Tony Stark has left a deep impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if we argue that Tom Holland’s Spiderman tried a little too hard in that area, the death of Tony Stark has still left an unfillable gap in the heart of the fans and characters alike. In such a position with the incoming developments like Iron Hearts and Armor Wars as MCU’s planned projects, fans beg the question – Who will be the next Iron Man?

The depth of the character named ‘Tony Stark’

No matter what Tony always, had made one point very clear that he loved Pepper. He married her cause she was the only one who wasn’t after Tony Stark’s money or fame or power, she just loved him for who he was. That requires real love and patience and a heart of gold. But people questioned if Tony Stark had a heart or not. Because he made billions selling weapons to the U.S military.

And some of those weapons ended up in the black market and eventually in the hands of terrorists. When Tony became aware of the destruction caused by the weapons loose in the black market, he took it upon himself to blow out all the illegal terrorist camp bases.


This sounds good to the public in general but what about that mother who already lost a son to such an incident? Or what about that wife who was waiting for her husband to come home and have dinner? They’ll never accept that Tony has a heart. To them, Tony will always be a murderer. But he isn’t, is he?

He gave his life trying. Just trying to save the world and let people be at peace and not at war with weapons he used to make once. But Tony took a 360-degree circle and made it all about, “peace in our time”. That takes heart guys. A real thumping heart. So those are pretty big shoes to fill now that he is gone.

Who is going to be the next Iron Man?

We can really pick from MCU as to who’s going to be the next Iron Man. Since Tony left, the usual way to predict the next Iron Man is to think in terms of who gets the property after the father. The answer is usually the son/ someone who is an adopted son. And that is our biggest guess for who could be the next Iron Man.

The son named Peter Parker might be the Next Iron Man?

The Next Iron Man
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  • Not by blood but by heart, Tony and Peter are connected. Peter became the son Tony never had. When Peter came back after 5 years of Thanos snapping his fingers, Tony just hugged Peter tight and got really relieved as a Father figure or Father? Of course a Father. Because why? Just because Peter had a clean heart.
  • A clean, caring, and loving heart. Even when Tony died, he left his multi-billion dollar AR tactical system to Peter, cause he trusted him. Some bonds are greater than blood. Aren’t they? So Peter is Spiderman.
  • Right? How can he be Iron man? But he can take his position in the hierarchy being the son Tony never had. People will look at Spider-Man the way they looked at Tony. So Peter may be the next guy we are looking for!

The Daughter named Morgan

Another possibility for the question – “Who is going to be the next Iron Man”, we will obviously have to look at the daughter of Mr. Stark himself – Morgan. The love child of Tony and Pepper has Tony Stark’s blood inside of her – the same DNA. She’ll grow up to be even more badass than her dad when it comes to intelligence and style.

  • Morgan lost her father very young but till now, we don’t know much about the daughter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s keep the comics aside for a moment and focus just on the film’s storyline till now. At present, Morgan is still very young but blood is blood.

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We can expect a mother-daughter duo as well since pepper also wore her iron suit in the last battle against Thanos. It’ll be a cool duo. But Tony’s spot may get ascended by his daughter Morgan. There is a chance there, a very big chance.

Can there possibly be an Iron Family instead of a Next Iron Man?

We would love to see a scene where Peter, Pepper, and Morgan live under the same roof as an Iron Family. Right? Three Iron Suits and one movie, boom!

The bigger question

  • But keeping everything aside, let’s get down to it. Tony did have a few self-destructive traits like his crazy parties or his Playboy attitude. Right? Which cost a lot of things. Time, money, peace? Right?

  • So what if, Morgan has those traits as well? It’s good to party but one has to fill Tony Stark’s shoes here. Tony was so great that at times even he couldn’t live up to himself.

Even Pepper admitted, that trying to stop Tony stark has been one of her few failures in life. Cause he tried and fought till his last breath to help everyone. Right? In a manner of speaking, we get a feeling like that from Peter. Cause he started helping people before Tony spotted him.

He felt and became aware of his powers at such a young age and used it to help others. That’s a big deal right there. That’s a heart of Gold right there. When Tony asked Peter what gets him out of that twin bed every morning and Peter said, “When you can do the things that I can and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.” He didn’t have to help the world, but he chose to. Our choices make us who we are.

  • But there is also a possibility that, in Iron Man four, we may get to see a duo of Peter and Morgan.
  • Because Morgan would grow up to be a genius cause she is Tony’s daughter at the end of the day. And she would be interested to know why her father chose Peter.
  • We might see them working together to find Tony again now that time travel has been discovered in the MCU.
  • If that happens, does Tony come back? Do we get to see him again? It would be nice to have him back. It was too soon for him to leave us.

It would mean the world to Iron man fans if we get to see Tony, Pepper, Morgan, and Peter under the same roof. As a family. As a home that one can look up to. To believe in the fact that no matter how hard it gets, we always come back home. That no matter how hard it gets, one must never turn their back on family. That home is not cement and bricks. It’s in the hearts of the people we care about and they care about us.

Tony lived in war so that others could live in peace. Tony did set the bar a little too high, didn’t he? For someone to take his place? In our hearts, Robert Downey Jr. will always be the only Iron man we have ever known. But time, doesn’t stop right? It’s just a matter of time before we’ll see what the future has in store for us. Who’ll be the next Tony? Who’ll create multi-million dollar Iron man suits while listening to music played by an AR robotic system?

Somewhere deep down it feels like Iron Man’s daughter will become the next Iron Man. But Peter, being Spider-man and Iron Man’s chosen son, will stay at the same stature as Morgan in the following movies. What are your thoughts on this plot?

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