What is the Jared Fogle documentary about? Disturbing revelations about ‘The Subway Guy’ and connection with Russell Taylor explored

A new documentary sheds light on Jared Fogle’s downfall from being the beloved ‘Subway Guy’ to a convicted sex offender and child predator. Titled Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster, the investigative program is now streaming on Discovery+. The three-part documentary reveals how Jared Fogle committed the worst of his pedophilic and perverted crimes with the help of Russell Taylor, the director of his charity. 

It breaks down the timeline in which the FBI’s suspicion over Jared Fogle’s activities began. It shows how Florida-based journalist Rochelle Herman was instrumental in aiding the FBI with Jared Fogle’s capture, investigation, and eventual incarceration. Currently, Jared Fogle is serving a 15-year sentence at a Colorado prison.

Jared from Subway: What the true-crime documentary exposes

In the documentary, Rochelle Herman offers her account of Jared Fogle and his suspicious behavior around underage women. She befriended him and taped his confessions over phone calls. In the disturbing audio clips, Fogle spoke about being attracted to minors as young as nine or 10 years old. 

However, despite Herman spending years as an FBI informant, it was a tip on Russell Taylor that led to Jared Fogle’s arrest. Taylor sent pictures of him that depicted bestiality, which got the authorities a search warrant. This led to police discovering tons of evidence against Fogle related to child pornography, underage sex and traveling across state lines to be with a minor.

Jared Fogle’s Rise and fall as Subway ambassador

Subway worked with Jared Fogle for over a decade and he became one of the most recognizable faces of the brand. Fogle’s story of losing weight by eating Subway sandwiches became a highly successful marketing campaign. But that was until he began to lose the plot.

At the time, Subway likely did not have any knowledge of Jared Fogle’s criminal activities. But it was criticized for continuing to work with him despite receiving warnings about his behavior.

In the aftermath of Fogle’s conviction, the food company cut all ties with him and issued a statement expressing its shock and disappointment. It also pledged to donate $1 million to organizations that support victims of child exploitation.

Jared Fogle’s connection with Russell Taylor

The documentary shows how Jared Fogle had communicated with Russell Taylor about his interest in engaging in sexual activity with minors. The latter was the executive director of The Jared Foundation, a non-profit organization that focused on child-obesity prevention.

Jared Fogle Subway documentary Russell Taylor
Image courtesy of NBC

During the investigation, authorities found that they had shared explicit images and videos of children engaged in sexual acts. During a search of Russell Taylor’s home, investigators found more than 500 videos of child pornography.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to 12 counts of child exploitation and was sentenced to 27 years in prison. His cooperation with investigators in Jared Fogle’s case helped to ensure that the latter was held accountable for his heinous crimes.

The Jared Fogle documentary on Discovery+ is a disturbing reminder of how people can use fame and influence to exploit vulnerable individuals, particularly children.

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