Will BLACKPINK renew its contract with YG Entertainment still as four members

YG Entertainment‘s BLACKPINK has emerged, if not one, the biggest South Korean girl group up to date. The global phenomenon slayed stages starting from South Korean music shows and award shows, to American TV shows, and this year, headlining Coachella. The four-member girl group consists of members Kim Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Park Chaeyoung AKA Rosé, and Lalisa Manoban AKA Lisa. Now that BLACKPINK nears its seventh anniversary means the exclusive contract with YG Entertainment may or may not come to an end – contract renewal. The question will the four members of BLACKPINK renew their contracts? Here’s what we think.

BLACKPINK’s contract renewal

A few days ago, on January 19th, an analyst from NH Investment and Securities wrote an article on Business Korea. Analyst Hazell Lee predicted that the contract renewal of the BLACKPINK members with YG Entertainment would go smoothly.

  • However, on a report from allkpop on the afternoon of January 23rd, the renewal of the Pinks’ (what the fans call the members of BLACKPINK) contracts arise again. The said Korean news media found a report from Munhwa Ilbo about YG may face a struggle to get the girl group to renew.
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  • The Munhwa Ilbo report states that YG isn’t guaranteed to have BLACKPINK’s contract renewed, as the members are offered higher guarantees. Moreover, another rumor came out, will BLACKPINK possibly lose a vital member — Lisa?

Will Lisa leave YG?

According to an insider, BLACKPINK’s Lisa receives about 100 billion KRW (Korean Won) just to switch labels. If we come to think of it, this would be too high for YG to match. On the contrary, this may be too high of an amount which makes this rumor quite unbelievable. However, the possibility of a higher offer is inevitable for Lisa who’s now a global superstar herself.

BLACKPINK Lisa, YG Entertainment renewal
Image Courtesy of @lalalalisa_m on Instagram
  • As of this writing, there’s no development yet on the BLACKPINK contract renewal. Furthermore, Lisa and the rest of the BLACKPINK members have yet to talk about the future of their careers and the group’s name.
  • Pretty sure the other members may have huge pending offers as well. What do you think would happen to BLACKPINK then?

More about YG and BP

If the Pinks would want to keep their name afloat and rising, we probably won’t see them moving to another label. Moreover, if YG plans to keep the four-member girl group, each member could be offered around 20 billion KRW.

YG Entertainment hq
Photo Courtesy of Soompi
  • Some fans do think that YG’s move of debuting a new girl group — BABY MONSTER — could be used to ease the possible failure, just in case the global girl group plans to separate ways from the entertainment.
  • BLACKPINK currently moves around the globe for their BORN PINK World Tour. The tour kicked off last October in Seoul. The Pinks would have to go on for a few more months until June to finish the concert dates. At that point, two more months from the awaited contract renewal would happen.
BLACKPINK contract renewal, bp
Photo Courtesy of BLACKPINK via Twitter
  • Oh, and by the way, we’re still waiting for a Jisoo solo. We hope we can have it before their exclusive contract ends, we need to see her solo!

Final thoughts

With all the opportunities and rising popularity of BLACKPINK, we are still on the side that the group would renew. We are at a 60-40 decision that they would re-sign with the entertainment.

  • There may be a lot of factors that may result in the members’ separate ways, but there are things to hold on to if you’re a BLINK (BLACKPINK’s fandom name).
  • The Pinks may have a lot of solo schedules, but it sure is clear that they love working with each other. The world tour may be strong evidence that the four members enjoy each other’s company while meeting their BLINKs.
jisoo jennie rosé lisa
Image Courtesy of JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, @pinks_ot4 via Instagram
  • Speaking of the fandom, the BLINKs may be one of the reasons why we may see the group renewing its contract. There may be solo stans or biases, but each BLACKPINK fan would support the Pinks’ solo activities for sure. The BLINKs is such a huge fandom and would honestly need help when things may come unexpectedly.

With these few factors, we hope we can know soon enough whether things would continue or we’ll have our hearts broken. Anyway, BLINKs would always support the Pinks in whatever decision they’ll make. Do you think BLACKPINK will renew its contracts? But anyway, on a lighter note, are you ready for the BORN PINK World Tour in your area, BLINKs?

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