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Update (27 April, 10:22 pm IST): Ghost of Tsushima, as many speculated and foresaw, has been delayed. The new release date is July 17. Why is it delayed? Sony hasn’t commented on it yet. Our opinion, it’s because The Last of Us Part II is coming out on June 19 and Sony doesn’t want the two games’ release dates to clash with each other. Click here to know more about The Last of Us Part II’s new release date.

Earlier this month, Naughty Dog announced that they’re delaying The Last of Us Part II’s release due to COVID-19. There are logistical reasons behind the delay and that there won’t be any release date until further notice. COVID-19 has affected every developer/publisher around the globe, and it seems inevitable that their schedules are working as planned. This brings us to the question – Will Ghost of Tsushima get delayed?

The short answer is, we don’t know yet but it seems very likely. The discussions around Ghost of Tsushima’s delay have been floating around the internet since the news of The Last of Us Part II’s delay. Yet, we don’t have any confirmation from Sucker Punch. The developer’s Twitter account still highlights June 26 and there’s no update related to COVID-19 or any kind or development changes.

“Tons and tons of games will get delayed,” Thomas Mahler, Game Director at Moon Studios wrote on ResetEra. “There’s zero chance that developers were able to stick to their plans with this Corona situation happening – Most of the time games ship while they’re still hot, so even just a slight hiccup in production might cause a delay and the Corona thing wasn’t a slight thing at all. Most studios probably look at weeks/months of less efficient than what used to be the norm, so you’ll either get games that’ll be rushed out before they’re done due to pressure from above or a delay. Pick your poison.”

On April 2nd, PlayStation announced The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR’s delays. In the follow-up tweet, they mentioned how currently, there are no other delays to report, but they’ll keep us updated.

This indicates Sony Interactive Entertainment has been in talks with several developers and publishers about their release schedules and whether or not they’ll be able to deliver their games at their decided release dates.

Sucker Punch was extremely careful in revealing the release date for Ghost of Tsushima. The internet knew about the game being in development for years now, but they didn’t reveal the release date until March 6th, 2020.

For every major PlayStation release, the company spends reasonable dollars on marketing. Be it banners, billboards, or digital. Due to the unfortunate, marketing plans were severely affected as well. This could be the reason as to why PlayStation isn’t commenting anything on Ghost of Tsushima’s release/schedule yet.

That said, it’s only a matter of time before we hear from Sucker Punch, updating about the game’s current situation.

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