes and leading different lives for a week, revealing what they actually need.

Why should you watch it? When you set out to structurally weave two storylines into one, or rather when your movie has to support two mirrored arcs whose junction is the endpoint, a mixed bag is perhaps the best you can manage. Nevertheless, the actors did a great job.

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