What is the current Anti-Vax and Pro-Vax debate about?

The recent FDA claims that Pfizer Vaccine can cause blood clotting in the elderly has once again stirred many. The anti-vax and pro-vaccine debate has continued for a long. We hope to give you a gist of what the entire debate is, without affirming either side as true or false.

Today, the opposition to Vaccines is as rigid and strong as the support for them. The latest onset of mRNA vaccines along with the ongoing Omicorn threat has pushed humanity into stages of economic depression, occasional social lockdown, and a trembling state of fear.

What are the Anti-Vaxxers and Vaccine supporter debate?

Before one dives into the complex matter of whether Pfizer Vaccines cause Blood Clotting or not, it is necessary to get a basic premise of the political front that surrounds the Vaccine debate.

The world now seems torn between the left and the right on the political spectrum. And it would be more than just naive to assume that this spectrum does not include the healthcare section.

  1. The ones advocating for vaccine usage remark on the efficacy of vaccines and their benefits over the presumed risks.
  2. As it stands the primary opposition towards vaccines has been their widely untested premise. Adding to this is another point of how most vaccine-producing private companies care very less for public health. And that they wouldn’t hesitate to put out untested and unreliable vaccines in the market so long as it was profitable enough.

The Anti-Vax position leads to multiple questions. Are the big pharma companies (for example the Pfizer-Gk partnership) collaborating with international sovereign agencies such as WHO?

The free speech debate from the anti-vaccine people

Whereas the opposition is hell-bent on proving a Big Pharma strategy that is profit-oriented more than it is compassionate of curing COVID-19. As such, there seems to be a usual disarray of information on the internet. The Anti-Vax as they are now claimed to be, also remarks that their voices are suppressed.

  • This is technically true now that Google and most social media are very censor-heavy on any information that is medically inauthentic. The primary problem here is that in the name of preventing the spreading of false information, the tech giants are now censoring information. And this is done in accordance with how they decide which information is right or wrong.
  • This primarily leads to a wide pro-vaccine stance from the big tech giants of the internet. As such, this creates a barrier to exploring the possibility that vaccines might actually be unreliable.

Where the recent FDA study on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines lead us to

Anti Vax Pro Vaccine debate
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  1. Now with the recent on-surge of FDA-approved studies that show that Pfizer Vaccines lead to statistically higher rates of blood clotting, people are even more enraged. What exactly is the truth? One is ultimately left to study multiple pieces of information to find it for themselves. But that’s the medical front.
  2. The political front is that if you don’t even have access to information that even remotely mentions vaccines not being effective, the internet pushes you out. In some sense, it feels that the road to truth is being hindered in an appalling manner.

The argument of distrust from pro-vax

  • On the other hand, the pro-vaccine seem to advocate that such discrepancies would foster distrust. And they claim that this forms people to become heretics and form conspiracies against the big pharma industry. Such conspiracies keep people fear-stricken and unable to rely on the medical system which they have trusted for so long.

The argument of conspiracy from anti-vax

Pro Vaccine anti vax debate
The Vaccine Debate authored by Tish Davidson, image retrieved via Amazon.com
  • The Anti-Vax then usually go on to claim that the entire medical foundation is one based on the Rothschild economic model that put out traditional medical healing facilities as witchcraft or tribal knowledge.
  • They then established an economic model of healthcare that exploited health through germ theory. And a capitalist system was invented wherein the medical sciences of today even, look at disease as a set of symptoms and not as a human being who is whole.

The above were extreme examples. But on a practical ground, the vaccine debate is also equally about mandates. And it brings the question of whether the state (government) has the right to force a medical facility onto us or not. As such, where exactly do personal freedom outweigh the assumed benefit of the crowd?

The debate ranges on, with no proper way of deriving the objective truth. One way of logically answering which side is right is that neither is and both are. Ultimately it should be the individual, who perhaps makes the decision and chooses his own truth.

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