Wildrift: Season 9 Meta Heroes | Tier List (Solo / Baron Lane)

Wildrift season 9, League of Legends

Wildrift is a multiplayer online battle arena game. This game is the mobile version of one of the biggest MOBA games, League of Legends. The game has currently 100 heroes divided between 5 different roles. With each update the meta in every lane changes, which means some heroes get better and some get the nerf. This tier list exclusively focuses on the heroes of Baron Lane and will help you choose the heroes that are currently in the meta for Wildrift Season 9.

Baron Lane

Wilrdift Season 9 meta tier list of Baron Laners
Wilrdift Season 9 meta tier list of Baron Laners (image by spiel times)

Baron lane or Top lane is also called solo lane because it usually has only one hero farming in it. These characters are mostly melee-ranged heroes and fall into the category of assassins or warriors. The choice of selecting a Baron Lane hero depends on one or more of these attributes if it is tanky enough and acts like a second frontline if it can split push and apply pressure on opposite lanes, or if it has enough burst to take down the enemy backline.

Depending on these attributes and constant balance changes, the meta tends to shift and so does the tier list and viability of the characters in the lane. Here is a tier list of Top Baron Lane in Wildrift season 9.

S+ tier Baron Laners


Meta Baron lane wildrift hero, Aatrox
Baron lane hero, Aatrox (in-game screengrab)
  • Aatrox is definitely in the S+ tier list because of how strong he is throughout the game and has a smooth laning phase.
  • Aatrox has high damage, mobility, and crowd control. All of these make him quite strong in team fights. So to make full use of this hero, you should look to get an early lead in your lane and rotate for objectives.


Meta Wildrift baron lane hero, Garen
Baron lane hero, Garen (in-game screengrab)
  • Garen should easily be the hardest-to-kill, Baron Laner. He is also the easiest to play with his abilities being quite straightforward.
  • He can tank quite a lot of damage but has enough damage to take down high-priority targets.
  • He has a strong laning phase and can bully the opponents especially if they are squishy heroes.
  • Garen is hard to chase down and hard to run from, making him another addition to the S+ tier of this list of Wildrift Meta heroes season 9.


Gwen, Wildrift Baron lane hero
Baron laner hero, Gwen (in-game screengrab)
  • Gwen is a weak character early game, and therefore you will have to play it safe.
  • Once, you obtain a few items and start reaching the mid-game mark, you can start split-pushing. Gwen is quite strong in a 1v1 situation and has good sustain.
  • Furthermore, Gwen has good late-game damage which can easily take down the enemy backline.


Camille, Wildrift Baron lane hero
Baron lane hero, Camille (in-game screengrab)
  • Unlike most other heroes in the S+ tier, Camille has a bit of a weak early game. Although as she levels up she is one of the strongest heroes in a 1v1 fight.
  • She excels at split pushing and easily escaping tricky situations.
  • Camille is a bit hard to master, although once done she is a force to reckon with.
  • Camille’s strongest selling point is her ultimate, which she can use to lock down one target. This ability comes in handy as you can lock a high-priority target down, finish him, and leave your opponents at a disadvantage.


Baron Lane hero, Jax (in-game screengrab)
  • Jax is quite weak early game, he is a farm-hungry champion although his late-game potential exceeds any other.
  • Jax is a split-push monster and can take down enemy turrets in a few seconds.
  • After reaching late game or having a few items stacked, you can start rotating to team fights and see his amazing damage output.
  • He is quite slippery because of his abilities and can escape tough situations.


Wukong, wildrift season 9 meta hero
Baron Lane hero, Wukong (in-game screengrab)
  • Wukong can be played both in Jungle and Baron Lane, but when you play him in Baron Lane he is supposed to be stacked with defensive items and one offensive one.
  • His abilities are easy to master, and he has a lot of sustain and crowd control which makes him quite strong in team fights.
  • Make sure to make good use of his clone ability, as it can be used to escape, increase your crowd control abilities, and dish out more damage.


Baron lane hero, Renekton (in-game screenshot)
  • Renekton has always been an S+ tier Baron Laner ever since his release. This comes as a conclusion to his amazing kit.
  • Renekton has a decent laning phase as he dishes out good damage from the start. Although, he does have a few counters which can cause trouble to farm up early.
  • Renekton is fairly tank and dishes a lot of damage. Furthermore, he can easily reach the backline which makes him good in team fights.
  • Lastly, Renekton does good damage to enemy turrets and can also be used to split push.

Although these 7 characters are in the S+ tier, the other characters in the list are also fun to play. Especially the ones in the S tier column are as viable as the ones in the S+ tier, it’s just the meta that makes these characters a bit more viable. We would recommend you play the heroes from S+, S, and the A tier in baron lane for a better chance of ranking up in this meta of Wildrift season 9.

If you have any questions regarding the League of Legends Wildrift meta baron lane heroes tier list, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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