[Minor spoilers for Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Update incoming!]

Genshin Impact’s 2.4 update brought a brand new character, Shenhe, into the fold. The new story quest that comes with her is centered on her backstory and character development. It’s a rather interesting and well-written plot this time around.

Shenhe has a compelling reason for acting the way that she does; without getting too much into spoiler territory (seriously, you should play her quest, it’s very well made), there are some fantastic lines in here that you won’t want to miss if you are interested in Shenhe’s character. 

However, there is a point during the story quest where, during a particularly interesting conversation involving Shenhe, Paimon decides to completely interrupt Shenhe as she’s talking to another character about her past and her motivations. While this would normally be fine, Paimon essentially blocks a character from developing, in an effort to move things along more quickly.

It’s understandable that the story does need to move along at a proper pace. However, this dialogue was important to Shenhe’s character; more development on what she was saying could have been interesting or important, too. There are a few reasons why this sort of “developmental interruption” could be impactful.

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Getting To Know Shenhe

  • First, what about players who are interested in Shenhe as a character? Fans of Shenhe who want to know more about her might be disappointed at the fact that Paimon more or less forced the plot along, rather than taking a back seat to allow for more time getting to know Shenhe better.
  • Secondly, what about the players who may or may not be wishing for Shenhe? A player is usually more likely to pull for a character and/or spend money on them when that character is more fully developed or involved in the story. Paimon taking away from this development with her impatience could potentially impact sales on Shenhe’s banner.
  • Lastly, why hamstring a character’s growth or backstory in service of moving the less interesting parts of the story along? Most players’ expectations for a quest revolving around Shenhe are going to be about Shenhe and who she is, not another example of Paimon becoming impatient because she wants to eat something different for the millionth time. 

Genshin’s Overall Story

So far, Genshin Impact’s narrative pacing has been well done. It seems most players are happy with the story beats that they are interested in participating in. Each of these characters that get introduced, though, might be someone’s favorite; the opportunity to learn more about them, and hear them talk about their lives, is crucial to finding their place in the tapestry that is Genshin’s overall story.

Character development is an important part of any game, and Genshin Impact is no exception. Let’s focus more on what makes the game fun and interesting, and highlight the well-written aspects of the game, rather than drown them out with pacing.

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