What Shadow of the Erdtree Looks Like to an Elden Ring Newbie

What Shadow of the Erdtree Looks Like to an Elden Ring Newbie

The Lands Between hype is real with the upcoming Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. While I haven’t personally battled my way through this crazy world, I’ve spent countless hours geeking out over Elden Ring lore, watching walkthroughs, and reading deep into discussions. I’m totally hooked on this mysterious world, and I’m here to share my thoughts and wild theories about this highly anticipated DLC.

A World Turned Upside Down

FromSoftware dropped a cryptic teaser image, and it’s got fans like me looking at every tiny detail. The image shows a lone figure, Miquella, riding Torrent through a wasteland. The Erdtree, once this radiant symbol of life, is now all withered and lifeless, casting a creepy shadow over everything. What catastrophic events went down to cause this mess?

Elden Ring - Miquella Riding Torrent

Miquella, this mysterious character who’s been missing in action in the base game, is suddenly front and center. He’s connected to the Haligtree and the Golden Order, so his appearance raises a ton of questions. Could Shadow of the Erdtree finally reveal what Miquella is all about? What are his ambitions, and how powerful is he really?

Beyond the Familiar and Uncharted Lands

One of the most exciting things about Shadow of the Erdtree is the promise of even more places to explore in this already massive world. We’re getting a whole new region, filled with uncharted territories just begging to be discovered. The teaser image doesn’t give away too much, but it hints at a barren and potentially corrupted landscape, all thanks to that looming shadow of the Erdtree.

As someone who’s lived vicariously through videos and discussions, the idea of venturing into a brand new area is thrilling! I can’t wait to see what crazy environments they come up with, face off against new and terrifying enemies, and uncover hidden secrets that might explain how the Erdtree got so messed up. The possibilities are endless, and the allure of exploring the unknown is just too strong to resist.

The End or a New Beginning

Shadow of the Erdtree is a major turning point for Elden Ring. But is this the grand finale, or just the start of a whole new chapter? While the expansion is definitely gonna give us a ton of new stuff to do, the depth of Elden Ring’s lore tells me there are still way more stories to be told and mysteries to uncover.

FromSoftware has a history of giving their games multiple DLCs, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a whole series of expansions that’ll dive deeper into this fascinating universe. Each one could explore different parts of the lore, introduce new characters and regions, and give us even more build options and challenges.

But hey, maybe Shadow of the Erdtree will wrap everything up neatly. It could tie up loose ends, answer our burning questions, and give us a satisfying conclusion to the Tarnished’s epic journey. That would let FromSoftware move on to new projects while leaving us with a complete and awesome experience.

Road Ahead

As a fan who’s put in a ridiculous amount of time trying to understand the world of Elden Ring, I’m counting down the days until Shadow of the Erdtree drops. This expansion is gonna be huge, answering those long-held questions, throwing new challenges our way, and pulling us even deeper into this fantastical world.

I’ve only experienced Elden Ring through videos and discussions because actually buying the game would make my wallet cry harder than the bosses do. So, I want to hear from those of you who’ve actually played it. If you’ve explored the Lands Between and faced down its toughest bosses, drop your thoughts and insights in the comments below. Your perspectives will help fans like me (who are still saving up for the game) understand what Shadow of the Erdtree could mean for the future of Elden Ring.

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